Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Falling, Failing, and Fighting

Another week has come and gone! I don't know about you, but here at the McCash's, we are definitely enjoying our long weekend holiday!

On Falling-

Last week at school, after the kids had gone home, I was visiting with another teacher in her room and decided to put my hippo-backside up on the edge of her desk. Well, the desk wasn't too strong, and I am not too skinny anymore, and the whole thing toppled to the ground. I fell a good three feet and landed on my bottom on the concrete floor. The sound was heard up the entire hall and several teachers ran down to see what had happened. It was very scary! I am bruised and banged up, but the baby is fine. I went home, called the Dr. and was told to watch for cramps, spotting, etc.. and to do kick counts. We were looking for ten kicks in an hour. Harbor gave us 14 kicks in about 15 minutes. I still have some big bruises on my arms, but my ego is definitely what suffered the most damage. I felt so bad for destroying her desk! He coffee cup crashed into a million pieces., all her drawers and files fell out, and her lamp toppled to the floor. Goodness..... Anyone else fall while pregnant? Help me out and make me feel better! Ha, ha!

On Failing-

Friday, I took a half day off from work to attend my Dr.'s appointment. I fasted the night before for my glucose screening, and was, of course, starving! They took a vial of blood, I drank the drink, which I actually didn't think was too bad. I am a "Rick's bakery" kind of gal and love all things covered in icing, so sweet, sweet things don't really bother me. While I waited for the hour to pass, I was called back for my normal appointment. In the last month, I gained 2 more lbs. I'm in month 7 and have gained a total of 16 lbs. I think that is pretty good! Harbor's heartbeat was in the upper 140 range, and I am measuring about a week ahead of schedule. I was then given my RhoGam shot- I have A-negative blood, so I require all the vaccinations to form the antibodies I'll need for the next pregnancy. That shot HURT!! It was huge!

After the appointment, they stuck my finger to test my sugar levels... and I failed the glucose test. Ughhh... The cutoff was 140, and I had 150. They told me that you are not considered diabetic until you are closer to the 200 range, but they want me to go ahead and take another day off from work to do the three hour glucose tolerant test. Not fun. Anyone else fail the glucose screening? Good grief!

On Fighting-

Go Hogs Go!! I have to put a plug in for a really good friend of our family, Michael Snowden. Michael got tickets for David and I last minute in a great section of the stadium! Michael is a dear friend of my mothers, and he is pretty much our family "celebrity." Michael played for the Razorbacks in the 90's and was drafted to the NFL a few years ago. He played for the Tennesse Titans for a number of years and has recently retired. Michael has always been so good to David and I, and I have to throw out a thank you to him for getting us such good seats. He and my mom talked by cell phone at least three times on game day at the stadium, and he is such a great Christian man. Houston Nutt even mentioned him by name when giving his resignation speech last November. So, Michael, thank you to you and your family for being so kind. Michael's wife is also so sweet to let me have some of her fabulous maternity wear for keeps.

We parked and walked from Baum Baseball staduim to the football field. It was HOT!! We actually love walking the long way because we like to see everyone tailgating. I am not sure if I will be ale to go to anymore games this season though. It was really tough to be in the last trimester, sitting in the bleachers for four hours, in the heat. This year's games are so special to our family though because my cousin Rachel is in the Razorback marching band. She plays both flute and piccalo, but is marching this year with her piccalo. She is so talented and beautiful. We felt so proud to see her on the field.

It was a fight to the finish to win this game. I am so glad we won, but it was by the skin of our teeth, and I have to admit that I am scared out of my MIND that we are going to have a bad season. Pray for the Razorbacks! I spent all this morning reading Razorback commentary on google and just feel sick for Petrino and our boys. I have faith that they can do it! Harbor jumped around the whole game- he was saying, "Go, Hogs, Go!"

David and me- looking very much pregnant at 27 weeks!

Mom and I- a big thanks to Jai for buying us matching hog stickers for our cheeks!

