Saturday, December 12, 2015

Harbor's 7th Hiking Birthday Party

Now that Harbor is old enough to have party preferences, he was really instrumental in helping me plan his 7th birthday.

We agreed on a hiking themed party and began scouting for the perfect outdoor location.
Having an outdoor party in November is tricky. Especially if you live in Colorado.  
The weather ended up being chilly, but totally doable.

We lucked out as it snowed just a few days after the party ended.

We settled on a local park with mountain views that backed up next to public hiking trails.
This made it easy to incorporate a scavenger hunt.

I made everything myself: the cupcake toppers, the scavenger hunt bags and labels, the water bottle labels. and the shadow silhouette posters. It was all a labor of love- and because I started over a month before the actual party, it was an easy and carefree endeavor.

We had a trail mix bar and the kids meandered in between the park and the main pavilion.

A dear friend of mine, Melissa, took the photos, and it made the day so much more enjoyable.

Happy 7th birthday, Harbor!
You are one of my great true loves.
Life without you is no life at all!

We love you!

Me giving the directions for the scavenger hunt

A close up of the scavenger hunt labels I designed and attached to the brown paper bags:

Their reward were graham cracker bags with labels that say:
{Feel free to right click and save!  They will print as an 8x10 on photo paper}

Harbor had an amazing turnout, especially when you consider we had no family present since live out of state.  He was able to invite his entire 1st grade class and his entire Boy Scout troop.
All the kids had a great time!

And so did the mamas!
: )
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  1. What a super fun party! Great job! I love all the fun details.

  2. Your family is simply beautiful. The party looks amazing! You did such a good job on everything! I am inspired for sure. :)