Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seven Days

My mom was only here seven days on her last visit, but we somehow managed to fit a lot in!

She and Harbor William spent a lot of time outside.
This is our driveway and I wanted to show you that you can see four homes past ours down the street. All of these homes are roughly 2,000-3,000 square feet and they are soooo close! Big city living amazes me!

They played in the front yard and collected sticks and leaves. Our street is so dreamy, especially in the Fall.

Daddy and Harbor "camped out" after dinner on the couch.

And Harbor and Gigi headed back outside for more sidewalk chalk fun.
This is our neighbor to the left of us as seen from our driveway. The only thing that separates the homes here are driveways. No sides yards at all. Notice the AC unit in this picture? It is our neighbors. And, yes, I think they technically consider that their side yard.

I have to keep Harbor out of their grass. : ) Funny, isn't it?

This is our very expensive back yard, that people here refer to as a "garden." You pay a lot of money here to have a garden. You can see the neighbor on the right hand side and many homes past that. These homes are massive, all of them 3-4 stories, but so close. It is true on HGTV House Hunters... people in big cities live on top of each other. Good thing we love our neighbors.

After being back home in Arkansas for three weeks, Harbor got used to going potty on the farm. Now that we are back in Detroit, we are working on explaining the difference to him. It is a work in progress!

We visited the library here in our historic neighborhood.

And took Gigi out to eat at our favorite Greek Cafe downtown.

We drove to the next town over, where David works, to explore the local marina.

And we visited one of my favorite parks, Elizabeth Park, off the mouth of Lake Erie. With its old crumbling bridges, you immediately feel like you are walking onto the set of, "The Secret Garden."

We spent time on the waterfront

and watched the local high school girls in the Rowing Club practice.
I love that high schools here have hockey and rowing.

And Fall is here! All of the trees have changed to brilliant hues of yellow and red.

David, never to be without a project, set to work building a new back step and tiling it.
Thank goodness he is handy! An 82 year old house requires a lot of care.

We ate out a lot

and I took my mom window shopping in our historic downtown.

We ate ice cream

and wandered in search of Fall leaves.

We strolled the neighborhood, admiring homes and pretended to pick one out for Gigi and Poppy. : )

We took Harbor and our dog, Bichon, to the local splash fountain.

And Daddy kept working. And Harbor kept watching, hoping to help.

We went on a date to dinner and a movie. Twice! Thanks, Gigi!

Dinner and a Movie Take Two!

And we even fit in a bike ride along Lake Erie's coast.

The air was crisp and the boats had sails out, billowing in the cool Autumn wind.

You have to tread carefully, lest you ride your bike into the water for boat watching.  : )

Daddy always has a helper. Thank goodness. What ever would we do?  : )

It was just warm enough to not need a jacket and just cool enough to not break a sweat. Perfection, I tell ya.

I love the Fayetteville bike path, but seriously. There is no comparison here.
Seagulls and sailboats win every time.

Thanks to all who left such sweet comments and sent such nice emails about our train ride. Yes! You should look into it! Riding the train feels like an ol' west adventure. And don't we all have that on our bucket list anyway?  : )

I'm about 1/2 way finished with 150 handmade Christmas cards, and my home is adorned with pumpkins, fall leaves, and festive blowing flags.

Can't wait to share them all with you!  : )


  1. L-O-V-E that old bridge! Beautiful!

    The bike ride looks amazing, too!

  2. I so enjoy all your photos of your new area. So cool

  3. you are right, you ARE on top of your neighbor. that would take some adjusting for sure! but your little neighborhood is darling. you do such a wonderful job recapping your outings ;)

  4. I love reading about your adventures. It looks so fun! You had asked about the girls dresses. I got them on etsy in a little shop called around the bend again.

  5. I enjoyed all the photos Jessica. I hadn't seen them since I've gotten home, I've been busy with stuff around here. And that already seems along time ago since I was with you guys. I really enjoyed all the things we did together, but my favor-right thing was just staying around the house & playing with Harbor. Sweet & simple plus when he has to go potty its right now,ha!!! Miss & love you guys, Mom