My mom and dad

Walking to the stadium, hand in hand, with my two favorite guys!

David and I- the staduim looming in the distance.

Pre-game festivities

The flyover, complete with fireworks!

Let's call those Hogs!!

The Razorback band

Rachel!! Blonde, piccalo player, front and center. We love you!!

Thank you, sweet Jesus!

Rachel after the game

David and Rachel

David, Rachel, and me- all three of us are hot and sweaty!

Rachel's parents (my mom's sister and brother-in-law)

We loved going with Rachel into the practice field building, the Pat Walker Pavillion, where she packed up her gear.

I hope everyone spends time with their family tomorrow and has a memorable holiday!


  1. Your pictures are great and you look very cute.
    And yes, I did fall when I was pregnant. I was walking in WalMart and I slipped on a wet spot and totally busted it. It really scared me and completely embarrassed me. I think I might have fallen other times, but that was the most embarassing one.
    And I hope you pass your 3 hour test! Lots of women fail the 1 hour, but pass the 3 hour, so hopefully you are one.

  2. I am so sorry about the fall and so glad you and the baby are alright. I was six months pregnant and fell down about 5 stairs. It was scary but everything was fine. I love all the pictures from the game. You look great and it looks like ya'll had a good time even in the heat.

  3. I love that you have school-spirited maternity wear. That is perfect! =)

  4. Jessica,
    God created women to carry and protect babies! I worried about EVERYTHING the entire time I was pregnant and little (actually not so little) Bailey is VERY healthy and perfect... Just as Harbor will be! As for the glucose test. I failed my one hour and then failed my 3 hour! I was put on a diabetic diet which honestly was VERY easy. I actually lost weight (only gaining 23 pounds for my entire pregnancy). As soon as Bailey was born the 23 pounds were off as well! If you do fail your glucose test DO NOT WORRY! It really depends on your doctor what they want you to do to help. I had to test my sugar 4 times per day which I thought was going to be the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I even distinctly remember telling Zach that I changed my mind and it wasn't worth it... Words I VERY much regret now that I'm a mommy. My doctor wasn't really too worried about me and as long as I stayed in a good range (even if it was a little high) he was fine with it. I will tell you, the dietician that you will most likely have to see if you fail will probably be one of those "fruit cake, OMG" type of people. They will scare you into thinking you will kill your baby if you don't exactly follow the diet and so on. I understand they do that for those people who are 16, pregnant, and have the brain power of a weed but still. I am a competent adult with a husband who WANTED to do what was best for my baby. Anyway, DON'T worry. It will all work out and your baby will be perfect, beautiful, and healthy in EVERY way! But, if you fail the test and you need a friend, I'll talk with you. Also, DON'T go by yourself! Take David or SOMEONE (your mom would be great) to the test with you because you do get VERY hungry and it's a little uneasy getting your blood drawn EVERY hour for 3 hours! Someone to talk with is HIGHLY recommended. Love ya! You'll be fine! (I guess I should end this so someone else has room to post)

  5. I failed the first test w/ Brook--in fact my results were the exact same as yours. I ended up passing the 2nd test, so I'm sure you will too. You looked so cute at the game!!!

  6. Look at all these photo's, it was allot of fun, but stickin hot. But we won the Razorback game so it was all worth it. Our sweet Rachel was over the top, what an exciting time for her. We are all so proud of her. This being her first year at the U of A will be one of the best years of her life. She'll never forget it. And I'm so thankful you & Harbor are good after your fall at school. The Lord was looking out for you. Dad loves the picture of you & your two boys, ha!!!! Love you...Mom

  7. We decided to go conoeing when I was 8 months pregnant with my second (remember, I was very young [not too bright]). The day passed without any trouble until the end. I was out of the conoe, trying to walk up a slippery, muddy hill. When I was almost to the top, my foot caught a tree root and I fell (hitting hard) then rolled back to the river like a watermelon. She's fourteen now and smart as a whip. Scared me to death at the time though! I hope your bruises heal quickly!

