Saturday, December 19, 2015

When the Snow Boots leave Puddles in the Carpet

While the rest of the country seems to be experiencing a heat wave with higher than normal temperatures this winter, here in Colorado, it is snow as usual.

We have had a few snow days where schools have shut down, and if you know anything about Colorado weather, this is pretty exciting.  

I've really struggled as a mom in the past to make the most of winter.
Blame it on my Southern roots, blame it on our lack of a fenced  backyard, blame it on the effort it takes to bundle up three little people who lose gloves, get cold, and refuse to walk, but making winter fun has always been a personal struggle of mine.

Winter is actually a favorite of mine, but having three kiddos all seven and under, and parenting alone as David works long hours, has made it feel like an Olympic sport. 

I want to be a mom who makes snow and cold magical and exciting- instead of whining about all the dripping snow boots scattered on my hardwood floors.

So this winter, I've given it a go!

It hasn't been perfect, but we have ventured out almost every day it has snowed {it sometimes snows everyday} and I have embraced the cold and the schlepping of supplies up and down the apartment stairs.

I've had wet coats hanging on the dining room chairs, icy boots leaving puddles of water in the carpet, and frozen mittens piled into my kitchen sink.

I've also had three smiling children with magic in their eyes, piled high on Daddy's lap, reliving our mountain adventures with gusto!

Embrace the seasons, mamas!
The good news is that each season only lasts for so long.
: )

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And thank-you for this gentle reminder to choose present over perfect. It's hard for me too, but the memories are what I remember later, not a perfect house. :)