Saturday, October 17, 2009


We have been so, so busy these past few weeks. I must admit that blogging has been the last thing on my mind. With Harbor's birthday approaching in only a few weeks, I have been spending my evenings hot gluing and double-stick taping. His little birthday chair is finished, a tile for the front door has been painted, a felt banner has been sewn, a cupcake tower has been created, a big ol' crepe paper birthday hat has been glued together, and as we speak I am finishing up 50 handmade invites... whew.. It is fun, but time consuming. I hope that someday he will look back and know how much I rejoiced in celebrating the anniversary of his birth- a wonderful, wonderful day.

My house has begun the transformation from summer to fall- pumpkins are on our porch and a Halloween flag is flying outside. I have a maple leaf inspired wreath on the front door and I have been donning my pea coat to work in the mornings. My mind wanders occasionaly to the Christmas holiday ahead. I am so glad I got my Christmas cards done this summer and feel a little less stressed about the "hustle and bustle" that seems to sneak up on us.

Harbor and Bichon occupy one another and it is great news if you are trying to get dinner on the table and need a few minutes. They both like to look out the big windows and crawl under the table. I'm glad our little boy has a little dog for a friend. Harbor can bark, snort like a pig, and moo like a cow. When asked to perform, he is very selective in his timing, but understands so much more of what we say now.

Rachel visits.. By the way! For those of you who live in NWA, Rachel is the going to be the next Orthodontsist model for the bypass billboard signs.. we are so happy for her! Yaay for straight teeth!

Before the weather turned cooler, we had been spending almost every weekend at Wilson Park. This particular visit we bought Taco Bell and had a picnic dinner. Bichon enjoys visiting with the other dogs and Harbor just likes the fresh air. It is a time when David and I feel like we can reconnect without talking about "work."

Speaking of Wilson Park, we met up with our favorite photographer, Brandy, to take Harbor's 9 month pictures. She always captures him just the way he is and I know in the years to come, these pictures will be worth their weight in gold. Visit her blog to see more of the great work she did for us that day!

A few weekends ago, David and I rode our 'Wing to a local biker ralley here in NWA. It is known as the 4th biggest ralley in the country. My mom kept Harbor for us two nights in a row so we could meet up with different friends each night. This time last year, I also rode the bike down to the ralley at eight months pregnant. Ha, ha! Not exactly glamorous, but fun nonetheless.

My mom took these pictures of us as we were heading out. David kept making a goofy face, and I was afraid we were going to be late, so I told him to knock it off (in a nice way, of course!) He was a bit defensive, but we got some good pictures after that. : )

I like Goldwings because they have enough trunk space to fit my big ol' black market Louis Vitton. Helmet head requires a big brush, and that trunk can hold about anything I throw at it.

David pecked on the dining room window to tell Harbor goodbye... I'm not sure Harbor recognized him though.

We met up the Hickmans and the Milligans and enjoyed their company. Amy took pictures and I opted to not to bring my camera and have to keep up with it,so feel free to head over to her blog to see more pictures of all of us at the ralley.

Take care and bundle up! Haloween activities are in full swing here.. we have visited the pumpkin patch and have Harbor's costume all ready to go!


  1. That park is beautiful!! Glad you guys can enjoy that together!

    Can't WAIT to see what you're doing for the big 1 year birthday party. I'm sure it'll be fabulous!!

  2. Looks like you have been busy. But looks like lots of fun! Love all of the pictures. I can't believe he is almost one!

  3. It looks like you guys are just as busy has we are! Harbor is the cutest thing. He is really growing. Hard to believe he is celebrating his 1st birthday already. I am so impressed with all of the things you have made for his party. It will be a blast! Check out my blog to hear our latest news!

  4. LOVE the pics! Can't wait to hear about the first birthday! I am sure it will be awesome!

  5. Harbor is growing so fast! I love that I live close enough that it is not too long of a drive to come see him..oh and his amazing parents!

  6. Cute pics! It doesn't seem possible that he's almost 1!

  7. Jessica,
    That park is so beautiful. We live in SW MO, so I think I need to look that one up. We love to go to NW AR for little mini-vacations. Gonna have to check that out.

    Sounds like you have been REALLY busy getting all his b-day things just right. You will love that you spent so much time before hand and will be able to just enjoy his day. So GREAT!!

    Ya'll are so cute on your Gold wing. And that Harbor is such a doll.

    Have a Blessed week,

  8. So cute!! I'm loving all the cute and adorable photos! What a wonderful family?! Can't wait to see photos after the big Birthday Party!

  9. precious! You always have the cutest pics! I love the family shots in Wilson Park! Man, I miss Fayetteville!!!

  10. He is getting so handsome! I cannot believe he is almost ready for a birthday. What?!?! ;o) The picture of all three of y'all is really good!

  11. Harbor is soo cute! I can't beleive they are almost one! It sounds like you have a lot done for the big bday party! I love the pictures you had taken...they are great!

  12. I love that picture of just you and Harbor. It's too precious not to frame. :)

  13. I love all the pictures. Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun lately.

  14. Sweet, sweet pictures! Harbor is very loved! =)

  15. Oh my your little boy has grown! So precious....It seems like such a busy time of year, preparing for the upcoming holidays and getting those last few good days outside.