Saturday, July 11, 2015

4th of July in Pueblo, Colorado

Our 4th of July was spent in the great outdoors.
Thankfully, here in Colorado, the highs are typically only in the upper 70's which make staying outside all day possible!  

We started the morning of the 4th with an off-roading dirt road adventure above the treeline.
Mountain views and red rock outcroppings provided ample opportunity to sight see.

One spot in particular along our drive was steep and high {maybe 9,000 feet in altitude} and I had to lay my front seat back in our minivan and just close my eyes.

David has no fear of heights, so quite often I find our family visiting mountain summits against my will. The photographer in me can see the beauty, but it is a constant struggle to force my brain and heart to find a compromise. 

On a whim, we drove south to Pueblo, Colorado to walk the riverwalk.

We had visited Pueblo many, many years ago.
Long before Harbor was ever conceived, we rode our Goldwing motorcycles from Pueblo all the way to Canada, Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone before returning back to Arkansas.

Pretty much in a different life.
: )

We had, however, never visited the riverwalk.

We enjoyed the gondolas and party boats giving tours up and down the canal. 

We arrived shortly after six and people were just starting to come out for dinner.

Before too long the crowds had gathered and lines were forming for little cafes and restaurants.

We left the riverwalk and strolled the downtown.
I found several antique shops and wished I had the time {and space!} to bring back a few treasures.
One storefront in particular had a gorgeous oil painting of a mother holding a baby.
It was in a lush gold frame and looked pretty old.
It had such a great patina.
Price tag- $24.00
I'm still kicking myself for not buying it.

We enjoyed taking pictures in front of painted brick galleries and oddly numbered doors.

We ended the night at a Mexican restaurant off the downtown strip with the hottest salsa ever.
Even David, who loves anything with spice, had red eyes from trying to eat it,
The things you remember.
: )

Harbor snapped this picture of David and me.
He is getting more confident with his camera skills and I'm thankful to be included in a few photos.

After dinner, we made the long drive back up north with three tired babies and tummies full.

{cell phone pic}

Fireworks were watched on a big plaid blanket under the stars.
Hollin fussed a bit with the first loud noises, but the boys cheered excitedly.
Harbor exclaimed, "This is totally amazing!"

And, of course, it totally was!
Hope you had a happy 4th!

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