Monday, December 9, 2013

Make it Fancy

When my parents left to head back to Arkansas, they left a gift for Harbor and Henry
with instructions to open it before December 1st.
We were super excited to see they had hand crafted an Advent calendar!
My mom up cycled drink containers, spray painted them, had my dad cut out a wooden tree stand,
painted the top with chalkboard paint for the count down, and assembled it all.
They placed a little treat in each day.
Harbor has had the best time opening the containers.

Harbor and I also did a little crafting ourselves last week and made each Cubbie from church a hot chocolate cup.  Harbor helped to put a real paper straw in each cup, and I made the tags.

Last week, Harbor made me laugh- and realize that he is slowly,
but surely growing up and leaving toddler hood behind.
I told him, that as a treat, he could pick a movie for us to watch together during Henry's lunchtime nap.  I was fully expecting Curious George or a recorded episode of Peg Plus Cat.
Nope-- he chose Star Wars- A New Hope.
It was a total moment for me- and I got a good laugh out of it.
: )

I dug out our annual Christmas pictures of Harbor with Santa and displayed them in our entry way.
Santa has always been just a fun character at our house- like Frosty or Rudolph. 
Santa doesn't bring gifts or come down our chimney, but we are totally fine with a picture.
: )

"Make it Fancy!" 
I hear this quite a bit from Harbor when it comes to making hot chocolate.
Around here, we like our drinks covered in sweet cream and sprinkles.
Fancy, hu!? 
: )

We've been snowed in for several days.
I'm happy being snowed in.  I love being home.
The kids and I have built many forts and constructed many towers this week.

And Henry's 1st Christmas tree is up!
He loves the lights- and commonly will wake up and play in his bed if the tree is plugged in, instead of wanting out right away.

And Harbor's little multi-lit tree is up in his room!
He has been requesting it for a night light.
He is such a sweet boy. I love this age!

Henry loves pulling the deco mesh out of the tree.
And I have decided to take pictures of him doing it instead of stopping him.

But no amount of tree redecorating can get me down....
My handmade Christmas cards have been mailed!
All 200 of them are on their way to their new homes today.
Woo Hoo!

Hope you have been snowed in at home like us!
It is the best!
: )
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  1. I love your house, I love your decorations, I love your traditions! So much fun!! All of our drinks include whipped cream and sprinkles too :) And I'm so jealous because I'm begging to be snowed in! I'd love a day in jammies, snow falling, and Christmas movie-watching! :) I wish we wouldn't have ever started "Santa". Sierra is 11 this year, and STILL believes, but I dread having to come clean. I wish we just would've made him a fun character. Anyway . . . Hugs, Friend! I hope your Christmas is magical in every way!