Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Harper update

Kelly's mom sent this to me today- let's keep praying that Harper will begin to use less oxygen from the machine and start to use her own lungs more. God is working a miracle in that little girl and I know the prayers of His people are being heard.

Hey Jessica! I just wanted to thank you for the offer to keep Dawson. Kelly's Dad picked him up today at Doggy Daycare on his way home. He just had to go home because he needed clothes, his medicine and needed to go back to work. I am staying with Kelly and Scott and Steve will come back and forth.

We think Harper is doing some better...very slowly. We go day by day. Thank you for your continued prayers. We want her to come home with us!

Harbor is looking great! Give him a big hug for us!
Blessings! Kelly's Mom


  1. Its so wonderful that Harper is doing better each day that passes. Even though we don't understand why Harper & those who love her are having to go thru this we know God has great plans for Harper's life & his glory will shine thru this little girl & her parents. We will still pray for Harper, Kelly & Scott as they have the peace/strength they need to face each day. And what ever is ahead of them. love you Jessica, Mom

  2. Oh I am so glad to see this update, I swear I check Kelly's blog and her dad constantly all day long. I am glad to hear each day is getting better! Thanks for the update!

  3. thanks for sharing this update. i can't get over how big sweet harbor is getting. he is just so adorable jessica!

  4. How blessed do you feel every time you hold your little guy in your arms?

  5. Awww..Dawson and Bichon would have such fun together!

    Thanks for the update. God is amazing!!

  6. i've been praying for this sweet family for a few days now...i thought she looked familiar, but could be sure why until i saw your post Kelly Stamps...i remembered her from that picture you post awhile back. praying for harper to continue to grow stronger each day!