Thursday, May 14, 2009

Edited: The Guest Room

I'm joining in Kelly's tour of guest rooms....

This room is used regularly- probably once a month or so, by friends and family. It is painted in Sherman Williams Anjou Pear, which is a buttery-gold color. I paired it with chocolate and red. The headboard attached to the wall is an antique from my mother and I glazed the dresser myself- it was my childhood dresser. My granny made the drapes with silk fabric I bought on sale at a local store. For fun, I framed pictures of our regular guests and put them on the dresser. They like to see themselves when they stay with us! Ha, ha! I don't have the other side of the room pictured, but I have another antique glazed side table with some fun animal print tribal masks... Just a fun room! : )

My little Harbor William is six months old tomorrow! What a sweet slice of pie he is! I am just so happy- Harbor, David, and Bichon make our house a "home." : )

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Suzette Manen's baby shower for little soon-to-be Kyah. Mom made and monogrammed these sweet burp cloths and I made a custom scrapbook. All Suzette will have to do is print her own pictures and add them to the pages. I failed to take any pictures at the shower because Harbor fell asleep in the middle of the action, but visit this link here to see how beautiful she looks and all the fantastic gifts Kyah received, including the fun little scrapbook I threw together.

Mom also made HW these burp cloths... He threw one over the side of the shopping cart at Lowes (we could never retrace our steps and find it!!) and it was an E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y!! Ha, ha! We had to get it replaced FAST!!

One day after work, when the weather was nice, Harbor and I spent some time smelling the flowers of our new hanging plants. Our deck is one of our favorite places to hang out... it is so secluded and quiet.

Our nightly ritual.. I have decided that Bichon benefits the most out of all of us from our nightly walk. Here is how I figure.. David doesn't benefit much because I walk too slow for him to get his heart rate up, Harbor doesn't benefit all that much because I have him wrapped up like a minky-dot mummy, and I benefit the least because my diet coke rides around in the cup holder of the stroller. Tonight, however, which is not the night pictured below, David pushed HW with my diet coke in the stroller and I did walk faster knowing I would have to catch him for a drink. Ha, ha! Bichon barks at the other dogs, cats, cars, street lights, and smells every curb and driveway we pass. She is definitely getting her exercise!

Although David officially graduated from the UofA in December of 2008, he walked at the commencement ceremony on Saturday. It just seals the deal and makes it official. : ) I'm really proud of him.

He made the decision to go back to school full time after we had been married for several years. Having a mortgage on a house, a wife, and several car payments makes going back to school hard for anyone, but after only four years full time, he walked with his Industrial Engineering degree. I can tell you that he has only been out of school for five months, but our quality of life has already greatly improved. His hard work has already made a tangible difference in our quality of life, and I know it makes him feel good to know he is supporting his family the way he wants. I'm proud of you, David. Thanks for setting a great example for our family. It would have been easier to quit, but you kept your eye on the prize and now the fruit of your labor is yours to enjoy!

We had a dinner party at our home to celebrate and had lots of fun visiting. Penguin Ed's catered and Harp's on Crossover designed a gorgeous Razorback cake (that looks very Rick's Bakery-ish!!) It was a night to remember!

Dirty Laundry made HW's custom Hog romper! (

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My family of three met up with my parents, aunt and uncle, and Granny so that we could all go to church together and then out to eat. It was a day of pampering with lots of laughter.. I feel like I should be thanking David and Harbor for the opportunity to be a mother, instead of the other way around. I wake up and literally jump out of bed, happy to have a career that fufills me, a son whom I adore, and a husband that spoils me. There is no other woman I want to be.. I am happy being me! : )

My last day to teach for the 2008-2009 school year is June 1st. We are currently knee-deep in Gary Paulsen's novel, Hatchet, and still plugging away though. Today, the students got to taste raspberries in class to coordinate with a chapter in the book.. we are taking our 5th graders skating, to a local park to grill, having two different field days, a talent show, and an awards assembly all in the next 13 days! Ha, ha! We are busy in 5th grade ( and I LOVE it!!)

