Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where the Grickle Grass Grows

The beginning of August, David did a few outside house projects that really spruced the place up! He stained our front entry- which is cedar- and made new shutters, also out of cedar, to match. Harbor and I try to get outside on the days he is working so that we can watch and take pictures. I have found that if I park Harbor in front of one of the inground sprinklers, he will watch the water for a long time. When David first installed the sprinkler system last year, I laughed that is was a bit of a waste, but it has really helped the sod to take, and now that it also entertains HW, I have even more reason to smile! : )

I have lots of fun pictures to upload.. we bought a pull-behind tralier for our bicycles that Harbor can ride in. It is a great way to get out and break a sweat, and it is an added benefit that we can all go together. I have also been working tons on Harbor's birthday party which is fast approaching this November. It is time consuming to make by hand all the things I want, but everything is really coming together and I have enjoyed it. We have also hung a swing in the big tree in the front yard for Harbor to swing in. It is such a sweet sight to see that little bitty swing in that big ol' tree in the front yard.

I'm hopeful that i'll get more pictures up soon.. this weekend is my birthday party and we have a big dinner/bowling party planned for immediate family.. should be fun!

Take care!


  1. We love our bike trailer and have used it A LOT. Grainger is about to outgrown it and it's hard to believe they both used to fit in there! Your yard looks great!
    ps I think it's weird that people are correcting your grammar (who cares?)

  2. I love your post! Your house looks beautiful! HW is really growing. Can't believe he is almost a year old. I started reading your blog when you were first pregnant with him. Happy Birthday!

  3. don't you just love the simple things that bring babies joy.

  4. Your yard looks beautiful! Sounds like you guys are doing so great!

  5. Your house is just beautiful!! I can't wait to see what you do with his first birthday. I'm sure it'll be spectacular!

  6. The landscaping looks beautiful! You son is adorable! Love the pictures at the top of your blog.

    Blessings, Ginger