Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Legged

Yesterday was a library/park day for Harbor and I. We still don't get out to too many places alone together yet, but those are two spots we visit frequently. Before we left, Harbor went outside to check on his bugs and to make sure they were still in the bug homes we had drawn with chalk.

I also set up the tripod and took around 50 pictures of us together inside. I feel silly doing it, but without family here, I am left to my own devices. Harbor is becoming much more photogenic as a result, I think, and he smiles at the flashing lights on demand, which is pretty cute.

We had lots of funny outtakes, but our session was cut short when Harbor decided to play with our dog, Bichon, instead.

This is not a "pose" worthy picture, but is where my blog title drew inspiration... isn't he long legged these days? For a two year old, I'd say so!  : )


  1. I love the bug houses! So creative! The pictures are great. I really need to get a tripod.

  2. He doesn't look two at all! Wow! Time just flies! I love the pictures! I like his bug houses!

  3. i'm a lurker, coming clean ;)

    i've enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, not sure where i stumbled upon it. but i associate you with the diamond dining room in your last house, which was beautiful by the way!

    and i just think harbor is such a handsome little fella! take care!

  4. the bug homes are just adorable! I so wish my boy still played like that.

  5. Cute bug house's, thats very creative. Harbor won't ever forget when mommy plays with him.Makes for a very special bond for you both.Love that you are using that tripod I got you.I love your hair, I see you curled it. Harbor is so handsome & smileing for the camera like Gigi taught him,ha!!!Yes, Harbor is very tall to just be 2 years old. His going to be a very tall man someday. Can't wait to give Harbor a hug/kiss & talk to him. I miss him so much, love you...Mom