Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pretty Fayetteville Houses!

We passed these houses last weekend while driving around in Fayetteville looking at the Parade Homes. They gave us great landscaping ideas~ Fun!!


Rachel and Bichon are napping!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Parade of Homes 2007

Like many of you, I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Parade of Homes. Rachel, Garrett, and I went all day on Friday. Rachel, mom, and I went back to some more on Saturday, and David and I went to a few on Sunday after church. Busy weekend! We celebrated David's mom's birthday Saturday afternoon and had Connection Group Sunday night at the park. We played ultimate frisbee, which was fun. I didn't take my camera this weekend, so I regret all the good shots I have missed. Oh well.... : )

Rock, laminate, garage doors, and carpet!

Rock is going on the front side of the house. They are trimming out the front picture windows in a row of brick, as well as the area above the front door. They will also run a wainscoat of brick under the rock to tie it all together. The front door is stained almost a black color to coordinate with the color of mortar we chose. The laminate tops are in the laundry area, and the concrete floors have received their last coat of varnish. They are dirty right now from footprints, but shiny. The garage doors are a carriage style, painted clay to match the back siding. The carpet is in the three bedrooms. Not long now! : )

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bachelorette Party!

I attended a party for a girl getting married in July. It was a lot of fun. We split into two teams and had a digital camera scavenger hunt. We each had an hour 1/2 to find as many as we could. Some items on the list: Picture with yellow flowers, picture hula-hooping, picture with a hooters waitress (Note: None of us had ever been in there before! I repeat: it was only for the game. No meal was eaten there by anyone attending!) : ) Also, a picture doing a Chinese fire drill (I haven't done that since Jr. High. I about lost my heels!) We needed a picture by a name on the UofA Senior walk that was the same as our first name. I went straight to mine! Easy cheesy! We also needed a picture by a black hummer. We ended up finding one that belonged to Wallace Spearmon- the professional track runner- and we got a picture with his brother. Small world! Another picture was to build a three person pyramid in front of Braums. Very embarrassing! One was to hang from a tree limb. We couldn't find about three- no one was brave enough to sing on stage, and we couldn't find a stranger with a dog in a park, oddly enough. All of the pictures were for some task. It was wholesome, clean fun, and the girls all had a good time!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Granite is in!

The granite and the sink are in the kitchen, the front door has been stained, and the stairs have been finished off of the top deck.