Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

When Harbor naps.... : )

I finished Harbor's onesies a few weeks ago... they have been great little outfits to throw on him for days we chill at home.

Zayde and Harbor like their car seats side by side so they can look at each other... Amy did, however, catch Zayde sucking on HW's paci, but other than that, all was well in the back seat of Miss Ruby (one of many nicknames for David's Rubicon) : )

I'm so lucky to have girlfriends from my high school days who live close by! We have been meeting, kids in tow, to walk at a local park. There are times during our stroller push that we are quiet. No, we are not reflecting on our old glory days... we are out of shape and can't breathe! Ha!

(I'm only really speaking for myself, ladies! I know you gals are toned and buff and can totally blow past me up the hills!)

Our front yard has become a mecca for family fun! : )

David took Harbor and me out to dinner last Friday night and surprised me with a new camera that I have been wanting. It is a Canon Rebel (EOS) XSI with an IS lens. I have been reading my manual, but am still just mainly using the automatic feature to take pictures. Maybe one day soon I will get brave enough to set my own ISO.. or maybe not! Ha! : )

We have a crawler! Sometimes he crawls and sometimes he Army slithers, depending on what he wants and how far he has to go. : )

David took part of the day last Sunday to stain our cedar porch. The color really pops!

We got a sitter and hit the pavement! My hubs, our Goldwing, and the sunshine on my back are as close to heaven on this side as I can get. : ) David rides to work most days on the bike, but getting to go out as a couple is lots of fun for us. We need to look into a little sidecar for Harbor William. : ) We made the ride with our friends, the Selvys. They have a Harley which is not cool at all, but we are still their friends, so we rode with them. Ha! (joke for motorcycle people!) We like our Honda (and I like the cupholder, leather seats, heater, and radio too!)

He has chompers! : )

After church on Sunday, David decided is was time to retire the green dino outfit.. Was it because it was too small? Or maybe he thinks it is too cheesy? I'll never know. But, oh, how I loved the green dino outfit. I love Harbor in that outfit. Sigh..

The fabulous Foshe family invited us over recently to visit.. but mainly to inspect their porch. They are doing some remodeling and wanted David to determine if some posts were support posts or not. I'm not sure what the vedict was... I was too busy watching the kids play. I love having friends with young kids. And I love the Foshes.

I'm not even fixing myself up anymore... David has decided we must ride everywhere naked... the Jeep, that is. Harbor has learned to have a firm grip on Mr. Paci, and well, i've cut at least 10 minutes off of my hair drying time at home.

With summer here, I loathe packing ad lugging the suitcase that is HW's diaper bag.. Ughh... so, I painted a little canvas tote and it is just big enough to get away for a few hours with the bare essentials.

Since I am a Literacy teacher, I run a pretty tight ship here at our house!

Bichon tries bossing Harbor around, since she is his big sister and all, but Harbor just jerks on her leash and Bichon pretty much stops whatever she is doing. Ha, ha! : )

David is not home a lot these days.. something about a new and busy career is keeping him at the office... : ) When he is at home, we have land that needs worked, limbs to cut, piles to stack and burn, and sod that needs caring for. I like to watch all the action from our deck.. (with the ceiling fans running.) Ha!

Harbor, Bichon, and I have spent many of the first days of summer lounging around Casa McCash. I have hired a dog-walker, a former student of mine about to enter High School actually (Yikes! I'm old!) to come once a week for 30 minutes. Bichon is enjoying the extra attention and I am enjoying being home with my family. Checking the snail mail at the mailbox has become the highlight of our day.

My classroom has been packed and emptied for the summer. In our district, we are required to remove everything from our shelves and bulliten boards and pack them in boxes. Our artwork and wall hangings must also be taken down. It is a lot of work, but I love it. When my new school supply order comes in early May, I am able to clean out and reorganize all my new goodies before it is time to officially start cleaning for summer. We, as teachers, are alloted $500 for personal supplies each, so in order to make the new stuff fit, you have to get pretty creative with your space. Cleaning and taking down your posters and manipulatives also lets you redecorate for the next year and have a clean slate to start with. Goodbye 2008-2009 school year! Hello 2009-2010! I'm ready! : )

When david and I went on our date to see Star Trek, my mom said my dad really enjoyed his time with Harbor.. they played with puppets and just talked small talk about the weather. : )

Harbor has been making such funny faces lately... I am usually in the background jumping around like a gorilla in order to make him laugh, but he is making faces nonetheless!

My mom captured these pictures recently really early in the morning here in our front yard. I love that you can see our little Bichon Frise sitting peacefully in the yard (on a potty break!!) Ha!

Harbor and I have been spending our days at home catching up on the New York Times bestellers... : )

Summertime is here, and passing quickly! I hope you can get out there and enjoy it! : )



  1. As always, life looks like so much fun at the McCash house!

  2. I LOVE the pictures of Harbor reading! Lyndsey might be toned and buff, but I think you could out-walk me any day. :)

  3. Also enjoy your post.. your family is precious!

  4. He is so cute. I love hearing ALL about your summer. I however, am a little down about school. I really want it to be fun for my kids but summer school is WEARING me out. PS Brandy's baby is adorable too!

