Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Surprises!

My beautiful cousin, Rachel, came over last night for dinner. She had wonderful news to tell us! She is currently a senior in High School and is excited to graduate in May. She was debating between attending the University of Arkansas, which is my alma mater (along with other members of our family), or attending college in Russelville at a smaller school. David and I really wanted her to choose UofA just because we know first hand what a fabulous school it is. We said nothing, however, to sway her decision. Last night when she came over for dinner she announced that she was the newest member of the Arkansas Razorbacks Marching Band!! We were so thrilled! This is a huge honor, with a tough audition, and lots of competition. She beat out many, many other flute players in order to achieve this goal. As a family, we can't wait to see her on the field and on the jumbo tron at all the Hog games. She and David will have a year together on campus, which they are very excited about. She will live on campus in a greek house- we love that she will still be close to us! So, for those of you NWA people, look for the cute blonde with the flute this coming fall!

Farmington Prom- 2008

Prairie Grove Prom- 2008

Today at school, the office delivered a really sweet bouquet of roses to my classroom. The card had no signature, but it was David's handwriting. He is so funny- only David would send flowers without dropping a name. It was very sweet. He is really fabulous at sending flowers for no reason. After school, I called Rachel to see how school went today for her, and she thanked me profusely for the flowers she had received at school today! I laughed! She said David didn't sign her card, but that it read,...."Jessica and I are so proud of you..." somewhere and she knew it was David. So David scored major double points today! Two bouquets of roses to two ladies! He is on a roll.

Lastly, the weather here is getting so warm. Thunderstorms usually rock the house in the night, but the late afternoons are really warm and breezy. David hung, for our Anniversary in April, two wrought iron hooks on our cedar and bought hanging plants. It was a nice anniversary present (he also picked out a purse and sunglasses on his own too.) With the weather nice though, the plants have really blossomed. I smile everyday I pull down into the driveway.

Happy Spring!


  1. Rachel is so cute! She will love U of A! I will be looking for at the ball games this year! :-)
    David is so nice to send both of you flowers!!!
    Yes - I'm so glad warm weather is finally here! I'm just ready for the stormy season to be over with.

  2. What fun stuff in this post! Rachel looks so pretty in her prom dresses. David is so sweet to send you flowers. I love the hanging pots, too--very very pretty and welcoming at your front door!

  3. I can't believe how Rachel has grown up. She is beautiful!! David is so sweet to send you flowers "just because". The flowers in the baskets are very pretty. Happy Spring!!

  4. I'm going to say it again: Can you clone David?! What a sweetie!

    And congrats to Rachel. She is a doll!

  5. The roses are beautiful! What a great guy to send to both of you.....a wonderful surprise!

    Congrats to Rachel too! How exciting! She looks beautiful in her prom dresses.

    Did you live in Greek housing at UofA?

  6. your house looks so pretty from the front! Good job on the flowers David :)

  7. Congratulations Rachel! I know that you are so excited! Has she mentioned what sorority she is interested in? I was an AOII at MTSU and loved being Greek!

    Way to go David! He is such a wonderful husband and those flowers were gorgeous =)!

    I also have to say ~ Wednesday was a somewhat slow day here in the office. So, I decided to read all of your posts. Jessica ~ you are so TALENTED, so KIND, and are just a ray of sunshine!!! I love how you decorated your house and how you use everyday items that people might throw out to creat a treasure.

    P.S. How are you feeling little mama?

  8. Rachel looked so good. I love both dresses. The flowers are great. I got some for assistants day and they have just made the week that much better.

  9. Congratulations to our beautiful Rachel, We are so proud of her she has such a bright future ahead of her, & so much to look forward too. And that David is a wonderful husband to send flowers to you & great friend to Rachel. Rachel & David have always been buddies. Love the flowers out front of your house, it looks like the homes in Colorado which you know we could all move there & be happy till Jesus comes to take us to the heaven we often talk about. Hope you are feeling better. K.Barnes

  10. Way to go Rachel!! That is so awesome! David is SUCH a sweet hubby!! It is so hard for me to think of a man going out of his way to send flowers to 2 people! They just don't think that way too often!! I am loving this warm weather! I just wish the rain would go away for awhile!!

  11. Tell rachel she is beautiful in her prom dresses!!!!! tell her to check out PI PHI......great one to join!!!!!!!

    your house is just beautiful and i like the hooks on the front. i will have to remember that !!!!!!

  12. I can't believe Rachel is all grown up. What an honor for her to make the band! I hope she enjoys the UofA. And the hanging plants are a great accent for your front step.

    How are you feeling in the mommy department?

  13. Flowers for no reason are the BEST! :)

  14. You mom is so SWEET she left me a comment!!! Toooo COOL! =)

    I sure hope you are feeling better!

    David is SUCH a WONDERFUL guy!!! He needs to write a book on how to treat a lady for other guys!!! HE HE HE

    I'm lucky to have Mr "S" but I know of my friends have dead beat husbands or boyfriends! David is the BEST!!! =)

    Thank you so much for my tile! I love it! I posted about it today!

    Also, way to go for Rachel! She is sooooooooooooooooooo darn CUTE!!!

    Tell your mom THANKS for my comment! =)

    I hope yall have a GREAT weekend!

    Love the house pictures! Yalls place is sooooooooooooooooo PRETTY!!!

  15. Rachel is so CUTE!! Congratulations to her! Your husband is a keeper!! How sweet of him to send all those flowers! :) And I love your plant hangers. Your house is beautiful!

  16. Congratulations to Rachel! I didn't even know she was in the band! :) She's turned into such a beautiful young woman. David is so sweet to you!

  17. Hi Jessica, I've been trying to comment on your blog lately but I keep having trouble. Anyways, congratulations- I'll probably run into you in the maternity aisle someday soon. I'm very excited for you.

    Can you believe Brandy? I know you all are friends, but she doesn't even know me. I am so excited!

  18. Rachel is a doll. congrats to her.
    beautiful pics!
    Sweet Hubby!
    I love Jeannie's Lake house painting. So sweet!

  19. Yaay for Rachel, spring and David!

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Congrates to Rachel, she looks so cute in her prom photos just like the roses that David sent. Your home is looking lovely now that the weather has changed. Happy Spring to you.
    Cheers Linda

  21. Congrats!! never evan had my foot out the door for colleage....too scary for me!!

  22. I got tears in my eyes when I read that Rachel is going to be in the UofA band- how exciting!!

  23. girl this is just too sweet. I hope the pregnancy is going well!
    love jenny

  24. Congratulations to your cousin!

    You have such a sweet guy!