Monday, February 21, 2011

Almost Famous

Greetings! Hasn't this weather been glorious? I have even noticed my mom's flowers budding and starting to poke through the wood chips. Though I long for spring, I have a feeling winter weather is still making itself at home here. It is nice, however, to feel the sun on your face.

We have been so busy with family dinners, baby showers, and just daily life. Blogging is so therapeutic for me- I enjoy sitting down to look over my pictures and recap the important happenings in our little section of the world.

Valentine's Day was very low key and simple. We exchanged small gifts and stayed home to eat. We did watch a movie in bed, which for me, was just as much fun as going out. Hmmmm... am I an old, married maid? Ha, ha! David bought me a cute new pair of summer flats and hand wrote a sweet love poem. It was beautiful and very sentimental. Harbor also enjoyed some new trinkets. My mom took me shopping as my gift, which is always nice. Really, just spending time with my loved ones is a blessing. I might not remember what we bought, but I always recall the laughs we shared.

Harbor received a nice hardback picture book from my Aunt Cathy, Uncle Tim, and Rachel. I love, love, love book inscriptions. They are so personable and mean so much as the years pass. I enjoy knowing what year we received the book and smile to see we are still reading it. I'm sure this book will be loved for many years. When I was pregnant with Harbor, my mom hosted a "book" baby shower and instead of receiving clothing or diapers, everyone brought an inscripted book. It was so nice to fill Harbor's library and read everyone's kind words. To this day, when David and I travel on vacation, we always buy one book from that area and bring it home for Harbor, whether it be the zoo, Colorado, Kansas City, or Tulsa. It is fun to relive those memories through the printed word.

Harbor loves to see Rachel. Her name is difficult for him to pronounce and we just giggle at him to hear all the ways he says it. Every visit, he seems to have a new grasp on her name and will say it differently. They are very good buddies, indeed!

Harbor has quite a social schedule- too much in fact. Sometimes we worry that he doesn't have enough time at home to play alone in the floor. He goes to Mother's Day Out at a local church Mondays and Wednesdays. He also goes to Thursday School at a different church. On Tuesdays, David mom, Joann, hosts a weekly play group with all of his cousins. She puts on different activities for the kids. This last week, she made homemade finger paint on the stove and the week before she made a wonderful batch of salt-play dough in the oven and colored and flavored it with lemon and maple scents. Needless to say, all the kids ate a tiny bit! Ha, ha! My mom helped Harbor make some homemade Valentine's Day goodies for his Thursday school class- thanks, Gigi!

After a busy day at work, there is nothing sweeter than seeing my little ragamuffin! He is usually worn out from playing, but full of sweet kisses for mama!

My Granny recently bought Harbor a new set of pajamas- Nick & Nora's. They are so cute! Harbor has a sock monkey and has associated the pajamas with his "baby doll." My mom also bought these little blocks for him. They are so much fun- even David and I like to get in on the fun of playing with them. They have the ability to stack in such creative ways.

Before we donned our pajamas, we went out to eat at one of favorite Japanese eateries, Kobe, in Fayetteville. They grill your food in front of you and Harbor was so well behaved. I think seeing the fire and hearing all of the chopping noises really kept him mesmerized!

Sunday morning, we braved some cooler weather and met up as a riding team of five to do an 8.5 mile circuit on the Fayetteville Bike Path around Lake Fayetteville. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed spending time outside. Those who know us IRL know that we are happiest riding our bikes. There is just something about getting "back to nature" and getting outdoors and moving that just extinguishes stress, anxiety, depression, and worry. Breathing fresh air and breaking a sweat is a great way to clear your mind.

After our bike ride, my mom and I attended a baby shower for a good friend of mine, Amanda. She and I have a long history- in fact, we dated brothers back in Jr. High (ha!) and neither of us lasted very long with that set of brothers, but we have remained friends ever since- going on 16 years.
She has such a neat story. With two children already, a boy and a girl, they decided they were done having kids. While on birth control, she found herself expecting anyway... TWINS!!!!! Natural and with no fertility drugs! How crazy is that? After almost fainting, I know they are super excited. She asked me to write down her gifts as she opened them for thank you cards later, so it was fun to see first hand what the newest and greatest baby inventions are these days. Don't they come out with new things all the time?  : )

For those of you from my area, she is the Mayor of Fayetteville, Lioneld Jordan's, oldest daughter.

 She is sooo tiny to be only 4 weeks away from her due date with twins! She has actually only gained 11 lbs. The way they are lying, she is just not able to eat much at one setting.

And, today, Monday, I noticed we weren't the only ones taking pictures of Harbor enjoying his bike ride! What a fun page for his scrapbook! I laughed and said Rachel and I would loved to have been in the picture, but unfortunately, we were a good 1/2 mile behind the boys! Ha, ha!


I joked that I was almost famous! Ha!

We are heading out the door to Olive Garden to celebrate a few wonderful things happening in our lives. I have been cautious with blogging about our latest and greatest, but I'm guessing in a week or so, I will be able to disclose a little more fully some new exciting endeavors in our lives. For those of you who know us in real life, I appreciate you being so patient with me and have been so thankful for all the warm wishes. I tend to be a very private person and sharing news on the blog can sometimes be tough- especially when the timing is not right. No need to worry- we are fine, but just have some changes heading our way.

I hope you have a happy week- and that it flies by right to the weekend!


  1. Great Post! So cool that Harbor made the paper. You have had an amazing week! Your Valentine's gift sounds so neat and special.

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  3. LOVED the blog post! We were almost famous! If only we could keep up with the boys, ha!! Maybe one day we will be able to! So glad I got to spend time with my baby this week! He is one special boy! I love you! Give HW kisses for me!

  4. Amanda looks great! I don't think she's changed at all from our youth group days!

  5. Bran came running into the bedroom last night and asked me "is Jessica's little boy named Harbor?" I said yes and he showed me the paper. Too cute

  6. What a great post! I loved that he made the paper!! I hope you bought several copies! :)