Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini Vaca {Great Sand Dunes}

David had a small window of time off from his busy work schedule and suggested we make the drive to an alligator farm and to the Great Sand Dunes, a National Park, located in Colorado.
It was a bit of a drive for us, but the Rockies are so glorious we hardly noticed the time.
Colorado in the winter is a skiers heaven, but Colorado in the summer is a nature lover's dream!
Everything was green, waterfalls were tumbling down rocky crags, and the tip tops of the mountains had traces of pure white snow.
Upon arriving at the dunes, we were transported to a desert land from far away-
a story book Aladdin experience!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our "4th of July" Mantle

I must admit that decorating our mantle here in Colorado has been really fun!

The two years we lived in Michigan, I decorated shelves and kept our mantle pretty simple.
{You can see the shelves here and skim to the bottom to see all the holidays represented}
Even though I have boys, they both really enjoy seeing the mantle change for the holidays.
And as an extra, unexpected bonus, Harbor has started to remember what time of year certain holidays occur- great for an educational experience!
: )
This year, I made giant double sided pinwheels with grommets.
They were time consuming, but now that I have them, I plan on keeping them in mint condition so that I never have to make them again!
{Thanks a lot for the idea, Pinterest!}
Rolling eyes!
: )

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day Festivities

Father's Day this year was pretty low-key.
David has been working 3rd shift in management for the last month with just another week left to go before he returns to his normal schedule. He has been going in around 9:00 pm and coming home around 9:00 am.
Thankfully, our kiddos sleep through the night, so it hasn't been a big deal, but keeping everyone quiet during the day so he can rest isn't always easy.
: )
Since David is the only Engineer with a background in forging, we know it makes sense for him to be the 3rd shift manager for this month while they finish up a big deal with Sears, but we still miss him!
So, all that to say, Father's Day was celebrated after poor David only had a few hours of sleep, but we made it special and low-key for him!
We celebrated with cheesecake, apple juice, balloons, and lots of homeade gifts.
Thanks for working so hard, being so loyal to our family, and putting us first!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Home Sweet Hog

Over Memorial Day, David took a few days leave from work and we made the 12 hour drive from Colorado to Arkansas to see both sides of our family.  Going home is always such a treat. We both went to Jr. High, High School, graduated from College, built a home, began our careers, and had our first child within about 15 minutes of both sets of our families, so Arkansas is definitely home. We miss our families- and our Razorbacks!
We spent time on our family farm where my dad helps his brother {and other family members} run a successful 300 acre beef farm. My kids love to see Papa with his cows and help drive tractors. We were there during the haying season, which is always great fun.
It's hard to believe its been OVER three years since we sold our house, packed our bags, and watched the moving van move us cross country to Detroit.

My family also threw a surprise baby shower and held it at my parent's house. I was definitely surprised, and it was a lot of fun!
I've had big baby showers for my previous two children and just felt like three showers was asking so much. For Harbor, I actually had four baby showers- so, so blessed, but I just felt like I wanted to keep things simple and not ask everyone to go all out.  Of course, my family wouldn't stand for no shower at all, so I was very humbled that they had a little family affair for us!
: )

{A big thank you to all who respond on FB with private messages or leave comments here! I am the world's worst for responding, but I do read and appreciate hearing from so many!}
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