Saturday, October 22, 2016

Changing of Seasons

As summer slipped away, in the midst of gathering sub contractor bids and cost estimates, we had a true "Southern" summer.
It was chock full of heat and humidity.
After living up North and out West for the last five years, it was certainly a scorcher!

We spent an afternoon at Beaver Lake where David's brother has a boat.

Harbor started 2nd grade in a new school.
This has been his very first year in a public school, and while we had our reservations, he is thriving.
God always shows up to remind me that He can be trusted with the soft parts of my heart.

We had late mornings in pajamas and plenty of slow paced afternoons.

We caught bugs in jars and Harbor, with my mom's help, started a full blown bug collection.

Papa's cattle always provide early evening excitement.

We rode many times in Daddy's Jeep with the doors off.

And I toyed with chopping my hair off- but didn't.

We splashed at a local splash park.

And Miss Hollin- bless her soul- really ached for a baby car seat carrier.

{She got it for her birthday!}

David spent an arm and a leg {more like two legs!} on a new mountain bike.

Meanwhile, the kids waited everyday on Harbor to come home from school.
With David's travel schedule and so many activities, both my Mom and Granny have helped with the kids so much. I'm so thankful for their help.

We even found the time for a few dinners out, sans kids!

All the while, work at the land continued- tree felling, brush burning, and floor plan finalizing. 
It has been such a full season.
And like the title of this post, the changing of the seasons reminds me that nothing stays the same: not the weather, not the children, not the landscape.
Change can be sweet, especially when you stop to realize that the Lord is the conductor of the symphony.
And isn't the music so much more enjoyable when we all make a point to play?
Change is inevitable.
I can't stop my children from growing anymore than I can keep the deep emerald leaves of Spring from burning red and falling to the ground in Fall.
For me, it is the true reason I blog. And document the stories, the emotions.
In my own little way, this blog helps me to process my life, the seasons of change.
When I realize that the Lord's plan for my family is so big, so good, so kind-
I come to understand that nothing is strong enough to derail it.
And that is a good feeling- a great feeling.
Let the seasons change around me.
I know He is the same.
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  1. So eloquently put.... A wondrous analogy.... Nature and nurture all in combination. A day will come when your children will immensely read these blogs and feel the love you have poured into them. 💗