Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Halls are Decked {Great Room/Dining Room}

Wow!  It is December, folks!
My parents left the day after Thanksgiving- and gave us a night out for a date- which was great.
It was our first date in about six months and much appreciated.
As soon as they left, I went into overdrive:
the tree and mantle were done in a single night.
The next day, I finished the living room and the kids' trees in their rooms.
And tonight, all 200 handmade Christmas cards are officially finished.
{Fa la la la la, la la la!!}
I love making my cards, so I'm honestly a bit sad they're done for another year,
but I'm excited to mail them out on Saturday.
I'm thinking of stuffing them into envelopes tonight while watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
On to the Great Room, shall we.
: )
I decided to hang the stockings on the banister in the living room due to
"Sticky Fingers McCash" 
 {aka Henry!}
 being able to reach them. 
This is what I like to refer to as, "The Year of the Ba-bay" which means I have a baby bottom tree and no presents.
I love years like these.
In such a short amount of time kids grow up.
I do miss our house in Michigan-
that deep mahogany mantle, those honey wood floors, that rich curved banister.
But I love looking outside and seeing snow capped Rockies here.

I'll be back soon to share the rest of the house!
But for now, I've got envelopes to stuff, lick, and stamp.
{which makes me think of a Friends episode! Ha!}
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