  8. Dont worry about your glucose test! My results were like in the 250s. I just had to control my diet and it was really easy. I did fall when I was pregnant with Dagan. It was January and we had a horrible ice storm and I was walking outside and fell right on my bottom! It hurt so much, but Dagan was (and still is!) perfectly healthy!! You look so cute in your game wear! I love your hair. Rachel is so cute out there on the field! It makes me miss high school so much!

  9. Oh you poor thing! I hope that your bruises are doing better. I am glad that you are okay!

    Good luck with the glucose testing. :)

    Have a great week, and get plenty of rest!

  10. I am so glad you are okay after that fall!! Oh no! That was not fun I'm sure! I slipped on an icy sidewalk when I was pregnant with Ashley and bumped down some steps. I had a few contractions, but everything was okay. It scared me to death, though!

    The football game looks like so much fun! Rachel is a cutie!!

  11. You look adorable! I'm so sorry about the fall. It must have been so scary. It's amazing though that God packages our little one's safely inside our tummy with all sorts of protective barriers. God keeps watch for sure!

    I can't believe how much alike we are! LOL I 'failed' the test too. I ended up failing the three hour test too. That one is draining though, so be prepared. I was hungry and cranky. The office was a bit warm so I was feeling faint too. They let me go back to the office lounge where it was much cooler and there was a TV. LOL So it was more bearable. I ended up having to take the finger prick test thingys 5 times a day.......much better then giving myself a shot.

    Oh and I had the Rho Gam shot too! In fact when Brandon was born the hospital did a different blood test and said I wasn't negative and didn't want to give me the test! I had Craig call the doctor and they did..........but it hurt because the nurse clearly was mad that she wasn't she basically stabbed me with the needle. Yucko!!

    Have a great week! We are happy hear in Gator Town! :)

  12. Jessica- it looks like a fun game. Congrats to your team. Mine won too (AL-see you on the fild, smile)
    You r mother and you could pass for sisters!
    Rachel looked great n her band uniform.
    On the post below (Harbors Haven) the bedroom looks gorgeous. You have done a fabulous job it, as I expected. You are so talented!

    LOVE the vacation wall! LOVE!~

  13. BTW_ SO thank ful to God that you and baby are ok. It is told that when one is preg one is more clumsy. Be careful. Praise GOd you are ok.

  14. All your game pictures look great. And yes to both I fell down a step I kinda just went down I was hurt at all but very embrassed by all the attention. I also failed my 1 hours with my son but passed the 3 hour. I am glad you are alright from the fall!

  15. Guess what? I'm A- too! And yes, I did fail my sugar test. I had to go into WRMC for the 6 hour test on September 11th, 2001. Does that date sound familier to you? It should, since it was the day the World Trade Centers fell. I was one hour into my test when Bran called me freaking out. He wanted to know if I could see what was going on on tv. The staff got mad at me for having my phone on and took it from me. The next 5 hours were about the worst of my life. I had to lay there and hear the terrible things the techs were coming into the lab saying without having any connection to my husband or 2 boys who were home with my mom. It was terrible. I cried most of the time. It's a good thing they were not checking blood pressure that day!

  16. Don't worry, you aren't alone! I've fallen twice so far! I haven't had my sugar test yet, but I am scared of that drink! (Oh, and I'm a Rick's Bakery kinda girl too! They did my wedding cake!).
    I'm totally with you on that blasted hot walk up to the stadium! I thought I was gonna die!

  17. no, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. (not sure about the spelling) We were very blessed that everything went so well with Riley.

  18. Just looking at that walk you took on makes my legs hurt! My doc told me NOT to go to the game since my bp is high now (which is normal at the end of pregnancy). But are brave girl~

    I guess my first game will be the Ole Miss one!

  19. I am sooo happy that you guys got to come to the game!! My first Razorback game in the marching band was definitely an unforgettable experience!

