Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot Time, Summer in the City

This blogging family from Wisconsin ordered a set of 12 custom baseball invites for an upcoming birthday party. Thanks for your business!

And a blogger from Texas ordered this for an upcoming baby shower.....

These pictures were taken by Brandy Foshe for the 4th of July.. We actually took them in June, but I used them for our 4th of July cards made by Catherine Wilson . I can't say enough about how fabulous BOTH of these ladies are... I totally depend on them to help me get the job done, and, boy, do they!! : )

We were really blessed to have had four baby showers for Harbor William. At every shower, I think it is plausible to say that we opened a bag with a bathtub inside. : ) It has been so nice trying them all out. Every month or so, we move a bathtub into the attic and try a newer one out. This is by far my favorite tub of all!! It was a gift from my team at school and came from a local baby boutique. It has such a fun shape and feel. It has a little hook on the back that lets you air dry it over the shower head. Such a neat idea! I'm sure Harbor would like to sit in the tub solo, but this little bath adds a little jazz! : )

This little face owns my heart in a big way! : )

We love spending time with my best gal pal, Rachel!! She is sunshine! : ) David recently enjoyed some atta-boy success at work and he treated us to our favorite sushi house to celebrate!

I hosted a playdate at my house this week- Brandy, Brittney, and Lyndsey, plus six kiddos. I was so excited for Jordan! Lynds gave her a haircut- her very first ever! : ) She was such a big girl. When it was all over, stickers from my treasure box were in store for all the big kids- Brooklynn, Hudson, and, of course, Jordan! The playdate was really set up for the haircut, but we all had a fun time chasing babies.

My friend, Miranda, invited us over for lunch and to play this last week. Julie was such a little momma! She was a big helper to baby Harbor and Josiah. I've known Miranda for going on 13 years or so now... it is incredible to see how we have all grown and become mommas ourselves! : )

We had a playdate at Melissa's house with Adrienne and Lyndsey... plus six kids. All three ladies are cosmotologists who get people's hair "did" at the same salon. The kids are a great mix of ages and everyone had a little friend to follow around. : )

While David hand-washed his jeep at the bottom of the driveway, I sat beside HW in his splash pool. We went out early in the morning to avoid the heat. I need to fill up that pool daily for Harbor in order to use the crazy amount of swim diapers we have, but I just haven't done it. David's mom has an inground pool five minutes away, and we have yet to make it over there to swim this summer. If you know me well at all, you know that I am not much of a pool person... but I can imagine as Harbor gets older, i'll be outvoted!

Bananas! Harbor wasn't too sure about his mesh finger-feeder.. he prefers eating off his tray. The mesh feeder also came with a food grinder for making your own baby food... anyone try that little contraption? It looks promising! : )

Can it be true? David's ten year reunion was June 27th! It was great fun to see old friends. They had a family day with kids at a local park and then in the evening rented a balcony room at a local bar and grill complete with our waite staff.. The night passed too quickly! : )

We had a really relaxing, low-key Father's Day. David received some grilling accesories from my parents, and Harbor and I invested in some fun "daddy" books for bedtime stories.

We weren't able to see my dad on Father's Day, however, since my parents took a little vaca' that week... they made an old fashioned roadtrip to the Smokies, the Biltmore Estate, Mount Vernon, the Pentagon, White House and Mall, and the Smithsonian. They did tons of other fabulous stuff and I know they had a great time together. My dad is a retired Army Captain, and so my parents stayed on base in D.C. during their visit at Ft. Belvoir and had security clearance to attend some meetings in the Pentagon, including sitting in on the Senate chamber while the Senate was in session. My mom said it was eerie walking through the Pentagon where the plane had hit... there is an indoor memorial at the place of impact. When they got home, we had fun looking through their trillion pictures.

My mom was over visiting the day our 4th of July cards came in the mail! Catherine Wilson is so fast and creative! Though cards made of cardstock still make me catch my breath, i'm starting to come around to the perks of going digital.

