Monday, August 12, 2013

New Beginnings

There is nothing like having a new baby, packing an entire house mostly alone, and moving cross-country all in six months' time to make an ol' blog feel neglected.
But! Things are falling into routine here in Colorado- boxes unpacked, walls painted, paintings hung, soccer practice starting, and the first signs of snow on the mountain summits.
All of those things make me breathe a sigh of relief and find the time to update my blog, whom I've missed. Hello, blog! That and a nursing baby who is sleeping a bit longer every night.
Husband left ahead of the two littles and me to start his new job, house hunt, and get established here in Colorado. We always seem to do things in that order: it just works better for us. He can focus on the bread and butter and I can focus on the relocation.
We were apart for two weeks while I packed and nursed. And nursed. And ate Little Debbies.
: )
Just kidding. Although packing does work up a good appetite!
The house was. A. Giant. Mess.

I had two very productive little people by my side, offering help and encouragement.
{in the form of slobbery kisses and fist fulls of my hair}
I snapped this picture as the moving truck pulled into the driveway.

We feel very blessed to have had the full relocation paid for and provided by the new company.
The truck, the movers, the men, the gas, the airline tickets, the rental cars, the fast food.
A complete blessing. We are still singing the company's praises-  very, very thankful!

We miss our beautiful cape cod 1924 dream boat of a home.
Oh, it was our sweet little yellow house!

The company flew David home to Michigan from Colorado to assist.
We were so grateful to see him.
With a four month old and a four year old, this mama needed backup.
And a nap.
: )

We watched as they labeled, wrapped, and packed our things.

And rolled them into the semi truck that blocked our sweet neighbor's house all day long.
Sorry about that!
: )

 The silver lining to leaving our beautiful home on the banks of the Detroit River?
It was bought by some of our favorite Michigan friends from church.
And I get to see pictures of it on their Facebook.
As a little surprise, I made a burlap bunting for the fireplace as a surprise for the new home owners.

I mopped. I washed windows. I made sure it was as clean as I could get it on little supplies.

We all gave the chevron wall a pat for good luck.

And we left.
New home! New adventure! New career!
So thankful to the Lord of Lords for this life. He is good and His name is forever on my lips!
Next stop: Arkansas for a quick visit before seeing my new home once again for the first time.
There is quite a pattern to that, isn't there?
David picks them and I arrive to see them as a total surprise.
Thank goodness he has good taste.
: )
Except in drapes.
I am better at dressing the windows.
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  1. I so love all the photos of your little yellow house but that life & times are just memories now. You guys have moved onto the next chapter of your lives & it just gets better & better. Dad & I so love the area you are in with all the mountains & so much to do & so close to everything you would need. The Lord has blessed your family so much in so many ways but he also knows you are given him the glory so he will bless you even more. Dad & I miss & love you all so much :) MOM

  2. I had the biggest smile when I saw your post. I have been wondering where it was you all ended up and hoping all was well. Can't wait for more posts and pictures! Cas

  3. Colorado! Holy cow! Can't wait to see your new home. Also, Lowe's has the best moving boxes;)

  4. So happy to see a post from you! Hope you love Colorado. The baby is getting so big, so fast!

  5. I have missed your blog & your awesome projects!!!!!