  5. he's getting so BIG with all those teeth!!! & there's nothing more sweet then a little boy reading a book! I just posted one of Garrett & his books!

    I love it!

  6. Love all the pictures! The cards, like usual, are beautiful! I loved showing your Christmas card to my friends. They thought it was beautiful. I bet you have already started the holiday cards this year! LOL

    I have that same camera! I wish we lived closer because I just know that we would have a lot of fun together and so would our families! I can't wait to get out and take some pictures. It's been storming here a lot lately.

    I have been staying busy reorganizing almost every room. I just did the garage last weekend and am currently working on the pantry. I've been couponing so I have a nice little stockpile of supplies and food that I need to get in order. I also finished my bathroom and the kid's bathroom. After the pantry, I need to tackle our home office. I want to totally redo it and I need to do it the frugal way as money is still tight. Any ideas?? You always have the best ideas! :)

    In regards to jobs, I'm still searching. There are a few middle school openings but I'm trying to hold out for a spot in the k-6 school. I found a super cute lunch tote so I'm totally excited about using it for lunch! Please keep the job search in your prayers. I think it's awesome that you get $500 each for personal supplies! Wow! We used to get $125 but they stopped that right before my leave (when I had Shelby).

  7. I am enjoying my summer, too! I am glad you're enjoying yours with that sweet baby boy. I can't wait for our girl to make her arrival in four months!

  8. What a cutie pie Harbor is! I love the tote diaper bag that you painted. It is so creative and fun! I have been walking a lot this summer too. Your house looks great. The porch is beautiful.

  9. I must say that I love reading your posts. You guys have so much fun! I love the porch, the color does really pop. Also fun to see you taking the doors off the Jeep and just going for a drive. Enjoy your summer.

  10. I love the pictures of Harbor reading. Adorable!!! And I love the cute bag and cards you made. You are so creative!! Happy summer. Could you send some nice weather up north? It doesn't even feel like summer yet around here (ha-ha).


  11. Sounds like y'all are doing reat. Love the bag you painted- super cute. I might have to copy that idea. :)

  12. Yep, I sure am! I've lived here my entire life. I lived half of my life in Lowell and the second half in Springdale (except for the dorms at college). We seem to have mutual friends but we have never ran into each other- STRANGE!!

  13. I love the pics of Harbor with the books!!

  14. I recently got the same camera...I'm not so great at using it yet. Let me know when you fiqure it all out. :) I need some lessons.

  15. HW is so darn cute. The pictures of him and his daddy reading are great. She uses a canon a gives neat tips for stuff to do with the camera. She also tells how to get a blurry background by a setting on the camera.

  16. I loved your update! Looks like things are going well for your family. HW is so cute and getting bigger by the post. Ha!

  17. Hey there Jessica, Looks like Dad & I need to get ourselves back to Arkansas this life here in Washington D.C can wait my sweet little Harbor William is reading books & has teeth & is crawling all over now. How did we miss those first important milestones? We haven't even been gone that long, Ha!!!!! We can't wait to give HW a big hug & kiss, he might even cry...he might have forgotten us. I have got him several new books so hopefully he will forgive his Gigi & Poppy for being gone so long, ha!!!!Sounds like you guys have been as busy as ever. You would just love this military base here at Ft. Belvoir, VA. It reminds me of Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Miss & love you Jessica, Mom

  18. Oh, he is just getting so big!! And cuter and cuter and cuter! Won't it be wild when he starts walking around?!?! It's going to come soon. :o) I am in love with that green, blue, and white blanket he's laying on in those last matches my Jack's room! Did someone make it for you? How precious are the father & son pictures? The one of them in the front yard from a distance and the one of them reading together! So sweet! You look great, by the way! ;o)

  19. love the camera. I have one of my own now & just love love love it! Harbor is a doll, and still looks just like daddy.

  20. Unfortunately, we only got to go to homes in Fayetteville because of time. I wish we could have seen all of them!

  21. Looks like you have been having a Wonderful summer so far. Your craft projects look great. What an awesome new camera from David!
    Cade doesn't have any chompers yet, but I think he will pretty soon:) No crawling yet, but he sure can make it across the room rolling:)

  22. Looks like a great summer so far! And Harbor is getting so big! Love the onesies and the tote bag!

  23. Ok...$500?!?! My jaw hit the floor! We get about $100, if we're lucky!

    I love the little onsies you make for Harbor! He wears them well!

  24. Oh my gosh your little man is not so little anynmore! I cannot believe he has teeth now! Les is seriously the proudest grandpa ever! It is so cute. David was supposed to bring Harbor by the bank Saturday and he never did. :( Tell him he is in big trouble lol!

  25. Hi Jessica! I love your blog! I totally agree with the first comment on here...It does look like a lot of fun at your house! :) I seen the canvas tote that you made for your handsome little man Harbor. I was wondering if you are making them to sell? My email is Please let me know!

  26. I can't believe he has teeth already! Look out world. :)

    I bet you were surprised about the camera.

  27. Jessica, I wish I had just an ounce of the artistic talent that you have! The stuff you create is SO CUTE!

    That boy of yours sure is growing! He is a cutie!