My bestie from skinny days (a.k.a. pom squad), Lyndsey, and her son, Hudson, come see us often. We feel pretty lucky to have such good friends. Old friendships are often times hard to keep and maintain,but, I believe, well worth the effort. We love the Froud family. Lyndsey is a great spiritual advisor whom I trust and love. Anyone who will sit on the porch and watch my husband mow the yard just for the heck of it for 45 minutes deserves an award of somekind. Ha, ha!

Rise and shine!! : )

David has been swimming laps at our local aquatic park two days a week, and Amy's better half came to meet David to swim one night. Amy and I took the boys to the park to walk and about burnt up!! We were dreaming about swimming laps before it was all said and done.

A good friend of mine from Jr. High School, Amanda Jordan, called me a few weeks back for a girls' night out. We went to dinner and too see Sandy's new movie, "The Proposal." We had a great time sans kids and husbands. Amanda is a friend that I have so many memories with... church camps, high school football games, attendants in each other's weddings, the births of our children... it is funny how life works itself out. Amanda's dad, Lioneld, was just named the mayor of Fayetteville and Amanda and I can only laugh at how everything has all pulled together for her family. I'm so happy to see Lioneld's political success! We attempted a few pictures, and laughed 'till we cried trying to maneuver around in my car... ha!

Harbor has been crawling for several weeks now, and is just starting to pull up on his knees. He will be eight months this 13th of July and he is keeping us on our toes. He is best friends with the door stops and all other low-lying off limits items. We hate to break up good friendships, but all is fair in love and war. : )

Harbor seems to really enjoy having the morning light against his cribside. I originally planned for his crib to be in another part of the room, but it didn't work out so well. In fact, when we built, I had a tiny chandelier hung above the area I thought I would position his crib, but in the end, there just wasn't enough room to pull it off. The bonus? The light keeps him preoccupied most mornings and we can still sleep in until 10:00 a.m. or so. : )

David and I are really excited about an upcoming two day, one night motorcycle trip planned with four other couples across the state line. It will be sweltering outside, but we are looking forward to the ride and sight-seeing. I'm hoping to take some fun pictures with my new camera!

Until next time (probably two weeks! Ha, ha!), stay cool!


  1. Oh my goodness- those pictures of Harbor looking through the window are so precious!! Have fun on your trip!

  2. Harbor has gotten SO big!! And he is still TOO cute! :)

  3. I loved this post - how fun! And Harbor is too cute!

  4. Thank you for having us over--we had fun! I loved your 4th cards, and the pictures of Harbor looking out the window are just adorable!

  5. Oh so much to comment on!! I love those red shoes you are wearing in the top pictures. Harbor's little grin with his teeth is just adorable! Oh and I love your hair!! Tell your mom and dad I say hi and have a good little mini-vacay on your cycle (as Dagan says!)

  6. I love all the pictures of Harbor! He is getting so big and cuter by the day!

    I'm going to see the Proposal tonight with some girlfriends. Can't wait!

  7. glad you are having a great summer with your little one.

  8. Jessica, you have such a beautiful life! Just reading your post make me smile.

    Gorgeous baby boy!

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    You look amazing girl! And Harbor is seriously the cutest/happiest little boy ever!!!

    Have a safe and fantastic trip!

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  14. I love ya, Jess!! Thanks for having us we had a great time! Lyndsey

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  16. Hey Jessica,

    Just got back from our trip! It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun. I love the projects that you posted about. They turned out so cute. Harbor is just the cutest. That smile lights up a room I bet!

  17. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful summer! I love the family pics! I have made some baby food for Cade and fed him some with the mesh feeder. Cade likes to squeeze what is in the little mesh feeder more than he likes eating from it:)

  18. Wow Harbor is certainly getting big. I know you all are really enjoying him. Looks like it has been a fun filled summer so far.

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