Friday, January 4, 2008

Ushering In The Weekend!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday turned out being really busy days! Wednesday, David and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bigger tree for next year, along with some new ornaments. I also bought some home decor and supplies to start on my Valentine's Days cards.

Paper, ribbon, brads, and a new punch for Valentine's Day cards! I can't wait to mail them to all of my friends!

I hope to use these things to create a new focal wall in the house. I am really into keys right now!

I also finished a frame project. I wanted to try my hand at creating some vintage frames that had a look of patina. I like the way it turned out.

After returning home Wednesday night, David went upstairs and I stayed downstairs to work in my craft room on some orders. After hearing some strange noises, I decided to venture upstairs to see what was going on!

I saw this....

and this......

and couldn't believe this....

and then this...

My whole living room had been transformed- sconces taken off walls, decorative items knocked out of the built-ins, wires and cords everywhere... and David nowhere to be seen (that is until I noticed the t.v. missing from above the fireplace!)

When your man is hanging out in the t.v. cubby with a caving headlamp on, something is definitely up! At least at my house anyway. The headlamp means BUSINESS!

He explained that he was running some wires for the t.v. and hooking up some new equipment. He reassured me the mess would be cleaned up soon.

Bichon found safe haven in her bed amidst the drilling and banging.

As promised, he picked up, rehung, and things looked as good as new the next morning!

My friend Brandy came over Thursday night for dinner at 5:00 and stayed until 10:30 p.m. We chatted it up! We are both looking into some digital scrapbooking techniques, so it was fun to swap ideas and thoughts on the subject. During that time, Rachel came over to spend the night. We spent a good portion of the night working on Valentine's Day cards. With school back in session on Monday, I wanted to get a jump start!

I am modeling my new punch! They are really great if you need to make a quick gift tag!

Rachel and I also organized the storage room downstairs, where I house my sesonal goods. Thank goodness we built this area when we built our house- it has been a major plus!

Friday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, Ashley, who came by to pick up her tile order. She was so sweet and it was neat getting to meet a "blogger" friend face to face! She and her husband are actually considering buying a house in our subdivision! Fun! We could be neighbors. Friday afternoon, my friend Amy came by to visit, and Friday night, our nieces, Chyann and Madison spent the night. We took our two nieces and Rachel to Taco Bell for dinner (kid friendly), and rented Return To Oz- a great 80's movie I loved as a little girl!

Watching the movie with Bichon

David watching the movie with the girls- he is wearing his new Razorback pajamas.

The girls favorite part of spending the night is playing with tupperware cups and bowls in the bubbles.


  1. You've had a nice break. I would have freaked at the mess in the living room too but it looks great after!
    I LOVE your lamps on your sofa table. I wanted to do that but it wouldn't work the way they would have to plug in.
    You are so cute how you do cards for every occasion! I saw all the cute valentine stuff out and thought "I should do cards this year". It probably won't happen.

  2. Looks like a busy weekend! I would've loved every minute of it! No, you're not the only wife with a husband in school...I'm proud of his determination!

  3. I love how the frame turned out, and your V-Day cards are just too cute! I barely got my Christmas cards out, so I admire your dedication! :)

  4. What a packed week! I went back to work yesterday, but the kids back on Monday. Vacation's over :( Now it's counting down until spring break!

    By the way, I noticed Rachel was wearing a Race for the Cure t-shirt. I ran in that race, too! What a small world.

    And, as always, your v-day cards are adorable :)

    Enjoy your last weekend before school!

  5. I'm so impressed that you make all of your cards! And they're always so cute. =) I love the pic of Bichon asleep in her bed - she's such a cutie! I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. =)

  6. aww! It was WONDERFUL to finally meet you too!

    Bichon is so cute, and I loved meeting her and your cousin too!

    I really am sorry I showed up a couple hours early!!

    Lily would love to come meet you and Bichon (david too). She will steal the show ha ha! well, she will probably want to play with bichon...?

    Anyways, I didn't mean to turn this into a novel, but we love the tile! I actually talked to my mom and she wants to place an order for James' nursery room! :) So let me know when you have some space available!

    oh and I just LOVE the bath tub pics! They are PRESH!

