Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thing 1 & 2 Freebie : Shirt Tutorial and Free Images

Creating these Thing 1 & 2 costumes was really cost effective:
Blue beanie hats and a single feather boa, hot glued on in pieces
Red turtle necks {Wal-Mart,} red fleece pants {Old Navy,}
 and red mittens {Wal-Mart} are easy to find.

The hats worked perfectly as they fit snug and kept the kiddos warm!

The shirt designs were made with photo paper!
I had the design fitted onto an 8x10 template and printed as photos on photo paper.
The photo paper worked great!
I had seen other tutorials where they "ironed-on" the image,
but the photo paper was glossy and crisp and thick.
It really gave the shirts some body and the camera loved the glossiness of the paper.
The photo paper photographs really well as it reflects a bit of light.

Once the photos had been hot glued onto the shirts,
they really became stiff and worked great at holding up to little hands and busy bodies!

It was a fun and easy costume to pull together for siblings.

I can't take credit for the actual design or font, but what I did do was resize the image
and make it fit onto an 8x10 format for easy printing.
These will print on your home computer, but not be to full size.
Print them as photos- the photo paper looks so crisp on the shirts!

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  1. Super cute and super easy. That is my kind of costume. :)

  2. I know this was intended for children, but my best friend and I (Both named Renee) work together and we decided to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween the day we both work at the same time. Thank you for the templates and its awesome that you do this for parents. Making costumes is so much easier and cheaper than buying them pre made and these are not easy to come by or cheap to purchase!