Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toldeo, Ohio

A few weeks ago, we left Michigan for Toledo, Ohio to spend a day at the zoo. Our year membership to the Detroit Zoo had expired, so we thought it would be fun to buy one at the Toledo Zoo instead. Since we live so close to so many big cities, we are trying to see and experience as many different places as we can.

The weather was warm, but breezy.

Harbor and I tried to keep busy while David
stood in line to buy our year membership passes.

We have been to a couple of zoos- Little Rock, Tulsa, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Detroit.
I really like the Toledo Zoo. It is a close tie with Kansas City for best thus far.

The polar bears were extraordinary! So, so close!

Right as the carousel started to move, I was afraid I would miss my chance to take a picture, so 
I barked, "Smile", and this was his "on demand" smile. : )
He is such a funny fella!

David and I kept laughing under our breath at Harbor's glasses,
which didn't look so 80's on the rack at Target.
They reminded me of a Rick Astley music video.
I loved them on Harbor. : )

We ate an overpriced  pleasant lunch at a large cafe on the grounds. Because really, don't we all really just want a $9.00 hotdog? : )
The upper eating areas were made to look like cages, as if  you were an animal in the zoo. We ate upstairs, and I felt so claustrophobic people watching out of those little bars. 

Harbor's favorite place was a big kid's area with a tree fort and even an outside beach area with water to splash in for the warmer months.

He climbed a spider web.

And donned a bee suit, complete with wings, and scaled a huge honeycomb.

It was a perfect family day.
My favorite part- the silver back gorillas.
{and being with my boys}
: )
And eating that $9.00 hotdog.
Because now, it is just a funny memory from a perfect day!


  1. Harbor's glasses are one of the first things I noticed in the pictures. I think those are some very cool shades. :]

  2. I liked the Toledo Zoo but every year on my birthday we would go to the Cleveland Zoo. It's a bit bigger and spread out but I felt they had more animals. They also have a HUGE rainforest you can go in that's included in the pass. The Toledo Zoo is very clean though and cozy. :)

  3. It's funny that the memories of adventures like this seem to include overpriced food. When I talk about taking Jeremiah to Disney on Ice, I always mention the $10 bag of cotton candy. HA!

  4. Your family should come and visit the St. Louis Zoo. It is free to visit (only pay to park in the parking lots or free to park on the side of Forest Park streets). Our hands on Children's Zoo is great (free before 9am or $4 after that to enter). The penguin and puffin exhibit is awesome! This year the zoo added a massive shark exhibit, but I have not seen it yet. Our zoo is nationally renowned and truly amazing! You should consider a visit!

  5. I live just one hour east of Toledo - right along Lake Erie across from the islands (Kelleys Island and Put-In-Bay). I love the lights at the Zoo at Christmas. If you have any questions about other things to do while you're in Toledo let me know. I especially love the Libbey Glass Outlet which is near where the Toledo Mud Hens play. Tony Paco's has a location near there, too.

  6. I think we are going to check out the Kansas City zoo when we are there next month so I'm glad to hear it's a good one.

    I'm going to 2nd the St. Louis Zoo. We went all the time growing up and it's still my favorite.

    I've been to the zoo in Jacksonville FL, and it was good, but it always bugged me that you had to pay since the St. Louis Zoo was always free and it was lots better. We went to the Louisville Zoo once too but we had a terrible experience. Luckily someone gave us free passes so we weren't out anything. Other people rave about it, but we didn't like it.

  7. You should really try the Omaha Zoo. It really is the best ever. Indoor Aquarium, Indoor Jungle, Indoor Desert Dome, Great New Ape Complex. Not really in your neck of the woods, but you would really enjoy!

  8. I just loved all the photos. Thats great that Harbor left his sun glasses on for as long as he did. He looked so handsome & cool at the same time,ha!!!That zoo looks like a place we need to vist when we come to vist some time. You know by the time you walk around inside the zoo for hours they know you'd pay just about anything for some food,ha!!!Thats the idea, they know you want to eat. Cause no one wants to pack the food & keep up with it all day long. Plus you are so hungery anything would taste good. And food is just part of a good day. Glad you guys are getting out & seeing the area. Reminds me of all the different places we have lived & the neat things we have seen by getting out. love you...Mom

  9. What a cool zoo! So many neat things for kids to see and do!

  10. I had a $9 hot dog at Legoland last week! Crazy, isn't it? It looks like family day was fun for all - good for you!