  20. Oh Jess...glad to hear you're ok after the fall!

  21. I failed my first glucose test, and had to go for the whole-morning-long thing, too. It was sort-of drama for me, but I later found out that LOTS of people fail the first time. (Which makes you wonder why they even do the one at the doctor's office if more people fail it than not.) Anyway, I was okay, and did not have gestational diabetes. Don't stress too much over it. You are probably fine.

  22. Oh no! I am so sorry you fell! You look so cute! Sooo happy the Hogs WON! I know it was great to see your cousin playing in the band!

  23. I sent 2 post to your blog earlier, so i may have some triple comments going on. I'm happy to hear you are ok and baby boy Harbor McCash as well. We pray your test result all work out the best for you. Sorry, I miss you guys @ the game, but pictures look like it was fun. Those are some great pictures. Hope you and your family had a blast. Tailgating, rain, excitement wore my family down. Santana, sleep from kickoff til 3rd quarter in my arms. Thanks to The McCash & Barnes Family for supporting the Razorbacks on Saturday, we will need it even more here on out. That Razorback Red sure looks good on you guys. I am honored by your comment, makes me want to suit up and play football again! Was it hot or what? Hope all goes well with you, and please take care of yourself. Whenever, Harbor is old enough we would love to give him his 360 tour inside the Razorback facilities. Take care Mrs Jessica

  24. Hey Girl, I was hoping to meet you guys Saturday,but Dante had enough from pre-game festivies. He was ready for his little crib. Sorry to hear about the accident, very glad little man inside wasn't affected. Your test results will be fine I hope. Michael, was worried all weekend about if you guys would show up. I am so glad you guys made it, he was very excited to see pictures on your blog, he really hated missing you guys! He had tons of food just incase you all made it early, he was ready to show off his new grill/smoker. You are a warrior, walking all the way from Baum Stadium, I would have ask Michael to ride his back:) That outfit is perfect by the way. Blessings are with you!

  25. Glad you stopped by my blog and thanks for the nice comment! Congratulations on the baby and boys are tons of fun!! I looked back some posts and I LOVE what you are doing with his room!! Enjoy yourself!!

  26. Love those stickers, love that belly, and love that the hogs actually pulled that one off. Hate that we didn't get to see you guys!! That is a long haul from Baum. My sister and her crew had to walk from there too. On the way back they decided to stop for a break at Chick-Fil-A. We are so excited about little Harbor!! I love the nursery. It is absolutely adorable. Hope your test goes well today. I'm sure to get an update from your mom. That is how I keep up with you. I love hearing all about you and David and baby Harbor!!
    Love you guys,

  27. you precious thing. I was just sure you were going to show bruise pics!!! I know I fell during pregnancy down the stairs. You and Rachel are so cute!!

  28. Jessica,
    One more thing... take a snack to eat AS SOON as you are finished w/ the 3 hour test. I was SO hungry I literally almost fainted on my way to mcdonalds. Since I was pregnant I'll tell you when I ate... a big mac, large fry, bottle of water(keep it a bit healthy) and 2 oatmeal cream pies! Then, I melted and was so sick I had to go to bed! DO NOT DO WHAT I DID! Take some peanut butter crackers and some coke (one coke is perfectly fine)!! If you'd rather not have the caffeine drink sprite. You will need to put a little sugar back into your body after the test. But, the needles arent' too bad. I wanted my baby so badly that the pokes were NOTHING to me and I HAAAAATE needles!

  29. I was scared to death as I read through your fall. I'm so glad you and Harbor are okay.

    I loved these football pictures!! You two are so cute!!

  30. Girl, You be careful- that is so scary! I remember almost falling on the ice while pregnant!

    I know soooo many people who fail the first Glucose test, but pass the 2nd one- I was one of them. I'm sure you'll pass it!

