Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Shower!

New things:

1. I've been working on my Halloween cards. Bichon's pictures in her costume have been ordered and I am finishing up my last few cards. I hope to mail them this weekend.

2. I found these really pretty stars at T.J. Maxx in the Christmas aisle. I thought they would look fun in Harbor's room year round. Every boy needs a lil' bling! : )

3. I also found these funky feathers in lime, chocolate, and blue and put them in a metal basket for his room. With the letters Lyndsey mod-podged at my shower sitting right above the feathers, it has all come together nicely. I'm loving how bright and colorful the feathers are.

4. David finally had time this weekend to hang the picture my mom and I found at Oops. It has a precious Emily Dickinson quote on it. I love the color of the eggs! They match our bedroom/bathroom so well.

5. Harbor's closet is already getting full!! After only one shower, I am shocked at the quantity of clothing he has already accumulated. Yikes! He is officially a baby metrosexual! Ha! I have tried to keep it all organized, and am thankful for the shelving we had our trim carpenter add while we were building.

I had my first baby shower this weekend! My best friend from High School, Lyndsey, threw a beautiful shower at her house. Everything was just gorgeous. I feel so blessed to have such loving, wonderful people in my life.

I feel so fortunate to have had four offers to have showers for me. Next week I have my work shower, a McCash shower, and the first of November another family shower. Lyndsey hosted what I called my "girlfriend" shower. It was nice to have a smaller guest list and actually get to cit-chat with all the girls. A big thanks to all for coming and being so sweet. Harbor thanks you! : )

WARNING: Lots of pictures of young, cute ladies coming up!!!

LOVED my paisley and giraffe print cake! Yummy!

Lyndsey and I

Kellye and I

Susan and family- aren't they gorgeous?

Me, Marcia, and Rachel

Amy, Brittney, and Nicole.

My Aunt Cathy and I

Lyndsey, me, Melissa, Adrienne, and Amy

Miranda and I

Rachel and I

Mom and I

Can you believe all these ladies are expecting babies?? We did a lineup of all the gals either pregnant right now or in the adoption process.

Rachel and Miranda

Super cute Razorback onesie with "McCash" on the back. Thanks, Nicole!!

Another fun Razorback romper with "Harbor" on the bottom. : )

Lyndsey painted a great chocolate and lime paisley toy chest for Harbor's room.



Nicole and Brittney

Brandy and I

Fun signature board!

Amy and I

Amy, mom, and I

Amy made the cutest diaper case and wipe covers to match the nursery! You should hurry over to her blog and place an order!!!

These next few weeks should be exciting with more showers and the countdown getting closer to the due date! : ) With only six weeks to go, I am in the home stretch. I am ready, but at the same time, not. I have enjoyed being pregnant so it is a bit sad to know it is almost over.

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like you girls had a very fun shower. Harbor is one blessed baby boy.

  2. Ooooh! I love baby showers! The cake is out of this world!!

  3. What a fun shower. It's so exciting getting ready for a baby!

  4. What a beautiful shower! You got some really cute stuff. And I am absolutely in love with the idea for the message board!! We had one at our wedding but that is an awesome idea to do it for a baby shower! Have fun with all your upcoming showers!!

  5. What a GREAT shower you had! It looks like ya'll had so much fun! :) I know you are getting excited for that sweet baby to get here! :)

  6. Jessica!!! I am soo sorry I missed out on the shower! I was so excited about coming and completely forgot about it! We have had sooo much going on I just can't think straight! I will have to drop off your gift sometime or send it with one of Heather's kids!

    You look absolutely beautiful!!! Love all the pregnant ladies!!! Too fun!

  7. Looks like a great shower love the sign in board!

  8. Girl I love it all!! i want to see the presents.
    you are so beautiful.

  9. What a fun shower! I love all of the new things for baby Harbor!!

  10. how much fun is a first baby!! I am having so much fun shopping for my new niece and baby Champagne. I can't wait to find out if he's a she or she's a he!!!

  11. Looks like you had a great baby shower. I cannot wait to see pictures of the upcoming weeks!!!

  12. Aww, I am sad I am so far away and missed this! I am so glad you are taking lots of pics though!!! I am glad you had so much fun and got so many cute things! How do you feel? You look great!

  13. What a lovely shower you had!!! I love baby showers--they're so sweet and so much fun! Everything looked perfect--I know that must have been a special day for you!

  14. I am so glad that I got to come to your shower--thank you for inviting me! Harber is a very blessed little boy! I honestly didn't realize how big my belly was getting until looking at these pictures--YIKES! :)

  15. it was fun getting to see everyone, I told Nicole it felt like a mini bloggy get together...mixed with a mini high school reunion, lol. Fun times. love ya!

  16. Precious! Hey,,,did you get the necklace yet? I would love to see a pic of how it turned out?
    What great girlfriends you have. Precious things.

  17. OH Jess! It looks like it was a great shower! I wish I could've made it!

  18. How fun! I hate that I missed it. Everyone looks so cute! I love the cake! So creative. Lyndsey's things she made are so cute!

