Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Falling, Failing, and Fighting

Another week has come and gone! I don't know about you, but here at the McCash's, we are definitely enjoying our long weekend holiday!

On Falling-

Last week at school, after the kids had gone home, I was visiting with another teacher in her room and decided to put my hippo-backside up on the edge of her desk. Well, the desk wasn't too strong, and I am not too skinny anymore, and the whole thing toppled to the ground. I fell a good three feet and landed on my bottom on the concrete floor. The sound was heard up the entire hall and several teachers ran down to see what had happened. It was very scary! I am bruised and banged up, but the baby is fine. I went home, called the Dr. and was told to watch for cramps, spotting, etc.. and to do kick counts. We were looking for ten kicks in an hour. Harbor gave us 14 kicks in about 15 minutes. I still have some big bruises on my arms, but my ego is definitely what suffered the most damage. I felt so bad for destroying her desk! He coffee cup crashed into a million pieces., all her drawers and files fell out, and her lamp toppled to the floor. Goodness..... Anyone else fall while pregnant? Help me out and make me feel better! Ha, ha!

On Failing-

Friday, I took a half day off from work to attend my Dr.'s appointment. I fasted the night before for my glucose screening, and was, of course, starving! They took a vial of blood, I drank the drink, which I actually didn't think was too bad. I am a "Rick's bakery" kind of gal and love all things covered in icing, so sweet, sweet things don't really bother me. While I waited for the hour to pass, I was called back for my normal appointment. In the last month, I gained 2 more lbs. I'm in month 7 and have gained a total of 16 lbs. I think that is pretty good! Harbor's heartbeat was in the upper 140 range, and I am measuring about a week ahead of schedule. I was then given my RhoGam shot- I have A-negative blood, so I require all the vaccinations to form the antibodies I'll need for the next pregnancy. That shot HURT!! It was huge!

After the appointment, they stuck my finger to test my sugar levels... and I failed the glucose test. Ughhh... The cutoff was 140, and I had 150. They told me that you are not considered diabetic until you are closer to the 200 range, but they want me to go ahead and take another day off from work to do the three hour glucose tolerant test. Not fun. Anyone else fail the glucose screening? Good grief!

On Fighting-

Go Hogs Go!! I have to put a plug in for a really good friend of our family, Michael Snowden. Michael got tickets for David and I last minute in a great section of the stadium! Michael is a dear friend of my mothers, and he is pretty much our family "celebrity." Michael played for the Razorbacks in the 90's and was drafted to the NFL a few years ago. He played for the Tennesse Titans for a number of years and has recently retired. Michael has always been so good to David and I, and I have to throw out a thank you to him for getting us such good seats. He and my mom talked by cell phone at least three times on game day at the stadium, and he is such a great Christian man. Houston Nutt even mentioned him by name when giving his resignation speech last November. So, Michael, thank you to you and your family for being so kind. Michael's wife is also so sweet to let me have some of her fabulous maternity wear for keeps.

We parked and walked from Baum Baseball staduim to the football field. It was HOT!! We actually love walking the long way because we like to see everyone tailgating. I am not sure if I will be ale to go to anymore games this season though. It was really tough to be in the last trimester, sitting in the bleachers for four hours, in the heat. This year's games are so special to our family though because my cousin Rachel is in the Razorback marching band. She plays both flute and piccalo, but is marching this year with her piccalo. She is so talented and beautiful. We felt so proud to see her on the field.

It was a fight to the finish to win this game. I am so glad we won, but it was by the skin of our teeth, and I have to admit that I am scared out of my MIND that we are going to have a bad season. Pray for the Razorbacks! I spent all this morning reading Razorback commentary on google and just feel sick for Petrino and our boys. I have faith that they can do it! Harbor jumped around the whole game- he was saying, "Go, Hogs, Go!"

David and me- looking very much pregnant at 27 weeks!

Mom and I- a big thanks to Jai for buying us matching hog stickers for our cheeks!

My mom and dad

Walking to the stadium, hand in hand, with my two favorite guys!

David and I- the staduim looming in the distance.

Pre-game festivities

The flyover, complete with fireworks!

