Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter at our House

Happy Spring!
It hasn't felt much like spring to us yet up here in the north due to snow falling most everyday of the week, but I am hopeful that we will feel warmer temperatures soon. Anything out of the 30's will be welcomed at this point. : )  I don't think I have ever yearned more for summer than I do right now.

Maybe having two little ones pent up at home will make a mama feel like that?
However, H certainly enjoys looking out the window and the frosted trees make for some beautiful photography, even if we don't venture out too far into it.

My days are full and busy with H and Little H.
Little H is sleeping through the night now at 8 weeks old and I am very thankful for his happy disposition.
He is still nursing full time and is quite an easy baby. He is a welcomed addition in our family and we still can't quite believe he is here with us! We prayed for him, it seems, for such a long time.

H and I have stayed indoors out of the cold as much as possible. Baking cookies has always been such a favorite past time of ours. Though not great for the waistline, we certainly have the best time in the kitchen.

My littlest one is sure growing!
He is two months old now,
{I need to make that photo shoot happen soon!}
and is starting to take on his own personality.
The newborn stage is so much fun!

Easter is around the corner and H and I had a great time getting ready for it.
I stood on a kitchen chair and he handed me the eggs to hang on our tree branches.
Holiday decorating has really helped him learn his months and holidays.
Easter is such a great reminder that He is alive and coming back someday for His people.
We heard a great sermon tonight at church about that promise.
What a wonderful promise- and a reminder for me- to teach my children that blessed hope!

and just for fun, here was our house for Valentine's Day this year:

Going from one child to two is definitely a change, especially regarding our routines, but we have adjusted really well, especially living away from family. Some days I joke with my husband that I have accomplished "nothing" at all during the day, except for baby holding and dragon and knight playing.

But then, of course, we both are quick to remind one another that those truly are the most important things.
The socks and towels can wait.
{though in all honesty, I do stay up really late trying to get it all done}
: )

Husband is super busy with work.
Really busy.
He recently worked 27 days straight with only one day off.
It was a Sunday.
He worked all the other days, weekends included.
He is a busy man and a great provider, but we miss daddy.
Our time with him is so special.

Big gummy smiles started around week seven and cooing is about to really take off.

I just adore this age and stage.

It's that feeling you have as a mother when you want to bottle them up and stop time.
My prayer is that the Lord would help me to train them up for Him, but that He would allow time to pass slowly. I want to enjoy motherhood and all of its sleepless nights and dirty diapers and fussy afternoons.

Aren't they just treasures?!
: )

Many of you commented on my darker hair.
Thanks for your kind words!
This is actually really close to my natural color, though I do tend to be a bit lighter than this naturally.
With nursing full time and the terrible winters here, I wanted to stay out of the salon
and just go dark and make it easy on myself. 
: )

Come on, Spring!
This mama needs sunshine!
: )


  1. I am so ready for spring! We have snow forecasted for Sunday and I just might lose my mind! Glad you are doing well! The boys are getting so big!

  2. Your boys are too cute! It's fun seeing another 'boy mom'. In Oregon we get more rain than snow but I'm more than ready for the sunshine to come, and stay!

    Love your brown bead necklace, so pretty.

  3. your 2 boys are so sweet and you look great and remember you are right where God wants you to be - in the home and training those future men of God. Love you!!

  4. I WANT Spring too! We are in Kansas and they forecasted snow this weekend. Booo!! Love your new hair color! And your boys are precious!

  5. So much to comment on. Your home is very cozy & warm & inviting makes me want to pull up a chair & talk as you bake,ha....Poppy & Gigi miss Harbor William so much. Little Henry is so pretty & growing & changing every time you post new photo. I can't hardly wait for rest of family to get to baby Henry. Im so thankful that you guys find plenty to do at home since the winters are so long & cold up there, we got snow today even thru its spring here now,lol. We are so ready to have warm temps stay too. The older we get the less I care for cold. Give Harbor & Henry a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi. We miss & love them so much. And give David hug from us on his birthday. The years are passing so fast & we have seen David grow from a very young teenager into a wonderful husband/father. love you all....MOM

  6. I've never seen it so strongly until now. Harbor looks JUST like David in that first picture...the!

    Love your pictures, your decorating, your commentary...lovely and beautiful!

  7. Jess he is sooooo precious!!! And love your hair color! Hope all is well!
    Amy N.