Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Father's Day in the Mountains

For Father's Day this year, my parents drove the 12 hours to visit us in Colorado.
We kept it pretty low key with stroller walks, long breakfasts, and lots of easy shopping.
We did take a full day to drive into the mountains of a local mining town for pictures.
My mom and I bought matching shirts on base
 {my dad is a retired Army Captain, so they stayed on base at the Air Force Academy to do something unique}
and we wore them for a picnic lunch in Victor, Colorado.
The weather was perfect- low 60's and cool.
At 10,000 ft. elevation, the weather can definitely be unpredictable.
We had a great picnic lunch overlooking the lake and then hiked with the tripod out onto the edge of  the reservoir for views.

We drove down into the Front Range area of Rampart Road.
The mountains are just too gorgeous!
We did a bit of off-roading on a dirt road- and even saw a few wild big horned sheep.
Almost every night, Harbor rode back to the base with my parents for a sleepover at the Officer's Lodge.  I don't think he wanted to ever come back home.

They had The Egg and I for breakfast several times, and he even went  early morning shopping with them and picked out a few things for him and the other two kiddos.

My parents kept all three kids late one night and we went out on a much needed date.
Our first date since Christmas!
We saw the newest Jurassic movie and ate at a quaint steak house overlooking the city.

We spent two different nights walking a local bike path with the stroller.
The kids always enjoy the simple activity of just being outside.

Harbor recently used some extra money to buy a scooter, but tired of using it and David ended up riding it the entire path.

While David worked, we drove down to the Paint Mines.
The kids slipped and slid down the gravel shortcut we took to the mines, and we had to hold them and carry them, but we all made it safely down.

The boys love to collect rocks and explore.
I do, too.
The mines are one of my favorite places.

It isn't common anymore to visit a place and feel small.
The mines are millions of years old and just a great place to ponder and reflect life.

After all the work to get to the bottom, the skies turned gray.
Storm clouds rolled in and we high tailed it out of there.
It was a quick, but enjoyable visit.

We hiked and waded in a few waterfall areas.

And jogged with the double stroller.

After my parents went back South, we took the kids to the park on the bikes.

We have officially made cookies for the first time in the apartment.
Which is pretty much a rite of passage for our family.
: )

and Harbor has scored a new lunchbox for 1st grade!

Summer is flying by!
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  1. Looks like you've been having a blast! I'm so glad you got to spend time with your parents, and even get out for a date night! You look beautiful <3