Monday, September 29, 2008

Harbor's Nursery Update

Mom has been bringing Harbor lots of fun, little gifts and I think she is worried that Bichon has been feeling left out. Bichon loves her new clothes! : ) Thanks, Gigi. : )

David worked hard to apply a verse to one wall in Harbor's nursery. It came out really sweet!

A little crown for Harbor's coat or bathrobe

Harbor's nursery is still a work in progress, but I am loving this fun area rug I found at Target. I am really happy with the color scheme. I like that the colors are dark and rich- they seem to match the rest of the house really well.

My family is a little on the fanatical side when it comes to the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ rally Fayetteville puts on every year. We all love it! Since we all have bikes and ride, it is so much fun to meet up with our friends and visit. We have gone every year for the past three years with the Hickmans. This last Friday night, we met up with them and went to Dickson Street to have dinner with my family at Joses. Amy rode on the bike with David, and I rode in the car with her hubby and Zayde. See Amy's blog for more details and pictures. : )

Mom, dad, and me

Coincidentally, my dad, uncle, and David all wore the same shirt from the rally back in 2005. Strange!!! : )

Have I mentioned to you how excited my family is about this little Harbor William? : ) My mom is always sewing something special up, and I just had to show you some of the new things she brought over this weekend. And just to clarify, my mom doesn't own a monogramming machine. She says she wished she did. She has found a little boutique that is really fast though, and she is now their number one fan!

David finally had some time to assemble our new ottoman in the living room. Mom and I went shopping at Oops on Saturday and I found this really fun red tray for a steal! I still wanted to be able to have our drink coaster option, and this tray does the trick. I'm relieved to know that Harbor won't knock himself out once he starts crawling and pulling up.

In other news, I had a doctor's visit today. I am 32 weeks and have gained another two lbs., putting my total at 21 lbs. David went with me today, so it was fun to be able to include him in all the excitement of a 15 minute visit. Ha, ha! I am still measuring big- three weeks ahead of schedule. Dr. Reiter told David and I again today that he is really expecting an 8-9 pound baby, or bigger if I go over my due date. David is very proud of this, as if Harbor can actually play football straight out of the womb or something. : ) All else was great- heartbeat in the 140's, no swelling yet, good blood pressure. I hope this trend continues.

Next week I will post mom's finished nursery (sooo cute!!) and the ornaments I bought at Oops for Harbor's firt Christmas tree. : )

Have a blessed week!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Baby Shower!

Thanks to Leigh for hosting a virtual shower! Who knew?? Technology these days is so much fun!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

31 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Great!

(Clarification- My mom actually doesn't own a monogramming machine. She is taking everything to a boutique and paying to have them monogrammed. Yes, I too wished one of us had a machine as well! Ha, ha!)

David and I- 30 weeks pregnant- heading out to childbirth classes, part-two.

This last Saturday, David and I attended the second portion of our childbirth classes. We had a great time and met some really nice couples. David loved this portion of the class because it dealt with bringing the baby home and how to care for it post-partem. He prided himself on his ability to wrap up the baby doll in a baby burrito. The baby dolls were a hoot and kept us all laughing. I mean, seriously, you cannot keep a straight face when you are practicing cleaning a circumcision on a plastic penis. : ) Anyway, David loved showing off his parenting skills. When the instructor finally noticed his expertice, he informed her that he practically raised four nieces an nephews himself, thank you very much. He was cute about all of it. : )

My parents kept Bichon for us- Lord forbid our dog, (ahem.. daughter) stay alone on a Saturday. Ha! Mom had fun dressing her up in Harbor's bibs. She is one spoiled little lady. And we love her!!! : )

While picking up Bichon after class, I sat on the couch for a minute with my dad. Being an only child definitely made me feel an incredible bond with my parents. I know some kids disliked being an only, but I can honestly say I LOVED it!! David is the youngest of six kids and since I am an only, we definitely have a different relationship with our parents. Not good or bad- just different. He has to share his parents and I don't. Ha! : ) My mom is my best friend in the whole world and I am a daddy's girl to the core. My dad can do no wrong in my eyes, and my mom is about perfect. : ) Anyway, after sitting down, Harbor developed a serious case of the hiccups. It was neat to be able to share that experience with my dad. My dad was a bit amazed at the whole process and I know he is excited about meeting his little grandson.

Mom's nursery is really coming along. Here is the rocker she recovered in animal print and a fun area rug she is using in his room. We went fabric shopping this weekend with my granny and she also bought some funky fringe to add to her bedding, so no finished pictures yet, but here is a sneek peek of what is finished.

My mom is definitely addicted to monogramming. I think at this point, she is buying things just to have something to monogram. Of course, I love it! She is really the best! Thanks, mom! : )

31 weeks pregnant- photo shoot in front yard with mom and Bichon