Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ski Trip - Breckenridge and Keystone- 2010

Over this past spring break, we traveled to Silverthorne, Colorado for a week of skiing at Breckenridge and Keystone. We didn't go last year since Harbor was only a few months old, but at 16 months, he made the car ride just fine and had a fun time. It was nice to relax with friends and family. We shared a cabin with 11 people- our cabin was big and comfy and we really felt like we were on vacation.  : )

Arkansas- 6:00 a.m. ready to roll..

On the road....

We arranged to pick Ashley, Rachel's roommate, up at the Denver airport. She flew in from Florida and it was fun getting to reunite with her. We also met up with Chase and Blake, friends of the girls', who were driving down from Omaha, Nebraska.

My parents and David all own their own skiis and boots, but I still rent mine. David bought a pair of skiis for me, but they ended up being too long. I honestly have come to love rentals over the years.. I love the K2 and Atomic brands.

Rachel and Ashley at the cabin the first night there...

My granny, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Tim were kind enough to keep Harbor for us the first full day so that we could ski a day in Breckenridge. It is a beautiful resort with a great transportaion system of free gondolas that carry you all the way to the summit. For people who don't ski, these gondolas are a great way to get to the lodge at the summit and socialize without having to worry about how to get down.  : )

My mom and dad ski, which is lots of fun. Mom always carries a camera on the slopes, so I love having her share her camera chip with me.

Some of our crew at Breckenridge....

My dad and I...

My mom and I...

Our cabin from the road....

Lots of snacks to eat on the lifts....

Harbor did such an amazing job of being flexible on this trip...

Chase and Blake

On Day two, we took Harbor with us to Keystone for a few family pictures. He rode the gondola up to the summit with us (which made me a nervous wreck, but he was totally safe) and we were able to take him to Keystone's ice castle.

Harbor is ready to rock and roll!

I LOVE Keystone.... such a quaint resort and very family friendly.

With Harbor there, we were able to take a few four generation pictures since my Granny went with us.

Waiting to board the gondola to ride to the summit.

After a five minute cable ride, we arrive at the summit for family pictures...

Heading back down to hand Harbor off to family so we can ski Keystone for a few hours. This night, my mom, David, and a few other members stayed for their night skiing. It was very cold after the snow picked up and hard to see, but it was beautiful.

Getting geared up to ski...  ski boots= ultimate discomfort

David and I head down a trail....

My wonderful parents.. I think they are so cute!

The snow is really picking up here.....

David was able to get cell reception at the top of the mountain and took a work call from back in Arkansas.

We skiied another day in Keystone, but my parents stayed at the cabin and kept Harbor, so I unfortunately don't have any pictures from the slopes that day.

David always celebrates a birthday during spring break. I think he is pretty lucky to be able to ski on his birthday.. this year he turned 29 and we celebrated with a surprise party of cheesecake in the cabin. He always acts surprised every year we have a surprise party, but he knows it is coming. Ha, ha!

Singing Happy Birthday!

I ended up feeling really sick the last day we were there.... everyone though it was altitue sickness. David and my mom and aunt took Harbor shopping in Keystone and Brecekenridge while I slept in. It was a nice treat!

When they got back, I felt super sick and David was concerned, so he took me to a medical clinic in Silverthorne. After my nose swab, the doctor kept his distance and informed me I had Influenza type A. Fabulous.  I was given a little face mask, Tamiflu, and instructions to keep my distance. This was impossible since we driving home the next day with no hotel stops. I'm so thankful Harbor is an easy baby... I sat in the back by the car seat and rested the entire way home. Harbor was happy and content all 14 hours, which is nothing short of a miracle. My Granny kept him entertained and I am grateful for her help... I ended up taking Monday off from work to make sure I wasn't going to spread germs and then went back on Tuesday. Missing work really stresses me out since it is so easy to get behind, but I needed the rest.

We had a great time and made some wonderful family memories with Harbor!

Benchmark testing is next week and I have been busy wrapping up and reviewing frameworks. I have arrnaged for a published children's book author and illustrator to come and speak next week and cannot wait!

We had a  lovely Easter.. hopefully I will find the time post those pictures as well.....

David is leaving Friday to go out of all town all weekend, so Harbor and I are hoping for nice, summerish weather.

The following weekend is our 9 year anniversary and David has a surprsie trip overnight somwhere cooked up. He made arrangements with my mom to keep Harbor. She is in on the surprise, but I am clueless about where we are going or what to pack. David is super good at keeping secrets, so I know he won't slip and tell me anything until we are on our way.  He promises it will be very relaxing and romantic, so I am curious as to what he has planned.  : ) I feel very lucky to have married such a planner. He always makes an effort to keep the magic in our marriage.

I hope you and your family are healthy and happy. This weather- warm and full of sunshine- is sure to put anyone in a good mood.  : ) Take care!


  1. The ski photos look like so much fun! I've never been skiing, but hope to do it one day. :) I'm so sorry that you ended your vacation sick. And am glad you are feeling better!

  2. I LOVE the family photo of you kissing your hubby with Harbor on his shoulders looking down. So precious! Sorry to hear you got sick.

  3. Jessica,
    What beautiful pics!! It looks like y'all had A LOT of fun, except for the flu. YUCK!!!

    Glad you are feeling better.

    Have a Blessed day,

  4. I am glad your trip went well! I hope you are all better. We have state testing around the corner also, so I know how you are feeling. Good luck with everything and I can't wait for more updates!

  5. Wow what a wonderful trip! Cade would love that ice castle! That is great Harbor did so good in the car. Happy late bday to david!

  6. Great pics! We did Breck/Keystone in 2006 and it was really fun. Love the shopping in Breck and the night-skiing at Keystone. The view off the lifts at night is amazing!

  7. What wonderful pictures. I am glad you had a nice trip. My husband and I have stayed in Keystone. Very pretty. Sorry you got sick. What bummer but I am glad you are feeling better now. Happy belated b-day to your hubs:-)

  8. Sounds like a great spring break! Sorry that it ended with you being sick.

  9. Love the pictures from your trip! Harbor is growing up so fast! I hope your testing goes well next week. I hope we have a smooth testing week too!

  10. What a great trip all of you had. Looks like a load of fun. I have never skied but want to try someday.

  11. Looks like a lot of fun. Oh, I so want to go skiing. Maybe next year. You are so lucky to have a wonderful family that does things together.

    Sorry about the flu.

  12. Harbor in snow that is too cute! That stinks that you got sick!! You still looked pretty, though. ;o)

  13. Your trip looks a amazing...besides for getting sick.. Bless your heart! Flint's aunt has a place in Silverthorne and we took Cilla last May. it is a great place to go as family! I want to take her while there is snow on the ground, but it doesn't look like we are going to make it! I didn't know about the Ice Castle at Keystone. That is really fun and how cute is Harbor in his ski bib!?!