Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Henry's 2nd Birthday Party {all the details!}

Henry's favorite toy right now is the train.
We can't leave Barnes and Noble for him playing with the train table
and every movie he loves is train themed: Polar Express, Dinosaur Train, and Thomas.

It was an easy choice to have a train party.
I wanted his eyes to widen and his little mouth to drop open.
I wanted him to feel really special.

I can't believe he is two years old.
I'm resisting the temptation to link to his birth post and reminisce over all his newborn photos.
But I digress.

We started looking at train tables and I didn't fall in love with anything.
They just weren't sized right for our space and I honestly didn't love my color options.

When David offered to build a knock off Restoration Hardware train table, my heart skipped!

He started by buying some black iron and painting it a glossy black in a little paint booth he set up in the basement.

He took over my craft room and built a top that was perfectly sized for our living room.

He painted it a nice peaceful cream.

I began work on a train banner for the mantle.

I also made a quick train shirt during nap one afternoon.

And stayed up really really late {like 3 a.m.} baking train cookies and whipping royal icing.

This is only the 2nd time I've ever used royal icing- and let me tell you- there is a definite learning curve!  They are far from perfect, but little Henry's eyes bugged when he saw them and he yelled, "Trains," which made my late night worth it.
They also tasted like heaven on earth, which means everyone wins!
: )

We kept the party very small with just our little family of five.
Living far from home means no family, but they mailed gifts and cards and money for our baby boy, and for that we are SO thankful!

I served my cookies on a pretty platter and we sang Happy Birthday.

And then Henry came into the living room and saw his table for the very first time.
Oh, he was so surprised!
He stood so still and finally looked up at us and grinned.
It was a moment, y'all!
Precious is what it was!

Aren't those black iron legs to die?
I am always so impressed with David's work.
He is really great with the details.

Since I opted for a soothing color scheme, David worked in the fun and color with all the accessories.
He ended up buying three of four train sets in order to get all the pieces he wanted.
It was a labor of love and David and I have already joked that this will be in our house for our grand kids to enjoy. It is sturdy and gorgeous and not going anywhere.
: )

The banner was a fun photo back drop!

I reused a party hat from Harbor's 4th birthday in Chicago and added a wooden train piece.

We set up the tripod and took a slew of pictures.

Henry was so sweet and happy to have a cookie in one hand and a train in the other.
It doesn't take much to impress little ones.

Me and my birthday boy!

And Harbor thought my cookies were awesome, which made me feel good.
He has requested a monsters party for his 7th, so time will tell, but he later drew up a few monster cookie ideas for me.  
He is a mess!

It was a small, but perfect "two-toot" birthday for my Henry!
Happy birthday, sweet cakes!
Mommy loves you!
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