Sunday, June 13, 2010

Splish Splash

We have had one of those weekends that when someone asks you Monday morning what you did over the weekend, you literally can't remember what day you did what, where, with whom. : )  It has been a fun, fun weekend.

Friday afternoon, Harbor and I met a family from school- a teacher I teach with- to swim at our local aquatic park, but I left my camera at home and didn't get to take any pictures of her and her cute kids. She has four sweet kids- I just admire her so much. She is one of those moms that makes me want to try harder, do more. She is so real and honest about motherhood- gorgeous and godly and just a great mom. Thanks for inviting us, Jude!

Saturday, David and I spent several hours at his mom's house celebrating her 70th birthday. It is hard for me to believe David's momma is 70- wow! She is still super active, working full time as a nurse, and totally and completely self-sufficient. She has more energy than anyone I know. David was born, the last of six babies, when his mom was 40. My parents and David's momma are a good 14 years apart in age. It is funny to talk about our parents' experiences because they really were raised in different times. They had a Hawaiin themed party with close to 70 people visiting in and out, with lots of out of town company. They had lots of swimming, a watermelon eating contest, a scavenger hunt, a mumming wrapping station, and lots of food. Happy Birthday, Joann. Thanks for giving me such a strong, hard working husband. You raised him right! And I love you for it! Ha!

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the local pool to meet up with the Foshes to swim for a few hours. Harbor was already exhausted from playing with cousins all morning, but he did really well and we enjoyed our time with the Foshe family. They are just the most sincere, genuine people and we always leave feeling so lucky to have them as our friends.

Harbor crashed in the jeep on the way home... even with the doors and top off,  he fell asleep. He was just so tired. : )  After we got him home and in bed, we headed out to catch the 10:00 p.m. showing of Robin Hood. It was so good- I love time period flicks. Maybe it is my background in literacy, but they are probably my favorite movies. We got home really late, but it was a great date. I even ate Taco Bell at about 12:45 a.m. Oh well.  : ) I love nights like that.

Another teacher I teach with recently came back from Vegas with a fun little Elvis shirt for Harbor. I cracked up when I saw it and, yes, Harbor has been sporting it around town. The King lives!

Harbor continues to contort himself into comical sleeping positions nightly. We find ourselves quietly gathered at his crib side to giggle and admire him while he naps.. the trick is not letting him hear us and wake!

Helping Gigi with the laundry while mommy finished up her school year... Thanks to Jamie for passing along Gage's outgrown clothes.. Harbor has already claimed his favorites!

Friday morning, mom and I took Harbor to Barnes and Noble to look at books and play with the train they have set up in the back. Harbor has a real obsession with a few things lately: fish, trains, and ladybugs. He really loves "ladies" as he calls them. I would love to do a "lady" birthday party for him, but think a train or fish party may be better for a little boy.  : ) The Train at Barnes and Noble almost makes him hyperventilate. It is the funniest thing. Mom picked up a few new books for her home collection- thanks Gigi!

A future doctor? I'm pretty sure my doctor's signature is a dead ringer for that scribble!  : )

Today, Sunday, we visited the Compton Gardens and walked the path to see how the work is coming along for the Crystal Bridges Art Museum. Boy, O, boy that museum is going to be a big one! The trail is so, so pretty. I would love to have some family pictures taken there soon. Except I doubt I could con anyone into going at 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. because those are the only times it is not 90 degrees here. We were sweating like Texas heat!


I hope you had a nice weekend with your family. The weekends pass so quickly- make them count!


  1. What a great weekend?! Andrew is crazy about books right now too!! I love all the pictures!

  2. What a cutie! He just gets cuter and cuter as he gets older. I love the red plaid outfit he had on your last post...LOVE THAT!

  3. That was an amazing weekend! Harbor looks like he is loving the water! You guys do amazing things together as a family. I think it is great! Thanks for the encouragement on nursing. I needed it!

  4. Wow what a fun, busy weekend! Harbor is just adorable!! I love the pool pictures.

  5. The sleeping picture crack me up! We haven't been to the aquatic park yet, but I bet Cade would love it.

  6. it was good to see you this weekend..for a minute!