Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen Tour

Kelly is having a kitchen tour over at her blog, Kellyskorner, so I thought I would play along. We custom built our home last year on 1.3 acres in a rural community. We live in the wonderful state of Arkansas!

My literacy classes have a more relaxed feel, David and I are taking HW and Bichon on nightly walks again, and my piggies are making their way back into sandals and slingbacks; summer is only four Mondays away for me!

I am trying really REALLY hard to blog more often. I usually only show you 50% of what we are doing these days due mainly to all the photos I take. Silly Blogger needs to modify the number of photos you can upload at a time. Five is an insult. Can I get a yes, maam on that?!?! : )

Hudson Froud, son of my BFF from high school, turned two! Hudson is just adorable. Plain and simple.

Harbor is rolling over both ways, jabbering like a little bluejay, and is responding to his name. He is so incredibly tall!! His poor legs stick out of clothes that are months ahead of his size. We say it is just more to squeeze. : )

After school one day last week, Rachel came over to see mom, Harbor, and me. When David came home, he took the girls for a ride in the jeep. I stayed back with Harbor, but they had a good time. The weather was sunny and warm and the wind was in their hair. : )

5 months old...

Someday he will probably kill me... Ha, ha!

We love to take nightly family walks around the neighborhood. It is a great time to reconnect at the end of a busy day. Sometimes, for us, it is our only chance to talk about how our careers are going, what our plans and goals are for the coming month, and to share funny stories from the day.

My mom has been sewing at my house during HW's naps.. she has made a new batch of burp cloths for this summer and is having them monogrammed. Harbor and I think they are glorious! I'm glad my mom is crafty (I directly benefit! Ha, ha!)

This past weekend, we visited Westwood Gardens, a local greenhouse in NWA. With David's graduation party looming only a week away, I thought they would look pretty on the front and back deck at his reception.

We bought some new furniture last week- a secretary for our bedroom to house our phone/answering machine and also books we are currently reading. Would you believe all of the books on the bottom shelf were purchased in April alone? Yikes!!

The tall buffet looks really nice in the living room. It gives us much more space to hold drinks for get-togethers and the scale makes the room feel bigger, which is always a plus.

Weekend visit to see my parents-

We have a busy few weeks until summer begins... David's walking ceremony is next weekend and I still need to finalize the catering menu, my classroom needs to be cleaned and packed up, and we have several family functions to attend.

Although it is raining here all week, I hope you able to get out and enjoy the warm weather! I personally love the rain.. it is complete therapy to me. : )