Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Valentine's Day {at home}

The weather outside might be frightful, but at our house, the fire is certainly delightful!
{the mantle, that is!}
: )

After Christmas, I always contemplate what the wisest option is:
should I-
*Decorate my mantle the way it was before Christmas and take it down after a  month for Valentine's Day decor
*Put Valentine's Day up right away since I easily know where my decor is located and leave it up for two months straight.
: )
I'm taking the easy way out!
{If you want to try your hand at a Valentine banner, we made ours out of red square paper plates and printed the letters on our computer. Simple! No shopping trip needed!}
 photo signature_zpsf4b92bae.jpg


  1. Beautiful! I always wonder about my decorating options too :) My house looks so bare after taking down all of the Christmas decorations!!

  2. Hey, the stores replace all of the Christmas stuff with Valentine's Day merch, so why not your house right? ;) LOVE the decor! I'm feeling inspired :)