Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days, Soul Days

At the current moment, the snow is falling hard and heavy outside, blanketing the mountains in thick white frosting, fogging up the windows with fluffy banks of crystalline glitter, and freezing our bare feet to the kitchen floor.
Valentine's Day and its parties and festivities are long gone
{and so are its chocolates and candies!}
but we have still been celebrating the everyday things at our house.
Harbor passed out his cards at school

and was excited to go through the little trinkets and stickers from friends in his box.

We made plenty of pink and red treats.

And our robot Valentine box has sadly been thrown away.
I wish I had unlimited space to store all of these sentimental items.
I'm very thankful for my camera and this blog to record the little moments.
His light-up hair entertained us in the dark for several nights around bedtime. 

We had a family Valentine party at home where I surprised my boys with a vintage Gameboy.
I know it can't compete with the games on even a simple cell phone,
but it has been a neat experience to share something I used to love as a kid!

The boys opened gifts from Arkansas and from their Dad and me.

We snapped a few pictures of the house one last time before cleaning up.
And said goodbye to another holiday for another year.

We said hello to the snow.
12 inches this past Sunday
and six inches expected over the next few days.

Hollin turned six months and had her first nap in her crib.
We've packed up the swings and put away the bassinet.
I just can't believe it.

I've been enjoying the snow and cold.
I love the winter.
I love wearing boots and scarves and photographing the mountains.

My little sugar plum makes every season sweet!

And just in the last few weeks has begun to sit up alone for a few seconds.

I am still nursing exclusively, but at six months have finally introduced cereal.
She hasn't really taken to it yet, but she recognizes the spoon and bowl and kicks her little feet.

Harbor and I recently drew "food" pictures from the movie, "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs."
He is such a fun kid!

We are hoping for a chance to go snowshoeing as a family in the next few weekends.
We've never been, but how fun to have a little adventure this Winter before Spring arrives!
Baby wearing two kids and teaching a six year old to snowshoe, with two adults who have never been themselves can't be too hard, right?
: )
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updates, 100 days, and Oatmeal

Life with three children ages six and under can be messy at times.
And chaotic, even for the most organized mama, like me.
I like to have things planned out, scheduled, organized, and clean.
Something I am definitely learning during this season of motherhood is that sometimes it is what it is.
And that joy can still be found 
in the oatmeal on the floor and in the crayon drawings on the new train table.
: )

To combat my wild schedule, I bit the bullet and ordered an Erin Condren Life Planner.
I have been window shopping her site for at least six months.
I had to persuade David that spending $65 on a planner was worth it, but I think he, too, understood my need to have a better way to keep track of the comings and goings.

Point in case:  I totally forgot a play date and didn't show up or call.
I've never done something like that before.

Thankfully, she currently has five kids at home and was so gracious and understanding!
{Sorry, Pamela! XOXOX}

An update on the kids:

At age two, Henry is starting to talk in small snippets of sentences.
He loves to brush other people's teeth, just not his own.
He loves oatmeal, yogurt, blueberry muffins, and cookies.
He could drink a full gallon of milk every. single. day. if we let him.

He sleeps through the night so hard that we often don't hear a peep from until at least 8:00 every morning, if not later.

He is a book worm already and enjoys trains, bugs, cars, and dinosaur books.
We read to him for 20 minutes every night and put him to bed fully awake.

He loves to gives hugs and kisses and put on other people's shoes.
He plays independently and rarely requires me to entertain him. 
He likes to mimic Harbor by sitting at the homework table with paper and crayons.

He loves to slide at the park, the bigger the better.
And he wants to touch all the dogs and point out all the airplanes he hears overhead.

He is a great cuddler and lays his head on your shoulder when you squeeze him.
When I rock him at nap time, my heart cries that he fills my entire lap now.

He has started yelling, "You!" when we say, "Love you!"
He is truly the apple of my eye!

Harbor, at age six, is in love with school.
He has only missed one day this entire year for sickness.
And he cried when he couldn't attend.

He is in the Gifted program and reading on a 2nd grade level.
He never has to be asked to finish his homework or complete his Math.
He aims to please and wants to be the best at everything.
He is honestly harder on himself than we are.

He loves to read Magic Tree House chapter books and play with Lego's.
He refuses to break his Lego's a part after finished, and we therefore have a huge 
and growing collection sitting on his dresser.

We still read to him at least 30 minutes every night, weekends included.
It is my favorite time of the day to be with him.
: )

He is a wonderful big brother and asks to hold Hollin almost daily.
He hates white milk but loves sweet tea.
He loves broccoli and wants to eat a salad at restaurants when we eat out.
He is such a big help to me.

When I see him in carpool line, my heart leaps each and every day.
He is quiet and reserved at home and I have to pry and work to get details about his day,
 but he is so sweet and such a good boy!

New potty training undies that we aren't quite ready to use, but still getting excited about! 

I recently had a girls' night with Harbor's teacher and two other moms as a local bakery.
The husbands kept all the kids so we could visit.  Hollin went with me since I exclusively breastfeed and we had a great time.  I got there at 7:30 p.m. and looked at the clock and realized it was 10:00!  I don't think I've had a late night like that since Hollin has been born.
I made cookies and brought them to the bakery for a little extra fun!

Valentines have been made and the kids just had their "100 days of school" party this week.

100 days smarter!
{I wish kindergarten could last forever!}

Despite living in Colorado and having an abundance of snow, school has only been cancelled once.
I bundled up the little ones for a quick photo shoot in the front yard.
I happen to love the snow, even though driving in it isn't the most fun.

And a dear friend of mine, Melissa, is starting a photography business
 and asked if the kids would model for her.  
We had a great time and I'm thankful to be in a few pictures as opposed to behind the lens.

As a side note, I'm knee deep in hair!  
I've hit the postpartum stage of losing it all and having baby bangs.
David recently remarked that I have a blonde halo around my forehead.
I was tempted to decline being in the pictures, but I know the right thing is to be in them and just own this season, bald or not! 
: )

Hollin, at five months, is such a tiny little thing.
A sweet thing, but a dainty one!
She is almost six months, but just now coming out of three month clothing.

She is nursing exclusively and is a very laid back eater.
Compared to the boys, her latch is more relaxed, like we have all the time in the world.
And for her, I do!
: )

I plan of introducing cereal for the first time at six months.
She sleeps in a bassinet beside our bed and sleeps through the night most nights,
 occasionally waking to nurse once.
She has a beautiful white sleigh style crib and custom made bedding, monogrammed,
but I haven't the heart to put her in it, though I'm sure she is ready.
I just adore having her near me.

She babbles and smiles and will laugh out loud from time to time.
She loves to be held and snuggled and smiles at most anything.

She does, however, have a very serious face for strangers.
She cocks her eyebrows up and sets her mouth in a straight line.
No amount of baby talk can crack her serious face if she isn't sure about you.
: )

She enjoys bouncing in her jumper and having tummy time.
She cries seldom, but when she does, she really does!
She sounds like a car alarm with a slight pause in between yelps.
When she cries like that, all the boys, big and small, come running for her.

Her hair has a touch of red and her eyes are a deep blue.

I love her little face so!

What would I have missed had we only had two children?
Oh, Hollin! 
 You are mine and I am yours! 

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