Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Belle of the Ball

What a fun weekend! Saturday was one of those days where we were really overbooked and had to be several places at once. My cousin Rachel was a model in a fashion show, and she took to the runway at 6:00 pm. Rachel was definitely the "Belle of the Ball!" 6:00 p.m. was also the time we were supposed to be at my grandmother's surprise 75th birthday party! We managed to go to both by going to the show for only 30 minutes, and then heading over to the Catfish Hole for dinner with my dad's family. Sunday, we celebrated my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Tim's 24th Anniversary with a luncheon hosted by my Granny on my mom's side. We then took a 3 hour motorcycle ride to Kingston, St. Paul, and then back home. It was chilly! : ) But we snuggled, and cuddled, and enjoyed a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of life in the countryside!

Saturday night:


Rachel's hair

Rachel and me

Rachel had many wardrobe changes, but we could only stay for the first one.

The lineup for the night!

My beautiful, sweet friend!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

There were about 50 people there to celebrate her 75th birthday!

My dad, sitting to the right, and his two brothers and sister.

Carmen and Lauren

David and I

David and I with the birthday girl- my dad's mom, Ethel.

Me with my cousin Amanda, and niece Cadence.

Me, my dad, and my step-sister, Stephanie.

Carmen, Lauren, and me

Lauren, me, and my mom, Karen.

My dad's brother and his wife.

David and I with my dad's sister and her husband.

Saturday night, we did some shopping, and I was so excited to find this vintage 80's shirt at Target! It says, "Frankie says Relax!" I am a huge fan of 80's music, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood is in my top five favorite bands of all time! It will make a great motorcycle shirt!


Well, after David found out my shirt was for "riding" purposes, he couldn't resit going out for a spin (three hour spin, mind you.) We started off by going to my granny's house to celebrate Cathy and Tim's anniversary.

Getting the bike packed and ready.

It was such a beautiful day at our house!

David and I

Let's roll!

My granny's house

Rachel and Whitney

Happy Anniversary Cathy and Tim!

And then we took off! We try to avoid riding alone, but today, everyone was busy, so we decided to ride solo. It was a great time for David and I to reconnect- being miles away from home all dressed in leather can definitely spruce up the ol' love life! : )

We stopped on the Pig Trail to take a break and realized we had been gone almost three hours, so we decided to head back home. After all, I have bus duty at 7:30 a.m. and I need my beauty rest in order to return to school as an average 5th grade school teacher. : ) I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


  1. You look so pretty...I love your hair. And I love that you and your hubby get all leathered up and drive cute!

  2. 1. My mam-ma's name was Ethel too!
    2. I LOVE the catfish hole!
    3. You and your cousin both look so cute in the pictures!
    4. Yes - your mom commented on my blog before and I think it's funny that not only do we read each other's blogs but our moms read each of us too! :-)

  3. I'm over at your mom and dad's uploading my pictures on facebook right now. Our computer for whatever reason wouldn't read my sd chip. Anyways, thank you so much for coming to the show on Saturday! It means alot to me that you guys would make time for it! Granny's this afternoon was alot of fun. THe food was really good! Woo go Karen and Granny!!hahaha
    I love you!

  4. Wow, that is a very busy weekend. Rachel looked so beautiful-how fun for her to get all dressed up! I'm jealous you got to eat at Catfish Hole. I don't like fish, but their hush puppies are the BEST!

    Yay-the mystery is solved! I was just talking to my mom about "Karen from AR"-ha! She has a friend named Karen who sews, so I thought maybe it was her. Your mom is so sweet!! Maybe she needs to start her own blog. :)

  5. Oh man! That picture of Rachel and Whitney. I can't believe how grown up they are. They weren't even in youth yet, when Jeff and I got married. They are both so beautiful.

  6. Wow, what a great weekend! It is so nice that you and your hubby love to ride on the motorcycle!
    Also, it seems that you come from a family of great houses! LOL
    Have a great week!

  7. I would SO take a day trip to Fayetteville JUST to eat at the Catfish Hole! Hmmm...when could I convince my hubby to do that??

  8. Looks ilke a very fun weekend!

  9. Yay for a fun weekend! Rachel's dresses are beautiful - I'm so jealous she got to wear such pretty things! =)

  10. first.OOOHHH WOW on the divine side new look!! I so love the heck did ya do that? I love it so totally cute!! ( I know iam a 80's girl!!)
    2nd love the family photage!!!
    And 3rd...I take it it's ummm warmer there??

  11. You are so fun! I loved reading about your weekend. :)
    Have a great week!!

  12. What a fun weekend! Are you dieting? You look teeny tiny! You'll have to email me your secret! :)

  13. It sounds like you two had a fun weekend! I love the new shirt!

    Rachel is such a Princess- I bet she was in teenage heaven!

  14. It looks like you guys definitely had a fun filled weekend.

    Love the new shirt. It reminds me of that Friend's episode with Ross and Rachael.

    Have a great week!

  15. Rachel's dress is beautiful! I love that color of blue. It's the same color my prom dress was. :)

  16. You are so lucky to still have grandmas. Both of mine passed away 2 years ago in the same week. I miss them dearly! Give yours an extra kiss next time you see her from me!

  17. Wow, what a busy weekend you had. It sounds like you had a lot of fun too! We have been working on the bedroom and may soon be able to take some finished pictures. :o)

    Rachel looked beautiful at her show! And all your photos are awesome. What a great historian you make!

    Just curious. Isn't it cold sitting on the back of the bike? We were a tad bit chilly here so I can only imagine for you.

  18. Y'all are just TOO stinkin' cute! And oh how I would love to try some Catfish Hole!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE catfish! Don't forget the hushpuppies! Sounds like y'all had a fun and busy weekend!

  19. Great pictures. I will bet the riding is alot of fun!!Rachel looks beautiful.

  20. Look at you in your leather, girl! How fun!! You have such a fun family. Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend!!

  21. Your niece looked beautiful! I love all the pictures of your family. It sounds like you have a wonderful family and that yall are all very close.

  22. What a fun weekend! Your cousin looked so pretty-how fun to get all dressed up. Cute shirt from Target too! And I love the Catfish Hole.

  23. Thanks for the comments and inquiries about Jacob before and after his surgery. You have no idea how comforting it was to sit in the waiting room and discuss with my husband the fact that people I didn't even "know" from other states were thinking of us during that nerve wracking time.

  24. girl you are so pretty! I really think you need a pink leather outfit if they make!
    you always make me smile!! =)

  25. enjoyed all your photos! what a great weekend!

  26. Thanks for commenting on my blog about my new background and header! I love it too!! It looks like you had a great weekend. Your cousin is a cutie!! I love how you and David get all dressed up in your leather and go riding...that is so much fun! you mind if I add you to my blog buddies?

  27. Wow what a packed weekend you had. Looks like it was a lot of fun especially the motorcylce ride. To get lost in time with your hubby had to be fun. When you lose track of time that's how you know it's fun!

  28. Dude, just reading about your weekend exhausted me! Great pictures.

  29. I emailed you my number so I could meet you sometime to pick up that tile.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    You don't know me, but I found your blog through that one Amy. I decided to stop "stalking" you and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog and I think you are an absolute doll! and you have a very beautiful home!

  31. Thanks for the comment!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I'm hooked!!! =) Mr "S" and I like riding too! He sold his bike last Nov but we are shopping for a new one! I can't wait! I love your house...I love that your blog has a TON of pics!!! I will wait to see if I won the tile...if not...I will order keep me posted! =)

    It is so nice chatting with you!