Let's call those Hogs!!

The Razorback band

Rachel!! Blonde, piccalo player, front and center. We love you!!

Thank you, sweet Jesus!

Rachel after the game

David and Rachel

David, Rachel, and me- all three of us are hot and sweaty!

Rachel's parents (my mom's sister and brother-in-law)

We loved going with Rachel into the practice field building, the Pat Walker Pavillion, where she packed up her gear.

I hope everyone spends time with their family tomorrow and has a memorable holiday!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harbor's Haven

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I did! David left Friday afternoon to go on a canoe trip with two buddies from church, and though I missed him, I LOVED the "me" time. Mom, Rachel and I got "back-to-school" pedicures and manicures, and mom and I did a lot of girly shopping.

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments about our precious Harbor. I am the world's worst about leaving comments on all the blogs I read, but I want you to know that I am reading most of your blogs and I so appreciate how kind you have been to drop me a line or two. If I haven't yet visited your blog, keep coming to see me, and I promise I will! Things are so busy for us right now. : )

This weekend, I framed several pictures to hang on our vacation wall. It was much overdue! To hear more about our "vacation" wall, visit this old post here.

I found some really cute maternity wear at Forever 21 and Old Navy. I love the cream, silk top from Forever 21 because it has a really pretty vintage touch with the rhinestones. I can't wait to wear it to work with some black leggings.

Mom and I went to Kohls Saturday night and I found some fun frames. I love how big and creamy the white one is. I am going to have to clear some major wall space to find room to hang pictures of Harbor! My walls are packed full as it is. : )

Some new frames for the sofa table...

A dear friend of mine, Betty, came by a week ago and dropped off a huge bag of antique brooches, earrings, and nick knacks that she had been collected for me. Betty is so sweet. These shells were part of a necklace that I broke apart and used to decorate a frame with a picture from our recent Gulf Shore's trip. Thanks, Betty!

This weekend, we hung a painting in our bedroom above our bench. Do you remember me making that bench? Oh my goodness.... We were going to hang it the nursery if it was a girl, but since it is not, we hung it in place of a round mirror that is sadly now sitting in our garage, homeless.

Before David left on his trip, he came home with a big surprise for me!! I was so excited to see the 4th season of 90210 was out! Yippee!! I have all the seasons thus far and am totally addicted to them. Cheesy, I know.

After about five coats of metallic paint, the finials are ready to be installed. They look sooo good on the wall with the curtains. I love them! David cut out some small square pieces of wood and installed them under the finials just to make sure they stuck out from the wall enough to catch the drapes, because that fabric is heavy. These finials from Lowes are actually supposed to be screwed onto the ends of a curtain rod. Oh well... I re-invented them. Ha, ha!

Another project was to mod-podge and glaze some fun paper to Harbor's monogram to hang above his window. It was a cheap and easy project. I love mod-podge by the way. My mom mod-podged tons of stuff when I was a kid. Does anyone else mod-podge regularly?

Harbor's little haven is feeling more and more complete with every project. I really feel at peace with the way it is coming together. I find myself lingering there longer and longer, rocking in the chair with Bichon... It is a very pretty place to sit- the big window looks out over our acre full of trees and it feels like a tree house.

The bedding is really fun. Even I was surprised at how it looks- and I designed it! I was thrilled to pick it up and bring it home after only three short weeks. She even apologized it took so long to make! I was like, "Are you kidding me??" She told me that she liked it so much she wanted to feature it an upcoming issue of the NWA magazine, Peekaboo! She said to look for it in the October issue. I am familiar with the NWA Kids' Directory, but not so much Peekaboo. Do any of you NWA girls know where to find this magazine? I think the mall has them, but I am not sure.

Friday night, my friend Lyndsey and her son son, Hudson, came over for a few hours. Lyndsey's hubby was pulling up carpet in order to lay hardwood floors in their living room and hallway. I was happy to have them over. Hudson and Bichon played together in the pantry, stacked and re-stacked my orange Fanta cans, and even tested out the new crib. They both thought it was fabulous.. for about two seconds. : )

Have a good week!