Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grape Vines

Last night, David and I ventured out to the 10:00 p.m. movie to see True Grit. It was a little late for us, but I prefer leaving him with my parents when I know he has had his teeth brushed, bedtime stories read, and is sleeping deeply. It just works out much easier for us that way. The movie was really good and we enjoyed it. We loved Kevin Costner's Open Range, so we were pretty confident this was a good match for us as well.

This afternoon, we took Harbor's books and puzzles back to the library and restocked for the week. We have a pretty good system down and can go in and out, tear free, in about an hour. David and Harbor sit at the puzzle tables and I skim the picture books until I find what I know Harbor will like. Since I teach Literacy, we have favorite authors that are always a reliable choice. Harbor enjoys books about animals, going camping, trees, trains, and anything dealing with bugs. Outdoor adventure books are a big hit!

Last year, we invested in a library tote for our books. It has made visiting the library so much easier. No more juggling books in our arms and losing them throughout the house. Harbor knows to keep them in his bag and it makes returning books so much more convenient. It also feels good to know we are helping the environment and by purchasing one, our local library has needed funds for community projects.

After our trip to the library, we took Harbor to a local park. Today has been exceptionally warm with temperatures in the 50's. Later, we spent some time outside with my dad who was doing some clean up in the garden areas. My parents have acreage with a small apple orchard area, vegetable plot, kiwi grove, and a small vineyard row where they grow their own grapes. With the warmer weather, Harbor helped my dad clean and clear the grape vines for the upcoming growing season.

Happy Weekend! I hope you had a day of warmer weather, too!


  1. Today was a beautiful day. It beats the 12 degrees that we had earlier in the week. It looks like you had so much fun. We will have to see True Grit. I have read the books and watched the original movie.

  2. I am enjoying your pictures. It is good to see you blogging more regularly. I am trying but it hard with teaching. Of course I don't have to tell you that.

  3. What a big help H is! I can't wait to watch true grit!

  4. It was SO nice and warm today. Well...warmer. No single digits for a few days! Hallelujah! We haven't been to the library in SO long, because of the holy coniption fits lil' man throws when we leave. Maybe we'll get our nerve up again soon! Happy weekend!!!