Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be Merry!

Last weekend I had the best of intentions to take Harbor to see Santa, but we ended up going with my mom Monday night. We only had to wait five minutes or so and they were very lax in letting us take several personal pictures, which was nice. We may end up going on Monday nights from here on out- it was such a quiet night at the mall.

This is the picture we ended up buying- my mom took a shot of the computer screen. Harbor gave us a little smile and I'm glad seeing Santa went smoothly. Someday, he may decide Santa is not his favorite person, but, thankfully, Monday night they were friends.

Everyday for the last two weeks, my students have been bringing me the nicest, sweetest Christmas gifts. As a teacher, I honestly love all of my children. Gift giving does nothing to make me love a student more, nor does a student who gives nothing make me love them less. My students are all special to me and I love them equally. Regardless, I feel like I have tears in my eyes most days when I see the generosity of my students' families.  These were a few gifts I brought home today- aren't they precious? Thank you to all of my sweet students who blessed me with unexpected goodies these last few weeks. I certainly don't deserve your generosity, but am thankful and humbled.

Harbor has been busy with his two schools. He still attends his Mother's Day Out school two days a week, but also was just recently accepted into a Thursday School. There is such joy in seeing handmade gifts from your children! It warms my heart and I always make sure to "Ohhh" and "Ahhh" at the wonderful crafts his loving teachers make with him.

Tomorrow is my last day to teach before our Christmas Break. I am teaching a craft unit- we will be decorating ornaments as gifts for their family. I have 100's of glass balls, ribbon, a few paint pens, and lots of pretty, shiny tinsel to stuff ornaments with. We are really lucky to have a 5th grade fund to buy the supplies for these activities. With it being our last day, the faculty has been asked to wear an "ugly" Christmas sweater. I had to borrow this sweater, and honestly, I like it! Ha! I think Christmas sweaters are cute!  : )

The Christmas cards are pouring in! Today I had several to open; tis the season to be merry! I love to look through the basket every night. All of our friends and family members are very special to us! Cards are like little love packages!

Enjoy the season! It will be hot, humid summer again before we know it... and Christmas 2010 will just be a memory! Make it count!  : )


  1. Great presents!! Kids are the best and all very special to us teachers!! Love the pictures of Santa!

  2. I love all of your pictures! I am so excited about this Christmas break. It will be so fun for me to be home with my girls. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love his pictures with Santa! Both of mine prefer the mailing method of telling Santa their wishes. :)

    I really loved his picture from Mother's Day Out as Santa!

  4. Yay for a happy visit with Santa! :) We've had Christmas cards pouring in too, and I love it! Such a magical time of year.