There are so many good and wonderful things to look forward to.. HW and mommy time this summer, my cousin lifeguarding again this year at the local aquatic park, shopping trips with my mom, and.... drumroll.... David's 10 year reunion this June.

The best part? It will be hosted here at Casa de la McCash! I'm thrilled it will be here at our home, but jittery about the possibility of every member of his graduating class, whom we've not seen in 10 years, sittng in our living room! : ) We seriously can't wait and praise God for the opportunity to host so many old friends.. Can David really be attending his 10 year reunion?? Wow! Time has flown by! Out of school for 10 years with a 6 month old... We got married when I was 19, if you can believe that, and many of those folks (I think) thought Harbor should have been here a long time ago! Ha, ha!

On another note, please leave a comment here and pray for this family who lost their 11 month old daughter. Mascara is streaming down my face, just seeing her pictures and trying to grasp the enormous amount of grief in that family right now.

Lord, hold them tightly and revive in them the hope that is eternity with you. Comfort them by reassuring them of your promise to us.. that we will be reunited with you in heaven. As hard and as badly as they want to squeeze their little girl tonight, hold them in that way. Thank you, Jesus.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Congrats to David!! It looks like you all had a wonderful party. And happy 6 months to Harbor. What a cutie he is.


  2. How sad for that family. I can't imagine it either. I, too, pray that they find comfort during this time.

    Congrats to David and his graduation! Beautiful party at your house! Love the hog noses! :) You are SO creative!

    How many people are in David's graduating class? I couldn't imagine having everyone here, but what a great idea! Is it a whole weekend thing? Dinner thing? I'd love to know more details. We are starting plans for high school and for our sorority reunion too. :)

  3. David's graduation party was so perfect, the food, the cake was unreal,& the all the people that came to congratulate David. We are so proud of David.He has worked so hard to get where he is at.Yes, you guys were very young when you got married but you both made good choices when you were young so you don't have to waste time fixing any mistakes you might have made along the way & your life has turned out great. Harbor is the new love of my life, ha!!!!I'm now apart of the grandparents club & its everything I've heard it would be. My sweet little boy will already be 6 months old tomorrow, time is passing so fast. One day very soon our little Harbor will be graduating collge too. That's how fast time passes. Love you...Mom

  4. Congrats to David! That is wonderful! I am so proud for all 3of you. Your pictures are great! It looks like you are an awesome hostess. Your Razorback cake is so cute. I like the way you decorated everything for the party. You are so creative. The next 2 weeks are crazy for me at school too.

    I am praying for the family you mentioned on your blog. I cannot imagine the heart break.

  5. Oh Jessica, our 10 year is next it safe to say we're grown ups now?!

  6. Great pictures! Is Harbor 8 feet long? Because he looks it! He is so precious! I didn't know you got married at such an early age! And I am so excited for David! I know it was a lot of hard work to do that. My dad is going back to the U of A right now getting his MBA. He does the executive program so he works his normal job, and does school! It can be a challenge, but so worth it!

  7. Happy Belated Mother's Day!!! Harbor is growing so fast. I can't get over how cute he is. Congratulations to David!!! That's awesome.
    My 10 year reunion is this summer and I'm so nervous. I've been working out with Jillian's 30 Day Shred....good luck with David's reunion.
    Kiss Harbor for me.

  8. Congratulations to David! Okay, how tall is Harbor? He looks so long, but oh so cute.

    You have the cutest little family. Thanks for sharing all your pictures.

    Oh and what an amazing party you put together for your husband.

    Glad you had a Happy Mothers Day!

  9. I am always so jealous of your life! I know that is horrible! I'm glad you are so happy and blessed...not that I don't adore my own daughter as well :) VERY VERY sad about Kayleigh Freeman. I just knew she woudl pull through. God will use her little life in great ways!