  7. I love that last picture- beautiful!! I can't believe that they aren't twins; they look identical to me. Do they to you??

  8. I cracked up when I noticed David's feet sticking out of the little TV hole!! How funny. And I love your V-Day cards. They're great! And once again, your nieces are adorable!

  9. Those cards turned out great!
    I wish I had time to do cards for Valentine's day. I need to get my SB stuff unpacked so I can make our New Home cards!
    By the way, I love the bows on the lamps!

  10. Your frame turned out really neat! Wow! Valentine's cards, you are always thinking ahead. You should open a store and do crafty stuff for people.

  11. you used to drive all the way here to go shopping??? how long does it take you to get to Springfield?
    It would totally be worth it to drive all the way here to eat at Cheddars! Let me know next time you drive through, and we'll have a dinner date at Cheddars. haha. :)

  12. How fun! You're cards look great. I know those recipeients will feel evry special knowing you made them. There is NOTHING better than homemade. It shows the love. LOve the frame too. Still want a tile, but don't know what on it....

  13. Love all your Hobby Lobby goodies. I went this past week myself to get all my Valentine's Day supplies. I am hoping to find a little time to make some cards before the baby arrives.

    Love the black and white photo of your nieces at the end. Precious!

  14. what a fun weekend!! i love all of the pics. i wish my camera was not broken. still amazed at the skillz!

  15. I love how close you are to your nieces and cousin. I bet they LOVE coming over to visit!

    The frame is beautiful! Your house is, as well! You were so calm and cute describing your husband...I probably would have been in tears! But he did a great job cleaning up! This is so funny to me because it sounds so much like something Jon would do.

  16. I am cracking up at what David was doing and what you "found" upstairs!!
    Love the frame and your new punch!
    And I also love Return to Oz. I haven't thought about that movie in years.

  17. What a handy guy you have! :) The cards are precious, and I love that frame!!

  18. I used the scalloped paper cutter this Christmas to make my gift tags. I also got the square cutter too! I had seen it on Bon Bon Boutique's blog and loved it!

  19. Last year I tried my hand at making homemade valentines cards and they turned out looking like a kid had made them (much worse, actually) and unfortunately Adalie was only 5 months old so I couldn't blame it on her. Yours look fabulous!
    I am also loving your storage area!!!!
    The last picture of your neices is so precious!

  20. This looks like a FUN weekend! Your cards look really cute. I laughed about the living room project because that looks very much like things that go on around here...L is always running more wire for this cable box or that satellite receiver, etc. About the time I learn to use the remote, he changes something! :)

  21. David is quite the handy man, I ove the shot of his feet sticking out of the T.V space, thats funny with the cave-light on his head. I guess it was dark up there. And I know Rachel, Chyanne & Maddie loved spending the night with you & David. Love all the pictures.

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I am loving yours! Your dining room is gorgeous!!! Did you do it yourself? And I love the color in your living room-what is the name of it? Also, like the frame that you aged-very cute. Your house is really nice.

  23. What a fun end to your week!!
    I love the picture of David in the TV cutout! That would make me incredibly nervous seeing Kirk up there working with wires.
    I love your Valentine's cards too! I'm thinking of doing some this year. Better get a move on!!

  24. I love the Keys, we have the on to the right. I could spend a day at Hobby Lobby. You will have to post a picture so I can see how you hung yours.

  25. You are so thoughtful to send Valentine's cards! I love how detailed you are!

    Can you save a tile for me? I will want one when I find out what I am having in a couple of months!

  26. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love finding new fun blogs to read. If you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my blog list.
    I love how you take pictures of EVERYTHING!! Your cards are just too cute.

  27. so fun! okay you have to share on the digitial scrapbooking. I've been looking into it but have no idea where to start. any sites you found helpful.

    the grill so so shiney and pretty!

  28. Could you tell me the paint color you have on your living room and kitchen walls? I am looking for something that will also go with my dining and formal living room colors, and this one looks good!