Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring Fling

Things have been hopping at our house!
And not just the Easter Bunny, obviously, as Easter is far gone now.

Let me catch you up to speed on the Spring Fling of things at our house.

In March, husband celebrated his 32nd birthday and we celebrated with a family dinner at home.

The living room ottoman got a face-lift thanks to my mom in Arkansas and her mad awesome sewing skills.

We hunted eggs, dyed eggs, and cracked a few eggs {Oops!} at Easter this year.

We made Easter treats.

And celebrated Easter as a family of four for the first time.

My big boy is just growing up right before my eyes, it seems.

Maybe it is because my little boy seems so tiny next to his brother.
{Ignore my pajamas, whydon'tcha. This seems to be my "style" these days.}
: )

I taught my last craft of the year for MOPS as a member of the leadership team.
We made these skinny burlap wreaths. Lots of fun! Love the MOPS ministry.

I had my camera handy and tried to capture a few pictures of my little lovie in his room.

Husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage in April.
After 12 years, it seems strange we have a four year old and a four month old.
I guess we were really slow movers.
I am thankful for all those years of sleeping in and travel, however.
: )

Daddy taught big "H" how to play Battleship.
The concept was lost on him, however, as he mainly wanted to play "lite-bright" with the pegs, instead.
: )

I spend most of my time in the kitchen. And I love it. Feeding all these hungry growing boys is a full time job.
I'm a bit scared for the future when they are no longer so little and quite a bit hungrier.

Husband surprised me with a fancy-pants mixer. Where has this thing been the last 12 years?!?
Who knew it could so radically change my life!
LOVE it!!!

And so does my big "H."
Licking the beaters just got a whole lot more fun!
{and technical}

We have finished up our preschool for the year.
Sunshine and lack of snow have forced the workbooks into hiding.
Good riddens, we shout!
{until the Fall, of course!}
: )

The ice cream truck is in full swing.
Oh, the joys of an old-fashioned Superman!

The end of the school year also means Cubbie's graduation at church.
I am so proud of this little guy for memorizing all of his scripture this year.
I pray he retains some of it.
If anything, that he hides it away in his heart.
{Mama learned a lot of scripture this year, too!}

One of the main reasons for this busy Spring is this:

Evidence: A

And:  B

We've sold our home!
We're moving once again!
New state!

{I'm going to miss this 1920's dream boat! Stay tuned for a new place!}

And this little guy!
Oh, he just steals my heart.
He is truly a good and perfect gift.
The Lord is so gracious to let me borrow him for a bit.

Two months old:

And three months

The most precious day ever was baby dedication at church.
What a responsibility as parents! What a joy!

Mothering is hard work.
It is often thankless work.
But, it is the most crucial work.
What we do now will echo into eternity in our children.
{I remind myself of that during the 4:00 A.M. feedings when I'm half asleep and exhausted}
: )

And just so you know things aren't always "rosy," there is always one baby crying, right?
He has not been properly camera trained as his older brother has.
More work to do, yet!
: )


  1. Can't wait to see your new place! Babies are a treasure! Maybe someday I'll have a boy and you a girl and then we can teach each other something :) Love all of your crafts. One more week of school and then maybe I can get crafty... we'll see.

  2. I so love your most wonderful gift of the mixer from David. You can do so much with it plus Harbor William loves to cook & help out in the kitchen too so it gives him something to do also. My goodness how Henry is growing & changing every month & those cubby legs & arms of his is so sweet & cute. Can't wait for the rest of the family to get to hold him & see him. And Gigi hasn't seen him in 4 months now my goodness that's along time. Your new move is very exciting, lots of work but when you get there & get all unpacked it will be so worth it. Miss & love you all, MOM

  3. You have been busy! I can't believe you're moving! Can't wait to hear where life takes you next! Don't feel too bad about being slow movers, we've only been married 5 years this summer, but it's the fact that I'll be 34 this summer that makes me feel like we are slow movers with having kids. We are ok with that, for now.

  4. Love all these photos of the "boys" what a lucky mama you are. All Mom's have a hard sometimes thankless job raising kids but I feel that boy Mom's have to have something special to get raise those boys into strong hard working leaders that will take care of our girls!! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  5. Wow, you sure do keep busy! ha!! the little guy is adorable. Can't believe how big he is. Looking forward to hearing about your new place and new state.

  6. I was so excited to see an update...and another move! Wow, y'all sure have a lot going on, but I for one, can't wait to see another home redo ; )

  7. Your boys are so stinking adorable! Looking forward to your update - a new state is exciting news!!

  8. I always enjoy reading an update from you. Best of luck on your new adventure. I can't wait to see where you land. :)

  9. It's always nice to read an update from you. Best of luck on your new adventure. I'm excited to see where you land. Arizona perhaps? I could use some help decorating my classroom :)