Friday, October 31, 2008

McCash Family Shower!

David has such a wonderful family- it is really half the reason I married him. : ) My neice, also named Jessica, is pregnant and we are due two days apart. We had a combined baby shower and it was so much fun! I am happy to share this occasion with her.
(Side note- it was also nice to share the spotlight since I get embarrased when everyone is watching me open gifts. Know what I mean??)

My neice, Jessica, David's mom, and me

The toliet paper game~

David's sister made both of us diaper cakes. Mine had a sweet little dog theme. : )

My neices Chyann and Madison

My neice Amber made the cake herself! She did such a good job!

The baby food game~

My mother-in-law, Joann. I love her so much for giving me such a wonderful husband!

my mom and I

36 weeks~

On Tuesday, I went to the hospital to visit with Brandy and Hayden. Hayden is such a pretty boy and his sister, Jordan, loves him very much. : )

The necklace Leigh had made for my virtual baby shower arrived. It is so unique and precious. It has Harbor's name engraved on one pendant, D + J on another, and our anniversary stone. It also has Harbor's birthstone. Thanks Leigh!

Catherine came by the house and delivered the sweetest silky blanket for Harbor! I love the color combination. I have it packed in Harbor's hospital bag. : ) Thanks Catherine. I love it!

A bloggy friend, Rachel, whom I have never met in real life, but would love to, mailed three handmade burp cloths this week. They are so soft! I know lots of love went into them and I appreciate it so much. Thanks, Rachel!

I also have to thank my friend Susan for surprising me yesterday with a Sonic drink, girly movies, and tons of decorating magazines to keep me busy while I am at home. You are the best, Susan, and you made my week!


  1. Your family and friends are so sweet and creative ;)!


  2. That necklace turned out gorgeous! Its like my bracelet!

  3. CUTE cakes! I LOVED my diaper cake! Also, I recommend if you do have a bunch of newborn sized diapers that you NOT open them. Only open one package at a time as you need them. Little B was in newborns for 3 weeks but Harbor may not be in them as long if he is as big as doctor thinks (PS doctor's don't always know. He might be a 6 pounder) :)

    Also... I'm NOT spotting yet. Zach and I are looking into buying a new house... If I'm pregnant that may have to go on hold! EEK! He also doesn't know that I might be pregnant.

  4. Looks like you had another amazing shower! You must be some kind of wonderful to have so many people who love you!!

    All the women in David's family are so pretty! I noticed that they all seem to have the same eye shape. Very neat, I think!

    Have fun with your magazines and movies. Sounds like a great time to me!

  5. What a fun shower! I'm all about the games! And the necklace is priceless!

  6. I love the necklace. What a thoughtful gift.

  7. I love the cake - she really did a great job!

  8. What a beautiful necklace!

    What a blessing to have such a great family. ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Jesscia,
    Hey! I have a gift to send you but don't know your address - would you please email me at so I can get it in the mail!

    I always enjoy your blog & all the photos! This is such a blessed time in your life!

    Teresa Graves [Simply Threads]

  10. What a great shower! I am sure that was a nice change to share the shower with someone else. You look wonderful! The bracelet is beautiful!

  11. It looks like you have a wonderful, wonderful family!

    What in the heck is the toilet paper game??? :o)

  12. That pic of you by the tree is beautiful ~~ that's a framer :-)

    WOW you've gotten some wonderful baby things ~~ how exited you must be.

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  13. I love that you had a joint shower (I'm with you on being embarassed with all that attention while opening gifts). You look beautiful!

  14. I LOVE the giraffe print blanket!Seeing all this baby stuff makes me want another one!

  15. It is so nice to have great family on both sides. I am very blessed as well. I love my in-laws. From the looks of it they had a very nice shower for you. I am praying for you. You are so organinzed I am sure that everything is set up for the sub. She will do fine and as soon as Harbor is born you won't give it a second thought. Take care of yourself.

  16. Cute pictures! You look great...not much longer! I love that necklace with the stones and unique...

  17. Another nice shower. I LOVE the necklace, that is so pretty.

  18. Such a special time for you and your fmaily, Jessica!
    The necklace turned out stunning! I highly recommend the company to everyone...espcially with the holidays approaching.

  19. what a wonderful group of Loving family and friends you have!!!

  20. I love it all!!! I also have something to mail harbor so will you send me your address I won't post it in a comment.

  21. Shower time! What? I can't believe you are having a baby shower already, you were just pregnant! Time is flying on by... My family & I have Harbor something that he'll enjoy; I'll touch base with your mom this week since she's close to my area. Are you getting nervous yet? You look great!!

  22. You look great! You're getting so close! Sleep as much as you can now...I wish I would have listened when other people told me that! Take care.

  23. Awwwwwwwwww =) What a GREAT shower!!!!! You have received tons of GREAT stuff!!! I love it!!!! =)

    The necklace Leigh got for you ROCKS!!! Tooooooooo Toooooooooooo *SWEET*!!!!

    That cake looks YUMMY!!!

  24. Great pics! I love the necklace. Thinking about you during these last few weeks. Can't wait to see pics of your precious bundle of joy!

  25. Pregnancy looks so pretty on you, I can't wait until we all get to meet the baby, well I can't wait to virtually meet he baby, with lots of pictures. Those are really amazing baby prezzies you've got there, how wonderful.

  26. By the way, I am So jealous of you that you can still wear your wedding rings. I couldn't wear mine past 20 weeks!

  27. Jessica
    Please ask your mom (Hi Jessica's mom) :)
    to post a comment on here when your baby is born. That way all of us will know that you and "little man" are ok! HEHE :)