    I'm so excited about Razorback football this year!! Go Hogs (and Rachel:)

  31. I do not have any great advice or good stories...yet!!! But, I know my turn is coming! You will have to encourage me at that point! By the way, you look precious! I agree with was extremely HOT at the game! Flint doesn't understand why I am always complaining about being hot. I think he thinks I am just complaining! And... I LOVE Rick's, too! It is one of the things I miss the most about Fayetteville! They have the best eclairs in the world!

  32. Bless your heart! I am so sorry to hear you fell, but so glad that you are okay!!!!

    It sounds like the entire family had a great time at the game ;)!

  33. I sorta fell/tripped when I was super preggo. I thought I could just somehow launch my body up - like jumping onto a step. Only I kinda missed and landed on my knees. All 100 people at the outdoor softball field stopped EVERYTHING they were doing and it got absolutely totally silent. That was embarrassing! But everything was a-ok. I am so glad you and that precious baby are okay! I am sure the other teacher is relieved you are okay, too!

    Keep doing those kick counts! Its not just wise, its pretty awesome just to sit and enjoy movement. Pretty soon you'll miss your baby tummy!!

  34. You scared me with this title! I'm so glad that you and baby H are okay. I fell outside on my belly when preg with Ella at 30 wks. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 nights with contractions and then was sent home on bed rest with a fetal monitor at home. It was SO scary, but PTL I ended up being induced with her towards the end of my preg and she was healthy. It was a stressful time though!
    What great game pictures!!! :)

  35. Jessica, sorry to hear about the fall but God made mothers pretty tough and surrounded that baby with water so it wouldn't jar too easily!

    I had the Rho Gam shot after I had Kelly 34 years ago. Didn't know I was B neg. until she was born.They didn't do glucose test back then so that's something else you girls are blessed with today!

    You look FAB and I love your Razorback red top! So cute! We are praying for you and the baby's safe arrival!

  36. I think it's hilarious that we both took a picture of the scoreboard with exactly 1:49 left!! :) You looked adorable! Love you girls' matching hogs. Sorry you had a scare, and glad you're ok. It's amazing how cozy and protected those babies are in there.

  37. on falling...I am so glad that you and harbor are ok! luckily it was not your tummy that hit although i understand about the tush and ego being bruised. i was terribly accident prone with emily...something about your balance being off!

    on'll likely pass the 3 hour just fine with your previous level being so close to the cut off. just from some of my old l&d experience!

    on fighting...the pictures are great! i am glad you had such a great time at the game...harbor's "first!" i am all about the SEC, but i am a BAMA fan all the way! actually went to alabama and have the red living room wall and furniture too! :)

    hope you have a less hectic week, but still great in all other ways!

  38. You looked so cute in your game day outfit! Your seats look kind of close to ours. We are in section 106...we are between the 5 and 10 yard line.

    I have a friend from work who just had the same experience with her glucose test and they told her it usually is clear the second time around since her number was not that close to 200. I'm sure everything is fine!!

  39. Jesscia,
    I had a fall with each of my babies while pregnant. My first baby I was 8 months along and living on Fayettville,AR and we had an ice storm and I slipped on the ice, #2 I passed out while walking down the hallway after having blood drawn, the last 2 was just me missing steps coming down my stairs. I think it happens to most women. Glad you are ok and I love Harbors room it is very cute and creative.

  40. Oh my gosh, glad you are okay! I didn't fall when i was pregnant, but i did get stuck behind the couch! Long story...

  41. With my first little darling, I failed the first sugar test with a lovely score of 195. Yes I did.

    Then I went in for the 3 hour test and passed (barely), but I passed. Don't stress.

    You look so cute! I enjoyed your pics but I must say "WAR EAGLE"!! Sorry, couldn't help it:)

  42. Oh and I never fell down while prego, I did, however have a wreck and have salmonella food poisoning from Peter Pan peanut butter for 3 weeks with Harper Jane. It took forever for the docs to figure out about the food poisoning. They were all convinced it was just morning sickness. ICK!

    I still have a hard time eating peanut butter:) I'm also very thankful that my baby was ok!