  10. Are you wanting any more kids soon?

  11. Jessica,
    Oh my stars ~~ Harbor is 6 months old already!! Where does the time go?!!

    These pics are so cute, and you and HW on the deck is priceless.

    Congrats to David, what a GREAT accomplishment!!! Does he already have a job lined up? It sounds as though he does.

    Have a Blessed Wednesday,

  12. Love the update! So many things to comment on!

    1) Tell your mom I adore her hard work making Kyah such precious little burp cloths! I love them!

    2) Did you do something different with your eye makeup? I love it!

    3) I totally assumed that cake was from Rick's. ha.. It looked amazing!!

    4) Congrats David! Wohoo! I cannot wait for Dustin to graduate in December.. I can only imagine what a relief it will be for both of us!

    5) I just love your energy! It is so positive and encouraging... It's contagious! :)

  13. hey I am new to your blog but love it. Love all your pictures. Congrats to your husband on the graduation - your little guy is a cutie too!

  14. Congratulations David! I love all the burp cloths. I need to be more crafty because poor Trail only has a few!

  15. Harbor is so sweet, getting cuter and cuter!! I love seeing all the pictures. =)

  16. The party looks AWESOME! I really wanted to come, but I threw up most of the day and that really makes me NOT feel like being with people.

  17. Congratulations David!! I love the hog noses hanging from the lights!! So cute! Oh and Harbor's hog onesie is adorable!! I need to get your mom to make me some taggies! My sister is having her little girl any day now!!

  18. Your guest room is absolutely gorgeous! I'll bet the rest of the house is as well.

  19. Love your guest room!!!
    Harbor is so adorable!!!! Happy 6 months!!

  20. Great guest room! And, I just love your little cutie's name--Harbor!

  21. Your guest room is so inviting!! You are going to have to show me how to do that glazing you did on the dresser. It looks great with that headboard!

  22. You have an awesome guest room! I love the colors. You have it decorated so neat and it is so inviting.

  23. My 3rd comment on this post...haha! I just realized I totally had not replied to your comment- I think it would be a FABULOUS idea to get all of the NWA girls together this summer! I'm all for a bloggy meetup! =)

  24. I can't believe Harbor is 6 months already! Time goes by way too fast! He is such a cutie though!

    Congratulations to David! Those graduation pictures brought back so many memories for me. That is, without a doubt, one of the best feelings in the world, to walk across that stage and get that diploma (or empty folder until they mail you the "real deal").

  25. you guys are hosting the reunion? I haven't signed up yet. we're trying to work out our summer plans. i leave for church camp that monday, so i'm not sure it'll work out. it'd be great to see you guys though.

  26. I have been a bad blogger and have not been keeping up lately...miss priss keeps me busy and hates me spending time on the computer! Harbor is so handsome! I can't believe how big he is! Congrats, David! What an accomplishment! Working, family, and school is a lot to take on! The party looks awesome and so does that cake! My mouth is watering!

  27. Love the bedroom! So cute and the decorations for your hubby's grad party are amazing...Great job as usual. :)

  28. Congrats David!

    Can you beleive our littl Monkey's are 6 months old already!! It has flown by. Little boys are so sweet:) I just love being a mommy.

  29. I didn't know how else to get in touch with you about this. I've been keeping up with your blog for a while. I think I found it on Kelly's Korner. I love your nursery and I just found out we're having a boy. I know you did it yourself or designed it but the person who made it, do they do that all the time? It's adorable. This is our 2nd, we have a 2 year old little girl and this is it for us. I have a blog You can comment there or email me at with the information if you would. Thank you!

  30. I think this is the most I've commented on any one post before! But I have a question- what's your email address? I actually have a work question for you. My email address is



  31. Thank you! Yes that's what I was referring too. I didn't know if whoever made your bedding did that on the side or all the time or if it was just someone you knew. If it was someone that did it I was going to see about getting their contact information. Thanks for getting back with me so fast!