Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where, Oh, Where Has October Gone???

October was a busy month for the McCash family!


Went to the pumpkin patch-

celebrated sweet Jordan Foshe's 3rd birthday party...

Had our wonderful stylist, Lyndsey, out to our house for HW's first haircut. I decided to have it cut early with the holidays approaching. At 10 months, he sat really still and we are so thankful Lyndsey could fit us in.

Took lots of afterschool walks..

visited Gigi and Poppy's house and sat on the little potty in HW's bathroom. He is so spoiled to have his own bathroom over there. Sheesh.. What will they do if we ever have another one?? Repaint, I guess. : )

Hung out at Wilson Park, of course.

Celebrated several weekly milestones.. he will turn one this Friday! : )

and celebrated Halloween as a duck! Harbor and Bichon were both little ducks. At the McCash house, we have our ducks in a row! : )

I do have more Halloween pictures of trick-or-treating, but I will post those another day. Harbor's birthday party is this weekend and we are excited about celebrating such a special little blessing.

Take care!