Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Windy City

Our three weeks in Arkansas have come to an end. But it is okay.. we're still smiling!

Why? We have had fun play dates with Brandy, Lyndsey and our collective five children.

We met Brittney and two of her three children for an early morning play session.

We also met Kristin, who I worked with while I taught, and her two sweet boys for an after school play date.

My sweet teacher friends held a great dinner for me and had my blog on the big screen television, letting me go through my pictures and fill them in on our new adventures in the city. So much fun!

Back before we had Harbor, David and I had several motorcycles and took lots of cross country motorcycle trips. Since we had a Goldwing, driving to British Columbia, Canada, Sturgis, Rocky Mountain National Park, Glacier National Park, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone were easy feats.

I have albums of memories of being carefree. I love being a mommy now. I definitely got to live a lot of life before Harbor was born in our 10 year marriage. So thankful for those opportunities!

We rode long distance for many years, taking weeks at a time to travel by bike. David always told me he loved that I was quirky- girlie in heels and pearls, but can ride on a motorcycle for six straight days with one pair of jeans. True that, true that!

Though we have let the motorcycle go for this season of our lives, we still enjoy meeting up with our family {who also ride} and grabbing a bite to eat at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in my hometown.

We had lunch at my Granny's house and took a few "four" generation pictures. My Granny made beans, cornbread, and chicken potpie {all homemade and delicious!}

Three weeks have sure passed in a hurry, but I knew they would. I'm ready to get home to David and unpack my suitcase, decorate my home for fall and get back to a routine.

Being home in Arkansas has been perfect and glorious.

We load our train in a few hours for the commute up north.

Next stop: The Windy City of Chicago, where David will be waiting for us.

And guess who is going back to Michigan with Harbor and I?

My Mom!!! Am I lucky, or what? I feel so spoiled. : )
Mom and I will start week five together tomorrow as the sun rises above the railroad tracks,
taking us to Chi-town.

See you then!


  1. I was wondering today if you were going to Bikes Blues and BBQ today! So glad you got to enjoy that! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I am thrilled your mom is going back with you. How fun to ride on the train!

  2. Glad you posted pic of the BBB, I live here and don't get down there. Ha You are blessed with a wonderful family. I love all the chairs on your Granny's porch (assuming it is Granny's house)! Have a safe trip traveling home.
    Can't wait to see the pic of the train travel.

  3. How fun that your mom is coming back with you! My mom is supposed to be here in NY at the end of next week and I am so excited too!
    I love that y'all ride motorcycles. I grew up with them and can't wait until we move back down to Arkansas so we can buy one. I absolutely will not ride out here in NY, people just don't watch out enough and it's way too busy to be able to relax on a bike. My mom and step dad each have their own harley, my dad and step-mom each have their own as well. My brother always had a harley too! I miss riding! Hope you enjoy your train trip back to Michigan. Fall has arrived in NY, so I'm sure you'll feel the temperature difference when you get back!

  4. so much cuteness in this post!!! all the little kiddos are adorable!!! how fun on the goldwing!!! and super sweet of your mom to make the trip with you!!

  5. What a fun trip!!! Wow! And I know I've said this before, but seriously, your mom looks like your sister! She looks SO young! I'm so glad that she will be going back home with you!!

  6. And also . . . the eyebrows, lol! {At least, I think you're the one who commented on my eyebrows}. I've colored in since my pageant days. Back in the day of Miss USA I had gone to a makeup artist who all but tweezed 'em bare, and then colored 'em in. I've been using a brow liner brush and browliner ever since :)

  7. What cute smiles!! That's awesome that your mom gets to go back with you!! Fun times!!