  19. I can't believe you only have six months left!! The house you had your shower at is gorgeous! I love the Halloween cards and all the baby items you received.

  20. I love it!!! What a GREAT shower!!! Looks like yall had one heck of a good time!!!!! =)

    I have to say HATS OFF to Lyndsey she hosted an amazing shower!!!! And OH MY GOSH...that cake?!?!? Did she make it?!?!? It's soooooooo so sooooooo PRETTY!!!!!! You have such wonderful friends and family!!!! =)

    I can't wait to hear about the upcoming showers!!! I know you MUST be sooooo EXCITED!!!!

    I can't get over how full Harbor's closet is?!?!? HOLY MOLY!!!! That boy is going to have a TON of clothes!!!!

    I love the bling stars you found! =) CUTE!!! Harbor is going to be surrounded by a world of color that is for sure!!! =) I think lime green might be the first words that come out of his mouth!!!! =)

  21. It was so good to see you!!! Thanks for the invite. You and Harbor are going to have the best time together. I am soo glad that you like the Razorback outfit. I figured that David would get a kick out of it also. Your Mom is a sweet heart by the way. You are very lucky that she is going to be the one spending the days with the little man.

    I love the stars. His room is coming together. It could be in a design magazine. You have done a GREAT job.

  22. What a wonderful shower Lyndsey gave you. All the gifts you got, you can see the love & thoughtfulness that was put into each & every gift. The cake & toy chest that Lyndsey made you was so sweet, & that wet wipe cases that Amy covered was so great. It goes with Harbor's room so good. You are almost there Miss Jessica..Wow 6 weeks left, its went so fast. But our nursey's are ready for our little man. Such fun times ahead. Love you always...Mom

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I've been faithfully lurking in the wings reading about your excitement about Harbor. How fun and exciting! I missed your online shower because I was in Dallas for a Mothers of Preschoolers convention. I have a present for you and Harbor that I would love to send you guys. Could you email me your address??
    webb dot rachel at gmail dot com

  24. It looks like you had an amazingly fun shower ;)!

    I love that all of your gifts were unique ;)!

  25. The tower shelf in his room is looking great!!

    Looks like the shower was so much fun! That boy does have a closet full!! Enjoy these last few weeks. They are so much fun and so special!

  26. Looks totally exciting!! lots of cute pregnant ladies!! Wow for lots of showers!! how nice!! this is our 5th kid and there has only been one shower!!.....

  27. LOVE that cake!!! Ricks right???

  28. What Fun! Looks like you had a great time. What sweet friends you have. Hope you are feeling well and teaching is going okay. Not much longer and you will be introducing us(the blog world)to Harbor.

  29. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Harbor is well dressed little man to be! :)

    Oh yes, check out my blog, I left you something over there. :)

  30. I really enjoyed getting to come to your shower. It was so good to see you and all the other girlfriends! Wow.. I couldn't believe there were 6 of us there expecting.. and all mostly boys! You looked great and beautiful as always. I'm so excited for you and David. There's nothing like having your first baby (each baby is special and exciting) but the first time it is all so new! Scrolling thru your latest posts, both of Harbor's nurserys look great.. love the scripture on the wall.. and the colors are stunning! I still want to come and see it in person.
    Fun, Fun!

  31. Harbor's nursery is looking great! I wish everyone could see it in person- pictures almost don't do it justice. =) Your shower was a blast- it was so good to see everyone and visit. I'm so glad you were blessed with lots of goodies. Harbor will be spelling his name by the time he's one with all of the monogramming! =) I love it!

  32. I LOVE those feathers! They are the coolest colors!
    And baby showers are so fun. How lucky to get so many!

  33. You got some great stuff! That cake is amazing!

  34. What an awesome shower...everything was perfect, just what you deserve. Harbor's room gets better and better everyday. I know you can not wait till the day you can hold him in your arms.

  35. Jessica! I love all of your things for baby Harbor! I cannot say enough about them! And I don't think I have ever been to a shower that cute! Love everything!

  36. Oh my word...the cake is the cutest cake I have ever seen!!! Harbor is one lucky metrosexual hunk! Your shower looks fabulous! Such cute stuff!

  37. Oh girl ~~ you are Cute CUTe CUTE!!! And that cake is SO adorable!! The giver of that party did a GREAT job. You look so radiant and happy. Thank you for sharing this fun day.

    Blessings to you,

  38. Wow, it looks like an incredible time. That cake is so cute, and the ladies all so lovely.

  39. It's late & I can't remember (or focus to see) if I've commented on this before, but I just had to tell you that I came over via somebody's blog to look at last year's Christmas decorations several days ago (I didn't blog in 12/07), and just love all things Jessica. Hadn't even "noticed" that you were w/ child until I saw your shower photos. But had to tell ya' that I know you're another one of my soul sistas b/c I just bought some of those blue sequin stars at Home Goods on Sunday & have those apple green ostrich feathers from Z Gallerie & I'm seriously considering them going on top of my main Christmas tree this year. You rock!

  40. That looks like such a fun shower. You got some really cute gifts.