Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving with David's Family

Both sets of our families literally live five minutes from one another, which make the holidays super easy and convenient. Last weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving with David's family. David has a huge immediate family- well, to me it is huge. He is the baby of six and several of his siblings have four, five, and even six children a piece. I am an aunt to many, many people (most of whom are older than I am!) David's mother was 40 when he was born and there is a wonderful sense of "togetherness" and "family" at his mother's house. Harbor has dozens of cousins to play with and that makes my heart so happy for him.

For Thanksgiving, I was asked by one of David's sisters to take family pictures, so these are all pictures I snapped of different families during the day.

Harbor enjoyed playing Grandma McCash's piano, swinging outside in the "horse" swing, and jumping on the "jump-jump"- Harbor speak for trampoline. After we ate, we ventured back out to the Fayetteville Square to see the lights. It was a very relaxed night, full of life and laughter. I'm so blessed to have married and gained an instant family!

David cooked and carved the turkey for my family Thanksgiving and for his family Thanksgiving, as well. He has been cooking the turkey for my side of the family since we married, almost 10 years ago. Have we really been married almost a decade? That is a lot of turkey! Ha!

This is David with his mother and five brothers and sisters. David's dad passed away soon after we married. He is sorely missed by this big and growing family. I think all the boys look really similar.

One of my nephew's girlfriends was kind enough to snap a picture of us! Thanks,Whitney!  : )

Christmas Break starts in three weeks! And to top it off, I received my first Christmas card in the mail today!  : ) Have a happy week!


  1. The pic of the guy with the red plaid shirt and red hat......Is that Lynn, Evan and Ona? If you talk to her very often tell her Shawnna said Hi. She is such a sweet fun loving lady! I miss seeing her so much!

  2. How awesome to be from a big family. Mine is kinda small!

  3. What great pictures!! You look beautiful!! What fun that Harbor has so many cousins to play with! I totally understand about the big families...Roy is in the middle of six kids and holidays are crazy with his family!

  4. What great pictures!! Oh how I wish we lived closer together. :) I have to get my holiday pictures done.....just trying to decide what to do. LOL

    I am so excited about Christmas break! :)