Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Documenting your children doesn't just mean photographing holidays and playdates-
it means capturing the the mundane, as well.
I've tried to be better about this and intentionally take pictures of activities I know I may forget one day.

Pictures of Harbor:
sitting still and eating breakfast, putting on his own shoes,
 riding in his carseat, walking up the stairs, bedtime routines.

Someday, I'm sure these pictures of Harbor's bedtime routine will flood my mind with memories.


  1. Awh, this is precious! Harbor is a very lucky little boy. He has so many loving people in his life! :]

  2. That is a great little boys's room! Harbor is so cute!

  3. Love this post. I'm there too. Soaking in the memories. It's all going too fast! =( I love Harbor's room. I'm such a fan of stripes.

  4. His room is precious!!! I'd love to see the picture across from his bed :) I love taking regular pictures like this and need to do better myself.

  5. Precious baby loves bedtime stories! Can't wait till I get to read to him soon! Love you!!