Saturday, January 29, 2011

Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

It is so hard to believe January is ending! On one hand, I love how quickly time is passing. Spring Break will be here in March and the weather will warm. On the flip side, I feel like my life is passing me by.. with my alarm clock ringing in between like Groundhog Dog. Do you ever feel like you repeat the same day over and over again?

I can definitely see improvement in Harbor William's fine motor skills. He is trying hard to stay in those thin black lines and can sit for upwards of 30 minutes working on the same coloring page. He is very determined and patient when he attempts projects. He reminds me of another guy I also live with.  : )  He is growing by leaps and bounds. He can sing all of his ABC's in order without help or prompting and can count to eleven on his own, as well. We are so proud of his progress. His speech still causes some anxiety in my heart at times, but I have to remind myself that God made Harbor perfect. Sometimes this Literacy teacher just needs to breathe. Ha, ha!  : )

Monday, after I got home from work, David and I loaded the Jeep and headed out to Memphis, Tennessee. David had work to attend to there and he invited me along for the ride. I used my first personal day of the year, made sub plans, and was happy to have been invited to tag along. We left Harbor with my parents (thanks, guys!) and drove the six hours there. (For those of you from that area that read my blog, David was actually doing work in Jackson.) We considered taking my car, but David wanted his Satellite Radio. Since I love NPR, I don't even have Satellite. I was thankful David chose the Jeep, since on the way home out of Memphis, we hit snow for several hours. The four-wheel drive was very handy.

I didn't take any picture the first day we were there, but tried to take a few as we were leaving. Of course, with the snow, they all look blurry. I am glad, however, I took some. Though it was technically a work trip, I love staying in hotels and felt like David and I had a getaway, albeit a short one.

David brushes and I floss- every single night. It is a routine. Harbor gets his stool. David brushes. I floss in his rocking chair in his room. The only other element that stays fairly consistent is Harbor William's tears. He has learned that "teeth brushing" is actually code for bedtime stories, which really means, "Night, night!"

After temperatures reaching low 70's today - almost a record high!- we are due for more wintry weather on Tuesday. While I normally wouldn't mind, I'm a bit nervous for David. He flies out of Northwest Arkansas Wednesday for work related business in Detroit, Michigan. I'm hoping his flight isn't delayed or cancelled and that he has a safe trip. Anytime one flies up north, you just never can tell with the weather.

Today I cleaned and organized Harbor's book collection. We were able to make a fairly substantial donation pile, getting rid of books he no longer reads. After our eight mile bike ride, we conducted our library visit. It was pretty fast- my thighs just couldn't handle any squatting after that ride. Ha, ha!  : ) His books are much more organized and Harbor really likes seeing them displayed on his new bookcase as opposed to the basket system I had been using.

Have a safe week! Be blessed!


  1. SMART little boy!! I use the strips also and they are pretty impressive!That is so great that you got to take a short trip with your husband! Have a great day!

  2. I LOOOVE Memphis! Redezvous,Germantown, St. Jude, Graceland...every part of it!

  3. What a fun week!
    The warm, sunny weather was such a tease.:) I'm not looking forward to the wintery mess this week.
    Harbor sounds like he is such a smart boy!

  4. My lil-Sid lives in Jackson :) and.... We were on the bike path yesterday too! I just love it!

  5. It sounds like a fun week! I love Memphis. I haven't been to Graceland. I know, probably the only person. I plan on it though. We love the zoo there. Love coke zero!

  6. Walgreens has a $10 off coupon in their ad this week for the strips, and crest has a a few $10 off coupons floating around (I have several if you need/want one) so this week at walgreens you can get $20 buck off them!!! (and the free snapfish book was like 20 pages or so, I got over 30 pics in it!) It was nice to get it for freeee, esp since I'm horrible at printing my pics!

  7. I wondered how good those strips work! I might have to try them!
    Cute post with lots of great pictures!