  43. OOHh yes I have fallen! Our last one He will be 2 in October..I had him early becuse I fell!!
    I too was so bruised up!! I went in and they said I was fine we got home around 5am...I had him at 11:30!! I knew I wasn't fine!!
    I hope you are feeling better though!!
    And yes I have failed that test!! I haven't taken the one for this pregancy yet was supposed to 4 weeks ago but Iam fine and I hate the clinic my dr has moved to!! I have never failed the 3 hour one and I bet you won't either!
    I love the pics of you and your hubby and Mom you look so adorable!! I think I have maybe mentioned a time or two...well maybe more I want your mom!!!
    I feel so hudge so I don't know if I could bare to put any up of me!! Looks like you all had a terrific time too!!!
    Love the pic of the jets!! Neat!!

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I'm so glad to hear that both you and Harbor are OK after your fall. Looks like you had lots of fun at the football.
    Cheers Linda

  45. Jessica,

    SOOOO glad you are okay. You looked adorable for the game. I have a hard time sitting through a whole game when I'm NOT pregnant! I didn't take any spills when I was pregnant, but still had my little doll eight weeks early! You're fine. You're doing a great job. If you do fail the glucose test, just know that whatever diet you're given will set you up for dropping that baby weight pronto!

    As for my birthday cake, it was made by Rick's. I just loved it!

    Hope you are doing well, and I hope to see you soon.

  46. Hey Jessica. In response to one of your questions, my sister fell when she was pregnant with Olivea. Actually it was right at the start of the third trimester and she fell on her belly. She had some more contractions than usual for a day or two, but was fine. God designed us specifically to protect those fragile little bodies. He's well padded and suspended in fluid, so I'm sure he's fine.

  47. I fell twice when I was pregnant and it was super scary and embarassing. Your balance gets totally off!
    PS--I love those majorette uniforms!!!

  48. I forgot to mention that I also am supposed to have that shot...but don't need it becuse of Grizzly's blood type!!! So have they checked your hubby's?
    And are feeling better??
    for some reason my right leg was really swollen last nite but this am is fine!

  49. Bless your heart! I never actually fell while pregnant, but I was so clumsy I came close many times.

    I failed my glucose test too. I had to cut out sugar and watch carbs the entire time...not fun! Thank goodness I just had to change my insulin shots. I hope you pass your test! Let us know!

  50. You always have kind thoughts Someone I love needs your words of Love ...stop over.. If anyone has experinces or anything on Pancreatic cancer he needs your prayers!

  51. Uhoh--how embarrassing to fall! You'll look back and think it's hilarious one day, I hope :) Don't you LOVE going to games?? You looked really really cute!

  52. I'm so glad that you and Harbor are ok and that you got to enjoy the Hog game (especially watching Rachel!) It's much more fun when you're watching people that you know! It was fun to talk with you over the phone the other day!


  53. My goodness, I sure hope that you are alright!
    You look so cute all decked out for the game! Good luck with your test, I had to do that as well, I didn't think it tasted that bad either. I passed the second one. Hang in there!

  54. I have so much to catch up with your blog! lol =)

    I hate to hear you fell? OMG! I hope you are better! You poor dear!!!! =(

    Okay what's up on the sugar? I'm sure once I catch up on your blog I will see that you have already blogged about it! If me so I know you and baby "H" are okay!!!! =)

    The game pics ROCK!!!! Looks like yall had a ball!!!! Your mom is soooooooooooooooo very pretty and she looks like one of us! You would never know she is a mom with a 26 yr old daughter!!! WOW!

    I also love the pics of Rachel! She is sooooooooooooo very pretty and has such a GREAT smile!!! I know NOTHING about college football...I'm a NFL girl (GO DALLAS COWBOYS) I love yalls football spirit!!!! =) GO TEAM!!!!

  55. I am in need of some help. How do I add my friends blog names to my blog? I love reading your blog. You guys are just so amazing!