Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Village

The day after Thanksgiving, my family visited the largest indoor miniature Christmas village in the state. It is located in Fayetteville and is free to the public- a very neat place to visit! A local church has it on display and the man who assembled it is a member there.  Harbor was in love with the working trains, the running water feature, and the twinkling lights of the city. Different businesses or individuals can "sponsor" parts of the village to help raise money for charity, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin sponsored a house- in return their names are outside the house, a girl and a dog are in the window (supposed to be Rachel with Tilly), and a motorcycle is parked out front. It was neat to see how so many houses were customized to represent certain families.

After we left the village, we headed onto the Fayetteville Square for dinner at Damgoode Pies and on to see the Christmas lights. It was a very cold night, but we managed to stay warm and enjoy the Christmas Spirit- nothing says Christmas like lights and music! Harbor rode the little pony and we all enjoyed seeing how much fun he was having.

Today, we celebrated Thanksgiving with David's family and took, yet again, another trip to the square to see the lights. This time we ate kettle corn! I did some family pictures outside of David's mom's house since David comes from such a big brood (he is the youngest of six kids and many of his siblings have four, five, and six kids also.) Tomorrow, I am taking pictures for a good friend and plan to keep working on those Christmas cards. Monday is back to school and teaching for me- but only for three weeks!  : )

Happy Weekend!


  1. That is so neat!! Andrew would love it! He is all into trains!!

  2. What a neat village! I wish I would have known about it. We came up there for Thanksgiving. We went to the Square and the boys loved it!! Yeah, just 3 more weeks until Christmas break!! Oh no that means I really need to get my tree up!

  3. What an incredible village! Beautiful. :) I am also returning back to work tomorrow.........then just 3 weeks till Christmas break! Yeah! :) I have loved being home with the kiddos. Hope you have a great first day back! :)