Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sponge Rollers

We have had a great week- a fast week, for sure! Though the weather has been cool and cloudy for the most part, many days were full of sunshine and that became a small promise for spring.  Plants are blooming everywhere and I have started - this week- an exercise regime to prepare this worn out winter body for swimsuit season. I wish I didn't have to start in March, but I'm not a young chick anymore. Turning 30 is fast approaching and I need all the help I can get! Ha! With warmer weather, going outside to play with Harbor is the perfect way to "chase" and "slide" off these ol' winter blues.

We ended last week with our weekly library trip. As an alternative means of entering, we decided to park across the street from the library and enter through the grounds section. They do a great job of landscaping and have such pretty rock work. Harbor was a bit disappointed to not be in the parking garage, but was quickly won over by the blooming day lilies.

This is the view of the library from the back side- on the far left is the parking garage. There are many terraces and balconies for reading, and on the far right side are a series of rocks steps leading to the front. It is a gorgeous facility and I feel so lucky our city has such nice buildings in the downtown.

Every area of the children's library is either dedicated to earth, fire, water, or wind. The carpets and murals match the theme, so wandering in the children's sections are really quite an adventure! Above, Harbor is working a puzzle in the "water" section and you can see some of the mural paintings below. My mom did a great job of watching Harbor and taking pictures for me- thanks, mom!

This is one of many outdoor terraces for reading that overlook the children's section.

From this particular balcony, you can see the University of Arkansas's Campus- Old Main.

Harbor and my dad have really enjoyed spending so much time together. I know they will both miss one another when we move. I'm hopeful we can find some creative ways to keep that bond intact, even when we aren't able to fly in to visit whenever we wish. Does anyone live away from grandparents? Any neat ideas to share?

Nap times are so much fun with new books!

Harbor and his Mardi Gras beads make us both smile!

My friend, Lyndsey, who was pregnant and recently had a baby shower, delivered a beautiful, perfect baby girl, Emmary Grace. The neat thing? She delivered on her birthday, so both Lyndsey and Emmary share a birthday now. I can only imagine the fun they will have one day when they are able to jet-set off to New York to celebrate in style! Lyndsey loves New York, New York and seems to go almost every year. What a perfect excuse to shop- double birthday parties!  : )

Mom and I were so excited when Red Riding Hood came out this weekend! We both love that mix of fairy tale and action, so my mom bought tickets Friday afternoon while I was teaching, and later that night, after Harbor went to sleep, we took off together to the 10:00 p.m. showing. My dad kindly offered to listen for Harbor while he was sleeping, and we were so happy to be out on the town, just the two of us. As we were finding our seats in the dark, my mom started giggling. As she was walking up the steps, she looked down and noticed that in our frenzy to get out the door, she had forgotten to switch her house shoes with her flats. So, there she was in the theater in her fuzzy house shoes. We got a good laugh out of that! The movie was so romantic and suspenseful ( I loved the cinematography!) that I went back again Saturday night with Rachel and her roommate, Ashley, to the 9:35 p.m. showing.

This Saturday, we were so happy Rachel could join us at the library. My mom, Rachel, Harbor William, and I got Taco Bell and McDonalds drive-thru and had a picnic lunch in the garden terrace at the library before going inside. The weather was perfect- low 70's and full of singing birds and swaying dogwood trees. Just perfection!

While we were inside, Rachel ran into her other roommate, also named Rachel, who was doing some studying upstairs. She is in school to be an RN, but we were glad she took a break to come and visit with us.

This section, above, is the fire section.

A change from last Saturday's picture is this graceful blooming dogwood. What a pretty tree, indeed! I seem to remember my granny telling me the dogwood petal is a reminder of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. It was definitely a reminder that Easter is on its way!

