Monday, February 23, 2009

March is around the corner!

*Tori B.- Thanks for the question. I got the giraffe in Fayetteville, Arkansas at Sam's Club. They are associated with the Walmart stores. If you want to post another comment with an email, perhaps I could buy one for you and have it shipped? Let me know.

Harbor's 12 week pictures:

Bichon has claimed a little stuffed tiger in Harbor's nursery as her own... she can often be found napping in his room. : )

Gigi comes to visit!

David flew in from North Carolina a few days before Valentine's Day. Harbor and I were excited to pick him up. I love the necklace I am wearing- thanks Ginny- I adore it! Gigi snapped a picture of us before our drive to the airport.

Our family had a sweet, laid back Valentine's Day. We ate out at Olive Garden on Sunday and drove to the lake. My parents bought Harbor lots of fun goodies and made for David and I handmade books with lots of little pictures of our family inside.

Bath time!

My mom is really excited about becoming Harbor's nanny. I go back to work on March 2nd- which gives me exactly four months maternity leave. I have loved spending time at home with HW, but I am really anticipating my return to work. I miss my other kiddos and all the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule at school.

When I was a baby, my mom used to put me in the laundry basket when she was changing out loads. Now, Harbor gets in on the tradition. : ) With mom around, my laundry has never looked better! Thanks, mom.

Harbor and I found Bichon in our guest room, lying on the bed, looking for the mailman (or the school bus!) to come by the front window.

Do you like the pretty necklace I am wearing? This is what I found in David's little red Valentine's Day bag. Thanks, honey. You have great taste and I am always happy to benefit from it. Ha! : )

A visit to see Harbor's great grandmother, Granny Joyce. Happy Birthday, Granny! You are looking good, girl! : )

Harbor William- 13 weeks old

Harbor William- 14 weeks old
Can I just tell you that my heart sings for this little fellow?? : )

Spending time with daddy- we waited seven years of marriage for little Harbor William- and David and I just love him so much.

Playdate with nephew Gregory- Go Hogs Go!

David and Harbor had a fun weekend... they bought a new toy to play with. : )

David and I met up with family to celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday, big boy! We love you oh so very much.

Happy "big" three, Harbor!

We are doing well- staying busy, of course, but having fun! This weekend, Harbor will visit my classroom for the first time to help me get my lessons organized and to get my room situated for my return. I can't wait to show Harbor around. I love that Harbor will be a "teacher's" kid- I look forward to the many years ahead of us that include riding to school together and being able to know his friends (and grades, hopefully) in a personal manner. Ha! : ) Being able to spend the holidays and summers with my child is a dream!

Please pray for my sweet friend, Amy Hickman and family. They lost a 1 1/2 year old nephew last week. Visit Remembering Eli.

Have a wonderful week! March is around the corner, and for me, that means Spring Break! Here's to warmer weather. : )