Friday, August 12, 2011

Jessica & Judith Take Detroit {Grand Circus Park}

Hello all!  We are doing really well in Detroit and are enjoying the last of the warm weather here. Things are starting to cool off noticeably and our neighbors have warned us that fall arrives in late September with a vengeance of fast falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and a hint of snow to come.

David is really enjoying his new job and has been preoccupied with lots of new training sessions. His latest training has has been with a robotic arm, known as the Faro Arm, which operates per computer connected to the robot and is used to determine metal densities. He and his robot have spent many late nights getting to know each other better. David is the only degreed engineer in the plant to operate Faro, so last week he worked seven days straight without a weekend. David is a hard worker, but we miss him around here when he is gone so much. This weekend is looking a bit better, so we are happy about that.  : ) 
{David writes robotic programs as part of his job description. I need to ask him about writing a little program to clean the floors around here  : )  }

I still really want to wrap up Judith's visit, so if the thought of reading it bores you to tears, just click away and come back in a few days.  : )

Day1: {Belle Isle, Riverwalk, (click to see those previously blogged  locales) Mexicantown, Downtown} 

After we finished lunch in Mexicantown the first day, we headed back into downtown Detroit for more sightseeing. Honestly, there is too much to see in just a day, but we did our best to fit in what we could for Judith. Judith stayed for four days, but this was our only shot to have David with us as a driver.

We started with the old Detroit Train Depot, crumbling and vacant, but still splendid!

We then headed to the water front to visit Hart Plaza {one of my favorite places in Detroit, hands down.} The city skyline makes me want to bust out a few lines from some lively musical. It is just a place full of action and movement and motion. 

We boarded the People Mover to see the rest of downtown from the sky.

This is a famous sculpture in Grand Circus Park that I couldn't resist smooching.  : )

We got off in Grand Circus Park to show Judith Comerica Park and Ford Field, home to two professional teams {NFL and MLB.}

We walked past the "Harbor House" restaurant on our way to Greektown for some authentic Greek food.

This is not a great picture, but Greektown is really whimsical at night. The street, strung with lights {barely visible in this picture,} paired with the boisterous sounds of Greek Chefs hollering orders and live saxophone gives you that "big" city feel. 

After a dinner of feta cheese, artichoke hearts, and authentic Grecian olives, we boarded the People Mover once more to ride back to the parking garage where my car was waiting for us. Harbor, being the low maintenance child that he is, was as cool as a cucumber and happy to just be "going" somewhere.

We unloaded at the GM Headquarters {they have a People Mover transit located inside their building for their employees that is open to the public} and headed all of the 15 minute drive home. 

Inside GM looking toward Windsor's shore and having Judith by my side made Arkansas feel a little bit closer.  : )

Coming Soon!

Day 2: Grosse Ile Island
Day 3: Lake Erie
Day 4: Wyandotte Art Fair and Lake Erie Island/Lighthouse Cruise

And a big thank you to my parents, who mailed a nice big box of goodies for us last week and to the Byrd family for the box of goodies that arrived today! We love you and appreciate your generous spirit. It is a blessing to us.


  1. It is so neat to see your pictures of Detroit. I was born and raised in Michigan! We live in Kalamazoo, the other side of the state. I am glad you are enjoying living here! Your neighbors are right, just wait the snow and cold are awful!

  2. I know Judith loved getting to see you guys & now with school starting the first of next week this trip seems so long ago now. But you will always have your memories of her vist & this next school year will be your first ever home with Harbor William & time is really passing so very fast with you even being at home. Glad you guys still love getting love(packages)from home,ha!!!! It never gets old getting gifts even if it is just cookie mix,ha!!!!Give HW a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi, can't wait to see you all, skyping is great but not the same as getting to see you in person.And I look forward to seeing your craft area you have been working on & the area down stairs where we will sleep,my home away from home,lots to see when we get there,ha!!!!I'll ask HW to show me around,love & kisses, MOM

  3. I love looking at your pictures of Detroit! How fun! What wonderful things to go do and see!

  4. Great photos!! Don't you love being a tourist in your own town! That's how we are when we move. There is always something new to discover!