Many of you have asked about how I curl my hair and what products I use- I am so flattered by your emails! Ha! I think I tend to feel like most girls in that my hair is pretty flat and I never have enough time to take care of it the way I want to. But, since some of you asked, here is what I do:

I use a set of black jumbo sponge rollers from Sally's Beauty Supply, roll my hair to the scalp, and sleep in the rollers. I roll a mohawk from my forehead to my neck, and then roll the sides last. Since my hair is wet when I roll it, I spray a thermal setting gel after I roll it up. Even though I'm not using heat, it helps keep my curl all day. I will use an inch barrel curling iron to touch us any places where my hair didn't curl just right, but I have learned that if I roll it in small enough sections, I really don't need to curl it at all. My curling iron is a Conair from Wal-Mart- super cheap! It has a little green turbo light on the barrel that gets it really, really hot. I think that is the key to making those curls long and loose. In the morning, I wake up, unroll them, use my fingers to tousle them a bit, and spray hairspray. I like Big Sexy in the red canister and I get it at Walgreen's. It is a bit more pricey than regular sprays, but not all hairsprays are created equal and Big Sexy holds all day without being sticky.

I took some self portraits before going to bed:

Eight hours later:

And just for fun, since we are talking "hair", after the library today, while Harbor napped, I gave Rachel a little makeover. She was going out to eat and to the movies (I joined up for that), but I rolled and curled her hair and did her makeup. It was a fun time together. : )

I hope I adequately answered your hair questions, but if you need to know something else or want the product names of those sprays, just let me know. For me, it is an easy way to get big hair in a hurry! Ha, ha!

Have a great week back to work and school!


  1. So jealous of your hair! I can't seem to have the patience to grow mine out! We used to sleep in the pink sponge rollers as children. I also use the Big Sexy Hair products and I get them at JCPennys. They usually have a sale and yesterday I got the Root Pump Plus and Spray and Play harder hairspray for $24. Thats a steal as they are usually$16.99. Just wanted to let ya know if you have a Pennys close by to check it out!

  2. I hate to admit that I've never been to the "new" library (I know it's not new anymore). I've got to take the kids sometime!

  3. Definitely skype often with the grandparents once you've moved away. We skype often with both sets of grandparents. We don't have any family living within a 100 miles of us. The webcam was our best investment yet!!! We have breakfast with granna (my mom) often, and lil' man just LOVES it!!!!

  4. I forgot to have amazing hair! My hair just frizzes out when curled with sponge rollers. =( (the perks of naturally curly hair....)

    Trust me, you will miss your family. I'm sure you already know that, BUT you can continue to have a very normal relationship with them once you move. So can your lil' man. It's a big deal moving. We live almost four hours from all of our family and we skype often, talk on the phone often, and we have monthly Iin person) visits. You may not be able to do the every month visit, but at least three times a year hopefully. =) We live 14 hours from my husbands mom and stepdad. Our son absolutely adores them and talks about them ALL the time. My fear, being so far away from them, is that he wouldn't know them at all, but he adores them!!! (thanks to webchatting!!) It's fun! We draw together, do puppet shows and do silly stuff. Bradyn will run and hide from his grandparents (the computer...) and then run back and say "Peek-a-boo!". It's hilarious!!

  5. Your library is beautiful!! You will be so happy to have those photos after you move! You always do a great job of documenting and capturing your little, everyday moments!
    As for living away from Grandparents....we are experienced in that area! We are so blessed to live close now, but for the past 5 or 6 years we've lived at least 6 hours away from them. I would recommend Skype! We use that to talk to my brother who lives in NY. It's so fun--Harbor will love it! Also, since he loves must go to Hallmark and buy a recordable book! The grandparents can record themselves reading it. They can read to him from miles away!! My mom sent us one for Christmas one year when we lived away and when I heard her voice reading the book, I got teary!! They are very special books to have!
    And, I LOVE your curls!! I need to try that!
    Have a good week!!!

  6. Your hair looks beautiful! I have never thought of sponge rollers at least not since I was a little girl! You have some great pics of the library. We love it too! They have great story times! I hope you find a great library in your new town!

  7. That is a fabulous library! Your hair looks beautiful! I know you are enjoying your time with family before you have to move.

  8. My hair is only to my shoulders (I'm trying to grow it out now) and have been considering trying sponge rollers but didn't know if they would still work. Now you make me want to go get some today! Your hair is so pretty and my hair could really use a break from the hair dryer and flat iron.

  9. I can;t wait to see that dang movie!